The Melatonin and the Stomach Cramps

If you are an avid reader of my blog (and let’s be serious now, who isn’t?) you will recall that I had a wee issue with stomach cramps and errrr associated afflictions that saw me sprinting for the bathroom.  If you missed it, here’s basically what went down.

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IVF #4 – this ol’ priming is whooping my butt

So me and the priming don’t really seem to be getting along, sadly.

I started taking the melatonin and using the androgen cream on Saturday (and I was already taking the CoQ10) and by Monday things were feeling a bit off in the old tum tum.

(there’s a post about my priming protocol here)

I have had stomach cramps off and on all day the last couple of days, some eeerrrr explosive visits to the lav and intermittent stabby headaches slamming my brain on a regular basis (making me wonder if I have the makings of a brain tumour going on in there…because that’s how sane people think). Continue reading