Week 4 – final Stage 1 weigh-in – my good health challenge

Wooooo! I made it. Thank god those daily blogs are over eh?

Despite a wee bit of weekend cheating and higher calorie intake I achieved a great loss this week – the best yet!

21DGH weigh in no 3

1.5kgs! Wooooo! And a total lost of 3.2kgs overall which averages out at about 1kg per week. That is normal healthy weight loss and I am happy with that as if we can slowly get it off just through healthy eating then it is more likely to be sustained.

I am going through a bit of a food boredom stage so I need to have a squiz at the recipes that others have sent me and create a bit of a more interesting meal plan this week to keep me on track and give me some variety.

Moving forward I am going to be less focused on calorie intake per day. I am now moving into a stage where I want my body to really feel nurtured to make me some beautiful eggs so I don’t want to be limiting too much with food. I want to feel comfortably full all the time but without bursting. So if I lose the additional 3 kgs I was aiming for before stims then that’s great but if I don’t and I just maintain then that is cool too. I just want to be healthy.

So how did I go with my goals for the 21 days?

While I didn’t stay off all processed food and a teeny bit of sugar did sneak in (that slice of cake at the christening and whatever was in the limited amount of packaged food I ate) I did achieve my main goals:

1. Get off that nasty coffee addiction – SUCCESS

2. Stop buying and eating in one sitting: whole blocks of chocolate, entire bags of lollies, entire packets of biscuits etc. – SUCCESS – I ate nothing like this at all during the previous 21 days. I think this is the achievement I am most proud of.

3. Pay more attention to the food going in at meal times and increase the daily fruit and vege serves. – SUCCESS – I definitely improved but I think I can do more.

I also achieved something which wasn’t on my goal list but feels like the biggest success of all and that is a desire to stick to the path. It is not easy to find this and I am so pleased I did this time round as it has the potential to be life changing in only good ways.

Thanks again. No more foodie health posts now until next Monday when I weigh-in again.

Have a great day folks x


18 thoughts on “Week 4 – final Stage 1 weigh-in – my good health challenge

  1. This is awesome news Em! I’m so happy for you. It sounds like you’ve established some substantial food-lifestyle changes that aren’t so strict that they leave you feeling deprived. This is a great base to go into your stim phase with. I know for my last two cycles I was really not feeling it, I was down, and I was seeking comfort where I always knew I could find it – food. If I had established a solid foundation going into it, I would have likely had an easier time eating well during first trimester (where YOU’RE headed!). Xx


  2. Those goals are awesome! Number 2 would definitely be one of mine if I actually go ahead with what I am thinking of doing. I am okay with not eating lollies and biscuits, but OMG am I bad with the chocolate! 🙂


  3. Seeing your goals typed out like that was spine chilling. How much you succeeded! And helped me succeed too! Yay for bloggy-friends! I’m still off coffee and even off of anything except some herbal tea now and then.


  4. Brilliant – 3.2kilos is amazing – seriously. That is a fantastic (and healthy) amount of weight loss. I bet you are feeling the difference! You are an inspiration, as always. I need to get my sorry a*se into gear, lol! xxx


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