Affirmations, anxiety and my latest scan! – 8 weeks 3 days

8 week scan

I am convinced I can see two bright white eye dots showing from midway down from the top of Blob’s oval shape (which I think is the head). I actually reckon the baby is standing up with hand on hip which makes me think it must be a girl. Ha! Although I also did think it looked a bit like Bart Simpson.

Well first things first…I had my 8 week scan today and baby was in there being all cute and stuff. Hooray! Heartbeat was thumping away and bub was measuing on target at 1.7cm. All good stuff. Next checkup is 12 days from now when I am exactly 10 weeks. We are going to be doing the NIPT blood test (tests for chromosomal issues) and they do a scan when they do that apparently. Results return in 5 days so we will have test and results in the same week which is a relief.

I had a pretty anxious week last week which saw me up at hospital AGAIN convinced I had a leg clot. I didn’t. I still get a cramp in that same spot so I’m glad I had it checked as it would have sent me crazy but still, felt dumb that it wasn’t necessary. AND that I was at the hospital twice in the same week.

I followed all that with a session with the Fertility Coach on Sunday which helped so much. She has me getting some pregnancy affirmations printed out to stick around my house and I’m finding the whole shift in mindset away from “something really random is going to go wrong” to “this is a happy healthy pregnancy” really valuable. I was so much calmer yesterday and Monday. Today I have been a bit edgy, I think because it is scan day, but I am confident I can shake it off again tomorrow.

I’ve officially moved into my old maternity bras. My cup runneth over and there was just no other choice. That’s a full 5 weeks before I made the transition in my first pregnancy! The bump is out, the boobs are out, new life is just bursting forth it would appear.

What else? I am still navigating the OB investigation route. I keep getting conflicting information from patients so I’m just going to have interview a few I think and go with my gut. Β Also I found out the private hospital I will be birthing at offers I one on one midwife service – you don’t share your midwife with anyone else – so I’m wondering now whether or not I really need a doula. I think at the moment that I will probably still get one but more investigating needs to be done there. I don’t want to pay $1-2k to have the doula standing around drinking tea.

I have been really rather nauseous the past week and a half but then today woke up and felt completely normal. So weird and rather disconcerting but I was a little relieved today as it meant I got to have a delicious breakfast and not feel like I was about to vom. Gotta be thankful for small mercies. I think with Monkey I had things ease around this point too only to come back with a vengeance around 10 weeks before slipping off quietly into the night. I am hoping for more of the same this time around.

My fertility specialist was on the news the other night trying to raise awareness about silent endometriosis and how important it is to do the surgery and have a look for people with unexplained infertility. And that then to have it removed can mean instant pregnancy success for many women. I told him I saw it and he said he is just trying so hard to change the way some clinics treat this condition (in that they won’t do the surgery and won’t look). He had a couple of patients in the news clip and joked that maybe I could be in his next one. Ha! But seriously though, I feel so strongly about this. If you have are repeatedly having no success then I urge you to ask your clinics to have a look. The research is there, there are doctors that are onto this shit.

I can only find a link to the video on Facebook (so if you don’t have Facebook you won’t be able to view it) but if you are at all interested here it is:Β


64 thoughts on “Affirmations, anxiety and my latest scan! – 8 weeks 3 days

  1. Yay for great scans! You’re getting so close to that 1st trimester bull shit being a thing of the past. Woot woot! I’m so glad you got that shit cleaned up too, what an amazing difference it made for you!


  2. I can definitely see a teeny Bart Simpson in there!!! πŸ˜‰ this is so wonderful to read. I also hope the nausea holds off!

    Interesting news report on the endo! It’s good to see it being talked about in the media. My doctor said it was only worth doing the surgery if I had pains that stopped me from my day to day business…so it’s interesting to hear about a doc who is willing to do the surgery when there are few/little symptoms.


    • I had NO symptoms at all. None. No pains, no dodgy period, NOTHING. Just infertility. My Dr’s quest is to educate people that this disease can be silent. It can exist without symptoms. I am so grateful to have found him. πŸ™‚ And I will be writing a letter to my previous Dr who didnt bother to look as I didnt have symptoms! I think it is malpractice for them to push IVF when they have never even looked inside, particularly for our case where our embryos were repeatedly abnormal. Argh sorry I feel very strongly about this. The endo was making my eggs toxic and no amount of IVF would have ever given me a baby!


        • Hey I haven’t done any research on it but I wonder whether the whole two embryo thing can cause this? So one takes but the other not so much and it is the second one not taking that causes the bleeding and cramping. Have you looked into that idea in more detail at all? You poor thing. Blood in these early stages is flipping terrifying. Thinking of you often xx


          • It is a possibility as is breakthrough bleeding still. After the cramping last night and bleeding seemed to be getting worse was convinced this morning we would be out. Instead not cramping this morning not too much bleeding overnight and the pregnant line is darker than the control line this morning…… This is one hell of a roller coaster


  3. Look at that sassy little baby!! Great to hear all was good today. Hope you get a nausea reprieve. Good that your doctor is promoting silent endo. My doctor was reluctant to do my laparoscopy but I’m glad I did and I even though they said they didn’t find endo I reckon sometimes it can’t be seen and a good clean out is worth doing (sounds gross, sorry).


  4. Oh my god that’s a real little baby! I can see the eyes I think too. I had a dream last night that you announced a little baby girl, so maybe this hand on hip business might be right πŸ˜‰ xx


  5. Hurrah! Love that scan – it looks just like the one I had with Lucas at eight weeks :-). The one-on-one midwife service is beyond awesome. Is she there for the birth too?? Things are so different between countries. I’m glad you got your leg checked out. Much better to feel a bit silly than to worry and worry and worry. Oh wow – this train is leaving the station girl!! Love reading these updates. After all this time it is just amazing πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ xxx


    • Oh OK the one on one midwife is only for the birth. I haven’t explained that well. As I am going private I am with an OB the whole way through for check ups. But at the hospital when I check in I am assigned a midwife and she is with me and only me once I am there. If I was with our public system (like tour NHS) then depending on the hospital I could have a midwife all the way through that also does my birth but you have to be pretty lucky to get a spot with these programs. I always feel so plsd reading your updates too so I know the feeling. Xxx


      • Ah, no. That’s me reading too fast. I think a private OB is totally worth it. We would DEF have done this if the cost in the UK wasn’t so prohibitive. I think the level of care makes such a big difference to how you feel (for me it certainly does) xxx


  6. That baby is so cute!! I can totally see the eyes and hands on hips that you talked about lol. So, so, SOOOOOOOOOO happy that things are going so well with this little one!! I’m beyond excited for you!!! I’m a little down that we didn’t get to go through our IVF cycles together like we thought we would be doing a few months ago lol…that didn’t work out for either of us! You have a much better reason than I do though lol!! *hugs*


  7. How did I miss this? Had to do a google search for your blog because I had a feeling I’d missed something and was itching to see how your scan went. I am so overjoyed for you!!! What wonderful news! Here’s hoping you will be successful in your attempts to relax and enjoy a healthy, full-term pregnancy despite past experiences. Celebrate each milestone and embrace this blessing! Thinking of you and your little blob, too. 😜


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