Why I will never close this blog and making my grass greener


I know I don’t write here anymore folks and, well, it is what it is. Two kids (one that doesn’t sleep well) leaves me spinning most days. I hardly get any me time and when I do I’m just not pumped to write.

My brain writes posts all the time. But then the act of sitting down to type them up is more than I can bear. I’ve been through writing slumps like this before. And maybe I will come back to it but for right now, I’m just taking it one day at a time.

One thing I have feeling the urge to do lately is to start tending to my own metaphorical garden. I feel like my grass is lacking all the things it needs to be the green of lovely tended lawns. Right now, my grass looks like it has been through a long hot summer with little to no rain. It is limp and brown and dry but with patches of green as I get a bit of self care in here and there. Continue reading


Affirmations, anxiety and my latest scan! – 8 weeks 3 days

8 week scan

I am convinced I can see two bright white eye dots showing from midway down from the top of Blob’s oval shape (which I think is the head). I actually reckon the baby is standing up with hand on hip which makes me think it must be a girl. Ha! Although I also did think it looked a bit like Bart Simpson.

Well first things first…I had my 8 week scan today and baby was in there being all cute and stuff. Hooray! Heartbeat was thumping away and bub was measuing on target at 1.7cm. All good stuff. Next checkup is 12 days from now when I am exactly 10 weeks. We are going to be doing the NIPT blood test (tests for chromosomal issues) and they do a scan when they do that apparently. Results return in 5 days so we will have test and results in the same week which is a relief. Continue reading