IVF #4 – this ol’ priming is whooping my butt

So me and the priming don’t really seem to be getting along, sadly.

I started taking the melatonin and using the androgen cream on Saturday (and I was already taking the CoQ10) and by Monday things were feeling a bit off in the old tum tum.

(there’s a post about my priming protocol here)

I have had stomach cramps off and on all day the last couple of days, some eeerrrr explosive visits to the lav and intermittent stabby headaches slamming my brain on a regular basis (making me wonder if I have the makings of a brain tumour going on in there…because that’s how sane people think).

I started to google a bunch of my recent supplements (as well as the priming stuff) with the words “stomach cramps” in the search bar and the only thing that came up was the melatonin. This freaked me out a bit at first as I REALLY want to take the melatonin but i’m pretty sure I can’t manage another 4-5 weeks of this.

I happened to be at the clinic today to discuss my PGS (preimplantation genetic screening for the embies – they seem to call it different things everywhere) so I popped in to ask about the melatonin. They gave me the number of their compounding chemist that they like to use and told me to call. The chemist helped me, bless their hearts, even though I didn’t get my meds from them.

Basically it could be the melatonin. They told me to stop taking it for a day or two (and not to worry, it’s not going to fuck things up to have a wee break) and that if the symptoms stop get the Dr to fax them over a script and they will make me the tablet on a disolvable wafer. Essentially they think it is the actual capsule causing me a digestive issue which is freaking hilarious when you think about all the other pills (capsules) I am popping. But maybe when they are compounded ones they are made differently or something. I clearly have no idea but I’m hoping that’s the issue as it’s an easy fix and I want to take the melatonin more than anything else I am doing right now.  It is about the only thing that I can see that has a serious impact on egg quality and I need seriously impacted eggs this time because the jobbies I’m making on my own just haven’t been cutting the mustard.

So that’s that. Just a little blip on my road to success. Because there will be success.


16 thoughts on “IVF #4 – this ol’ priming is whooping my butt

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  2. Have you stopped it? Did it help? I can’t remember, do you have issues with dairy? Do any of your supps have lactose in them or a dairy protein which could lead to this? If it’s the melatonin and its delivery system, that sounds like an “easy” fix with this nice pharmacy to help!


    • Yes I did stop it for 2 days and my cramps stopped. The chemist I got them from said they only use vege caps so I don’t know what was going on but anyway, something was. I have been waiting to update on it as i got the dissolvable wafers from the other chemist and wanted to give it a few days to see if there was a negative impact. So far so good!


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