Badass Baking

When I was having my little whingey poo in my last post, one of my lovely blogging friends who I have known since the beginning of my blogging time reminded me that I’d done something pretty badass for Monkey this week – I’d baked a pretty badass Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake.

First of all, let me say this: IT’S NOT PERFECT. 

If you’d paid $150 for it from your bakery you’d be pissed as all hell if you got this. But I didn’t pay $150. I lovingly coloured that fondant and rolled it and cut it and baked the cake from scratch and all those things you do when it’s a DIY jobby. I was worried, I will be honest about that. I thought I’d get some crazy looking Ninjas that looked like they might be out on day release but actually, the Ninjas looked pretty awesome. For a mum who only bakes fancy cakes about once per year I think I did OK.

This was also the first time I’d ever covered an entire cake with fondant. Previously I’d only ever made cake toppers – you know cut out letters and little shapes. This was my first foray into actual whole cake covering. I fucked it up: there are lumps and bumps and splits and whatever but meh. It was still pretty cool and Monkey LOVED it.

So, without further ado, here is my first ever attempt at a TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE CAKE. Ta da!

(the cake in the middle is the one I was copying – the pics to the left and right are mine – my cake wasn’t as high as I’d fucked it up in the baking but whatever. And there was a drama to do with having enough white to make great fondant for that top layer but I think I rolled with it and adapted in a novice way. All good)

ninja turtle cake comp

2015-09-03 14.39.33-1

Nice close up for you. 😉

2015-09-05 11.54.41-1

Everything looks better in dim lighting. Ummm I also matched the candles to the Ninja Turtle colours. Oh yes I did.


38 thoughts on “Badass Baking

  1. That is awesome! I would have been cursing up a storm, throwing things all over my kitchen had I attempted that! I think it’s beautiful! It’s so much fun to look back at pictures of cakes from our childhood years! He’ll be looking back at that one day, saying ,”Oh, I remember that cake, Mum!”


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