Week 5 Weigh-In – Good Health Challenge

Well here we are, the end of my first week without checking into you guys on a daily basis. It was hard! I found it harder to be good without checking in regularly. I’d forget that I’d have to own up to it all on Monday. HA!

All in all, I didn’t do too badly though. It wasn’t perfect, there were wins and there were fails but I did alright.

Here are the stats.

Weight:  61.5kgs – half kilo gain 😦

Did I eat from the naughty list this week? If so, what?

(naughty list is lollies/sweets, biscuits, the usual suspects)

Eerrrrr YES. Yes I did eat from the naughty list.

Tuesday was a  freaking disaster. OMG. We met some friends in the park after Little Rugby and all had hot chips for lunch. Not awesome.

From hot chips we went to the ice cream place BUT I did manage to hold back on that one. WIN for me.

That afternoon we had a playdate that went late and I knew Monkey would not last for me to cook dinner so I did the unthinkable and bought us one each of those ready made meals from the freezer section – both pasta dishes. It is so stupid as we are really anti plastic at the moment and those dishes come in plastic containers with a plastic film over the top. I have NO IDEA what I was freaking thinking.

I also let Monkey get lollies as my willpower was weak, so weak, at the end of my exhausted day. And of course I ate some of the lollies.

There were a number of things that failed me on Tuesday but a big one was organisation. I wasn’t feeling inspired about food as I had the melatonin tummy cramps happening and I just couldn’t figure out what to make for dinner and what to buy at the shops and it was just all a complete shocker. So, organisation is the key to success.

Aside from that it was a pretty good week. We ate at the monthly night markets on Friday night – I had the  Turkish gozleme so not the healthiest of choices. I did buy lollies that night but they are still sitting in the cupboard in an unopened pack. I was a good girl. 🙂

We had guests this weekend so I had a few glasses of champagne on Sat night and then we opted for hot chips by the beach as a late lunch on Sunday.  We ate out for dinner Sat night and that was healthy. I opted for the pork belly salad. Yummo. You win some, you lose some.  I think the hot chips / gozleme / champagne combo were probably the reason for my weight gain.

Did I exercise 3+ times this week? No, I did not. Trying to make that happen this week.

Any new recipes/healthy treats to share?  I made healthy lime cheesecake. Wowsers, amazing. Blog with all the info is here.


20 thoughts on “Week 5 Weigh-In – Good Health Challenge

  1. Aside from Tuesday, sounds like you did pretty good! Though I hate avocados and lime (I know, I know) that cheesecake looked so good! Hope you find yourself with more willpower and exercise motivation this coming week!


    • haha I only started eating avocados late last year! Until then you wouldn’t have gotten me near one so I get you! I still only really have them with lemon juice and pepper so they are quite seasoned but they were nice in the cake. Shame you don’t like the limes! And yes, gotta get into the exercise this week!

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    • That’s right. We need to still be happy and enjoy our lifestyle. I don’t know if I’d bother with the market food next time!!! I’d rather we’d bought a little treat and spent out $$ on fun things to do there.

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  2. The half a kilo gain could easily be “backup”…! I’ve been less restrained this week too, and my appetite is huge lately so the scale reflects it. I totally want to try that cheesecake!


  3. Just FYI, I think about you each day as I get out my tea or decide to have no tea. Or treat myself with a cup of coffee (only thrice since quitting now). So whether you’re logging for us or not, one of your little readers is wondering each day at about 7:00 am Central Standard time how it’s going and if you’re packing in veggies and subtracting sugar, etc. Now, I’m going to go check out that cheesecake recipe. My sister is here and helping me get baked goods stored in the freezer. Maybe this one you’re sharing would work…


      • I do believe you’re starting the day about now, yes? I’m ending. I could have done better today, but I know I will tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but my start to the eating day seems to set the tone. Hope the sun is beautiful today!


        • Yes I was when you sent that message. 🙂 You are so right, the start to the day definitely sets the tone. And if I bust into naughty zone (like the hot chips for lunch last Tuesday) too early in the day then I find it so much more difficult to stay on track at the end. If I’m going to cheat then I should totally be doing it after dinner and before bed as these is barely any time left to indulge!


  4. I think falling off the wagon once in a while is totally normal. No one can be perfect all the time!! You’re doing great – hang in there and you will find your balance after your three weeks of super-health xxxx


  5. Maybe an odd question but what are hot chips? Just French fries that are warm (like you’d ever eat them cold!?!)? Just not sure of the Australian terms. Or is it like nachos with hot melted cheese sauce or something?


  6. Life is too short to not treat yourself once in a while. (Or as I like to say, I don’t want to live a life that doesn’t include dessert. And bread. And chocolate. :-))


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