21DGH Day 4 – Food – NOT the best day ever

Some days are diamonds…but not this one. This one was definitely a stone.

(Thanks John Denver).

I have had a mood on like nobody’s business coupled with some less than favourable events with the new clinic today. I have complained all about about it in this post I wrote earlier day so will leave those complaints where they belong: in the past. 

Except for one thing that happened after the post. To top of my crabby adventure today I went to the supermarket which will forevermore be known as The Temple of Temptation. OMG the bakery section when you walk in and all the chocolates and chips and lollies that are endlessly on sale. Endlessly. How do they do that? Anyway I went to the Temple of Temptation and I did not succumb! Hazzah. But when I got home I dropped a carton of my favourite Coco-Quench milk on the floor and it burst and milk went EVERYWHERE. That stuff costs me $3.29 per litre. It is not cheap. And it was aaaaaaaall over my floor.

*sigh* I am but a magnet for this shit today.

Anyway, let’s talk food.

2015-06-11 10.11.18 2015-06-11 10.11.25

Breakfast: Had yummy poached eggs on my ancient grains bread with some spinach and salt and pepper. I forked out for the organic eggs this week and they were really tasty. I usually get local eggs but I may pass them up for the organic ones from now on.

Snack: I had an apple at about 11am, I wasn’t really hungry I just need to get some fruit in. This is the only downside of having eggs for breakfast instead of a smoothie – I have to work on fitting the fruit in for the rest of the day.

On the way home from the clinic I had to pop into the wholefoods grocer again so I bought another one of those Paleo bars and I totally scoffed it in the car on the way home. That kinda felt like part of my lunch to be honest – the entree. Ha. Eating it was totally a comfort thing as I as I was grumpy and stressed after the clinic.

Lunch: I had left over taco mince of course but no shells, just the mince. It was yum. Then I had a mandarin a short while after, not because I was hungry per se but more that I wanted to fit in a second piece of fruit. Done

Oh and I had a cup of herbal tea and read a book after the split milk mess before getting Monkey from daycare. That was actually a lovely part of my day.

Dinner: OMG the fish was AMAZING. I bought it fresh from the local fish place today and it was not cheap ($54.95 kilo!!) but oh my it was so worth it. I don’t cook with it often as I didn’t even start eating seafood until 10 years ago and it has really been a slow to build relationship for me and the old friends from the sea, but after tonight this is about to change.

So what do you think? Is my grump mood finally my sugar and coffee detox catching up with me? Maybe. Or is it the extra processed food (including sugar) that was part of the taco dish last night? I feel pretty great otherwise. I have a lot more energy for the evening than I normally do which I’m really enjoying. Normally I cannot wait to get that butt on the couch but tonight I’ve found it fine to do the night routine with Monkey and get things sorted before sitting down for rest time. I like this. I like this renewed energy.

I think I’m going to add some exercise in next week. I am missing it and I enjoy it so much and this new energy has to be used up somehow.

Right now I don’t feel like I am losing weight at all which seems impossible with such a healthy diet. I hope I’m wrong. I’ve decided no scales again until next Monday morning. I’m going to stick with weekly weigh ins for now as daily ones see me getting slightly obsessive.

Hope everyone else has had a great day. See you tomorrow!


13 thoughts on “21DGH Day 4 – Food – NOT the best day ever

  1. What rotten day. The spill topped it off. Ugh. But tomorrow will be better. Fate’s just trying to trip you up. Don’t let it. I find days, like, 3-5 the toughest. Maybe day 6 too. But my tea is beside me here. 🙂 Hope it’s a bright day today!


  2. You’ve got to give yourself some credit, little lady! That menu looks both delicious AND healthy. You need to be a little more flexible about the calorie count. We all have good days and bad days, and chances are pretty good that what you ate had nothing at all to do with it. Just a crap day. It’s going to start off fresh & new upon waking (I’m thinking you’re already in your new day, right?!). Hang in there darling! Thinking of you, and sending you plenty of good vibes for today. It’s Friday! Xx


    • The menu was totally delicious yesterday. The calories actually don’t bother me – I’m not changing my portion sizes or anything – if anything I seem to have trouble making the full calories for that day. I’m not exercising though so I think once I do add some in that will help. And yes, it was Friday morning when you first sent this message (I read it then but was on the way out). It was so nice to have your encouragement first thing. it got me off to a good start for sure. Nice work at your end. Hope you have a great Friday! x

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  3. For me, day 3 onwards (til about day 6 or 7) is when the moods set in. Misery. Depression. Anger. Ugh. I think it’s all withdrawal. When you look at how foods like sugar, alcohol and cheese affect the brain (and increase the feel good chemicals in it), it’s no wonder we all feel rubbish when we don’t have them and crave them. It DOES get easier – once you get past the first few days it will be improvements rather than withdrawals. YOU CAN DO IT! X


    • I so can! Although I’m getting slightly bored of it lol Always thinking what can I eat for max nutrition? lol I’m going to make some nutritious snacks later today so that will be exciting.


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