Scan postponed

Just in case my silence means people think I have bad news I thought I should let you know my scan this week was postponed. The clinic called on Monday and wanted to shift me to another time as Dr was going to be in theatre all morning. We couldn’t settle on a time that Eric could attend too and it was all a bit oh what will we do and then I explained about our visit to the hospital on Sunday. Once they knew that they said they’d just shift it to the following week and I was happy enough with that.

Our regime from here is 8 and 10 week scan at the clinic, get referral for the fancy genetic blood test at the 10 week mark, the nuchal scan at 12 weeks and then a graduation to my OB who I will probably already have seen by then anyway as I’m starting investigations and interviews now. Very exciting!

All is going well otherwise. I am 7 weeks 4 days and feeling spewy every morning so good times.


27 thoughts on “Scan postponed

  1. Hooray for feeling nauseous, only because it means baby is doing what it’s supposed to be doing in there! I hope your scan next week goes well. Good luck with all the tests coming up. Such a stressful and exciting time you’re in right now. I think of you often!!!

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  2. Spewy is a good thing I hear 🙂 And it sounds as though the scan being delayed is a really good thing because it means that they don’t think there is any urgent need for it. Everything here is sounding really positive 🙂


  3. I love that you are feeling spewy :-))) I wondered if you might ask to postpone given you had the emergency scan. I think it’s great to have one next week and then at 10 weeks. I did something similar to get me through the first tri and it made such a difference knowing I had them available to check on growth and progress. Oh, this is just fabulous news – I am so excited for you, lol!!!


    • Yes it is pretty much the Harmony test. They just call it NIPT (non invasive pregnancy test). No it isn’t standard here but my clinic offers it as standard. I think my Dr likes it. It is hundreds of dollars out of pocket – not covered at all – but we want to do because my issue during IVF was consistently getting chromosomally abnormal embryos.


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