Hand me the spittoon – 9 weeks

Ugh. One thing I’m really having an issue with during this pregnancy is excess saliva. I seem to have way more than necessary and it makes my morning sickness much worse. All this saliva pooling in my mouth simply makes me want to barf.  I have even taken to spitting it out ON THE STREET like a hooligan as it is either spit the saliva or vomit. Eric is mortified by it so it is rather hilarious. I try to carry tissues and do it the polite way but sometimes I just don’t even have time to get one out of my bag. Gross. So fucking gross. Oh and a tip to dealing with it is to EAT LESS STARCHY FOODS. Hahahahahahaha, who are they fucking kidding? All I want it starch. Starch and fruit. That’s it. So they can go get you know what’d because I ain’t giving up my starch just yet. But hey, growing baby and all so I’m trying to not whine about it and just get on with it. This too shall pass…

And 9 weeks you guys! Who would believe it?! I am actually getting to the point of believing that maybe little Bart is going to become a reality. Oh yes we all agree the baby in last week’s scan pic looks like Bart Simpson so that’s it, the kid has been named Bart. Although I did just question our decision as Bart is VERY naughty and I don’t want to give the baby any ideas while it is forming and all. Still, I think it is going to stick. It’s cute and funny. I called Monkey “Paris” (short for parasite because that is essentially what they are those babies, sucking all the nutrients from you first) before we knew he was a boy. We like our stupid baby names around here. Don’t be judgy.

The highlight of my week is that Eric got me Hulu so I can watch all my shows right after they are aired in the US and I don’t have to frig around with downloading! Wooooo! I am beyond thrilled about this. While not all my shows are on Hulu there is at least a sizeable chunk so yay for favourite TV. It was all good to go yesterday and I was feeling awful so I spent most of the day catching up on my teev while Monkey was with Eric and Granny. Granny just returned from Europe so they have had a bit of a bumper visit this weekend. I stayed for Thursday night and Friday with them and then I also went out with them for the day on Saturday but I did get some home alone time too which I really needed as so tired.

Speaking of tired, my housework is suffering. I just can’t face washing the dishes (yes we have a dishwasher but I won’t put plastics or certain other things in there so I wash some stuff) and putting the clothes away and doing anything really. I have also developed a head cold today. Sneezing sneezing sneezing and feeling awful. I have actually had a really healthy year – the last time I was sick was May – but I know that this is a direct result of my less than healthy eating lately. Plus of course my immune system is flattened out being pregnant and all. I am starting to really look forward to the second trimester. I want my healthy eating back and a little bit of energy really wouldn’t go astray.

Time kinda seems to have picked up a bit since that last scan so that is some welcome relief. I think it is as I am feeling more confident now. Only 1 more week until our 10 week scan and NIPT (chromosomal blood tests) and that actually seems really close now rather than so far away.  I am actually starting to feel like we are in the home stretch of the first trimester now and that is a relief.

I am refusing to weigh myself as I’m not eating so great. I have decided to check in at around 12/13 weeks when I am hopefully feeling better and then work on the weight gain and healthier approach from there.

Life is good though, I am happy to be where we are. Not a day goes by when I am not grateful for this life growing inside of me when we have struggled for so long to come by it.


42 thoughts on “Hand me the spittoon – 9 weeks

  1. Hehe spit, Bart, Paris, starch, and at last 9 weeks and feeling positive! I’d say if you make sure to bring water with you wherever you go, you can just wash those bad boys down. I’m with you on starches… Though those have been pretty much my staple throughout this pregnancy. I’ve had a slight addiction to croissants. Not just any ones, the yummy butter croissants from real French bakeries. Yum. So not an ounce of nutrients coming from those, but do I really seem concerned? Not one bit. Yum. Congrats on this pregnancy progress. I’m still rather impressed you “oopsed” this one after all you had gone through! Xx


    • I take water everywhere always! I’m a bit of a water freak. Still have the spitting problem. *sigh* Mmmmmm croissants. Lovely buttery flakey croissants. I am normally addicted to those. Right now they would be too buttery. I had jam on a toasted bagel yesterday with no butter. It was so dry but that’s about all I can stand! lol I can’t believe we oopsed it two months in a row. Crazy! xx

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  2. Hey! I’m just about exactly where you are, 9w2d. I’m having ALL the same issues- saliva, housework, nor so great diet just yet – haha! I’m excited to follow your journey!


  3. Eric is mortified by it – hahaha!!! Excess saliva is YUK, I had the same, especially when you’re feeling all sick and horrid to start with. Oh wow – the first trimester really is a crappy time isn’t it? But NINE WEEKS GIRL!! That has flown by! And tell me about the starches… Sigh. But, I guess these things happen for a reason 🙂 I’m just so glad to hear about all these things because as hard as they are to put up with, they just shout HORMONES! And you can’t get better than that 🙂 Rock on baby Bart, can’t wait for your next scan! xxxxx

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    • haha yes all the crappy things do indeed shout hormones so I have to just be happy with that and wait for the shit storm to pass. Hey do you know if it is possible to get home tests to see if fluid you are leaking is amniotic fluid? I had soooo much clear discharge yesterday and overnight that it went through my liner and knickers. I know it is probably nothing but damn a test would set my mind at ease. I am seeing on of the OBs on my list this Thursday so will mention it then but thought if there was a test out there I could order online for peace of mind. 🙂 xxx


      • I think there is some kind of strip test, but I don’t know if/where you can buy them. The midwives don’t use them here – I remember a midwife in my first pregnancy tentatively sniffing my sanitary pad (!!!) after my waters went to see if it was amniotic fluid (it smells sweet). Def ask about it, but I know I have had a constant flow of discharge all through this pregnancy and my others. It’s only natural that you will worry about everything you can, so always ask. I had days where I thought I was leaking fluid too. Hope everything is okay xxxxx


        • Yeah I have heard about the strips too. I mentioned it at the GP this morning but she didn’t know about them. I bet it’s a US thing! Lucky sods. I can maybe order them online. Anyway I have my first OB appt this week so I will mention it to him then so he can look on the scan. The full leak has eased somewhat which makes me think it is just discharge. I think a leak of fluid would probably be more continuous in nature? Anyway I will mentioned it to the OB and go from there. 🙂 Thanks lovely xxx


  4. I remember when my ex-sister in law was pregnant with my oldest nephew, she had a similar saliva/spit issue. One day when she was over, I don’t know where this idea occurred to me (I was 12), but I gave her a little mini glass container filled with paper towels and she ended up loving how handy and discreet it was for her to carry around when the mood would strike (because of the white paper towels you couldn’t actually see the spit, lol). She told me she never left home without it (she carried it in her purse) and used it for the rest of her pregnancy, lol. Seriously though, I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well! Nine weeks is amazing!!! As sucky as the symptoms are, it must be so reassuring to know little Bart is doing his thang, growing for mama 🙂 It’s great to hear from you!


    • ha that’s a great idea! Maybe I will look into something like that. Brilliant. Thank you! Oh gosh I hope I don’t have it the entire pregnancy. Far out. And yes, it is super great that things are going exactly as they should be. Hope you are well xxx


  5. Hahaha I think it’s awesome that Erik is mortified…it would make me want to do it more lol!! Sounds like for the most part you’re doing pretty well though. I’m glad you’re settling in a bit more. Hope the time flies until your scan next week. Can’t believe you’re almost 1/4 done already!!


  6. Yeah don’t weigh yourself and spit away, whatever you need to do I reckon. I’ve never heard of that symptom, pregnancy brings some weird stuff huh. Nine weeks is so exciting, and it seems to have got there so quickly, second trimester’s just around the corner! x


    • Yeah pregnancy really does bring some weird stuff. I hope you get to experience your own weirdness very soon!!! Everyone keeps saying how fast this 9 weeks has gone but I gotta tell you, from my end it has been the slowest bunch of weeks ever!!! But great it is zooming on by for everyone else lol

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  7. For some reason, minty chewing gum helped me. And I think lemonade (homemade). I had that saliva thing too. I am so happy you’re pregnant. But you can groan all you want. Because I don’t mind kinds, but pregnancy is tough for me. So I’ll commiserate. Enjoy your shows!


  8. 9 weeks, my gosh I can’t believe it has already been that long. That is amazing! The spitting isn’t, but hey, whatever it takes right hahaha. I’m sure it will calm down soon and you will have some lovely new symptom to enjoy 🙂
    I’m liking the positive sound to this post, you seem to sound a lot more comfortable and happy (illness aside).


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