IVF #4 – Let the Priming Begin

CoQ10, Androgen Cream (essentially testosterone), Melatonin

CoQ10, Androgen Cream (essentially testosterone), Melatonin

I picked up my goodies from the compounding chemist today so today is officially Day 1 of priming.

*clapping and cheering from the cheap seats is heard*

My current (new) clinic primes with the following (my old clinic primed with nothing):

1. CoQ10 – I’m already on a daily dose of 300mg Ubiquinol. There are two ways to take CoQ10 – Ubiquone or Ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is more readily absorbed. I recently had gene testing and one of the things it reported on was my ability to absorb CoQ10 and it turns out that’s not all that good so I really should be taking the Ubiquinol form which I now am. I wasn’t last year though… Interesting.

2. Androgen Cream – this is essentially a daily dose of testosterone. Let’s hope I don’t start sprouting a 5 o’clock shadow. I’m already a hairy person. Errr I remove it but you know, naturally I think I tend towards hair. And it’s dark. ANYWAY I only do this until Day 1 of my next cycle which will be when the stim phase begins so really, it’s not that long.

Incidentally I found it interesting that the name of the cream seems taken from the word androgynous which makes sense I guess but is fascinating all the same.

3. Melatonin – aaaahhhh melatonin, the darling of Rebecca Fett of “It Starts with the Egg” fame. It is meant to do wonders for egg quality. I start that today and take it all the way up to egg collection. Guess there is no need for it once the eggs are grown. I’m interested to see how it affects my sleep. I don’t have issues in that area anyway so I wonder if it will be all the same or different? We shall see.

Anyway, I’M EXCITED you guys which is probably why I was roaming around the world with that “I’m on top of the world” song in my brain all day. It’s my happy song and today I felt happy.

Just in case you didn’t read my food post and listen to the song there. Or just in case you did and now it is stuck in your brain so now you want to hear it again, I’ve just popped it in below.

You know you want to listen to it. Go on.

Oh and I’m going to check out that whole Dubsmash thing tomorrow. I’ve been putting it off as I feel I’m going to end up addicted. If you are lucky and I am as amazing at it as I want to be then I shall post one and share it with you all. That ought to give you a laugh for the end of the weekend.


14 thoughts on “IVF #4 – Let the Priming Begin

  1. Ohhhh I’m excited for you!!! Sounds like a great start. I was taking ubiquinol too, and it seemed there was a noticeable difference in how my embies did relative to my first two tries. I think I was only taking 200 iu too, so I would have probably benefited from a higher dose. Good luck! I’m looking forward to following your progress. Xx


  2. I love that song! I heard it for the first time the week after we found out we were pregnant when we were visiting Atlanta. It’s definitely a song I associate with my little one-let’s hope you get to do the same too!

    Also, are you going to take the melatonin at night? I would, because when I took it it made me majorly sleepy, but I had to take it multiple times a day.


  3. Yay priming! That testosterone cream is really interesting — I’ve never heard of that before! I was good about taking ubiquinol for like 1.5 months and then I kind of fell off the wagon this whole month of June. Need to get back on. I’m so excited for you! My fingers and toes are crossed.


    • Yeah when I had a research before it seemed to me to be a lot about poor responders to stims (which I’m not) so was going to mention to you. Anyway in the end I am just going to trust that my Dr knows my story and knows what he is doing and just take it. This is his MO and he has a lot of success…


  4. Hooray!! I always find it interesting to see what vitamins and supplements they put you on. And it always makes me curious why my RE never recommends anything, except Vitamin D3 since mine was so low. He also didn’t seem to think that acupuncture does anything to help, except to calm you. It sounds like we’ll be pretty close to each other with our IVF cycles, so we’ll be buddies!! Good luck to you!


    • Yes I find it interesting too. My last clinic only suggested I take CoQ10. This current clinic is attached to a big research institution so they are doing clinical trials on stuff like melatonin. I think it only starts to matter when you aren’t seeing good results. As for acupuncture, there are lots of studies that back it for procedures at the time of transfer – why? Well who knows. It could be down to being more relaxed like your Dr says. It also promotes blood flow to the uterus and that helps too. That is one thing to remember with anxiety. The more anxious we get the more we are stealing the blood flow for our brain apparently. Fascinating stuff!

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