Teething issues at the new clinic

Grrrrr it has just been one of those freaking days, folks.

It started with Monkey knocking his beautiful new Life Factory drink bottle off the table and my god, the fucker smashed. I kid you not. They are glass yes but they have a protective silicon sleeve and I have found mine quite resilient. So this was unexpected. Here’s the great part: it cost $40 and I BOUGHT IT YESTERDAY.

Not even 24 hours in the house. *sigh*

He was devastated. Devastated. He had been so excited to get a bottle just like Mummy’s and Daddy’s and it was black which is his favourite colour (yes I know it’s not a colour, I don’t need a lesson on the colour spectrum) so man, the tears. Anyway, Daddy decided we should buy him another as it is the healthiest drinking option – no plastic toxins blah blah which is our big thing at the moment so he is a very lucky little boy but I have told him, if this one smashes there will be no more. He is usually a very careful little boy with special things so I think we should be fine but yeah, great start to the day.

Then I had a call from the scientist at the new clinic’s lab to talk about our Next Generation PGD testing and she dumps on me that no it does not take 24 hours, she’s never heard of that. So I almost had a heart attack and lost my shit a little about it. I didn’t yell at her or anything but I got quite emotional and insisted she go and double check all the info as Dr checked and email AND MADE A CALL ABOUT IT while we were having our consultation to confirm the whole 24 hour thing so yeah, I was pissed about that. That whole 24 hour thing was really important to me as the wait is so freaking hideous.


I told Eric and he didn’t seem to care much. His thought is “as long as they do it right” and I guess I agree.Β He did acknowledge that the wait was hard for me though and he could understand why I was upset. In the end I am OK with it being a wait I just want to know what to expect. I DO NOT want any surprises to fuck up my mojo while I’m on cycle. That shit is hard enough. So they are investigating and will call me back and likely tell me I have to wait. Whatever.

Then I had my appointment with the clinic to talk about my protocol with the nurse and also have the financial chat with the admin peeps. Well that causes a bit of a ruckus too but we’ll do the good bits first.

The nurse was GREAT. I loved her. At this clinic you have one nurse the whole way through and I really like that I get to have that single contact. I think that makes a difference to your experience. Also, at this clinic they can do the bloods on site so when you go in for your bloods and scan through the cycle they just do it all there and get your results happening while you wait. Sometimes there might be a longer wait but there is an awesome RAW + Wholefoods cafe close by so Eric says take a book and go there and lunch is on him (which is great as it is EXPENSIVE but so delicious. And a great spot for a book too). It isn’t practical to go back home as the drive is 45 mins each way with this clinic so I have resigned myself to the fact that this cycle will mean lots of days where almost my entire day is taken up with IVF stuff. It’s cool. As long as I know all this in advance, I can manage the expectations.

Anyway, the ruckus. The payment structure here isn’t as friendly as our previous clinic. Our previous clinic was super efficient when it came to the admin side of things. They had our credit card on file and when it was time to pay something they’d call for authorisation and then charge away and I never had to bother with it. For a cycle we didn’t actually pay anything until egg pick up day where we’d pay the whole slab and then they’d send it off to Medicare and we’d have the rebate in our account in 2-3 days. SO easy.

This clinic, they want me to pay most of it when I pick up the meds on Day 2. The rest is paid after PGD results and THEN they will put the claim though. That’s at least a month after our initial payment! I can’t understand why if they could do it more quickly, like the other clinic, that they wouldn’t do it this way. I am actually going to write them a letter suggesting this. The whole process is SO expensive, why not provide some financial relief to your customers if you can???

Anyway, Eric, ever the level headed person in this blessed union which is neither blessed or a union points out that while the last clinic was super efficient they didn’t get us a baby and they missed my endo and just generally fucked it up a bit and if I’m going to be angry then my anger should be at them.

He is right. But I’m still annoyed. But I’ll get over it. I’m at this clinic for THIS specialist and for these scientists. They are getting the best outcomes in this arena and we (meaning I – HA) just need to remember that when the admin systems are going to shit and pissing me off.

This isn’t their first day of screw ups either – I don’t know if I mentioned it but they screwed up my hospital time on the day or my surgery. I turned up at 730am which is what I was told and they were expecting me an hour or so earlier. No one made a big deal about it and they put me through but still, not awesome.

BUT despite that the surgery went well and my Dr did his job so I need to just take a chill pill and CALM DOWN. This whole day of unexpected events as just highlighted to me that this next cycle is going to be challenging for me. All my eggs are truly in this one basket and that is going to stress me out more than I realised so I need to stay on top of that and get onto the meditation and walks on the beach and TAKE. IT. EASY.

I think this is one of the most emotional posts I have written in awhile. I hope it is comprehensible! Sorry it is so long but ugh. Today.

I will be back later with my food. I’m still sticking to it even though I want to overindulge in comfort eating right now. Fish for dinner. Wooooo.


24 thoughts on “Teething issues at the new clinic

  1. Gosh… as if you need all that going on when you’re doing what we do! Do you do nice relaxing things like acupuncture/massage as well? Maybe you deserve a treat!
    I really admire your resolve with the food, I would have inhaled a dozen cheeseburgers by now lol.
    …Or maybe it’s the “no caffeine” kicking in???


    • Yes I do do acupuncture. I actually went back for my first session in awhile yesterday. Maybe that’s why I felt so good? Got some zen time! I need to do massage more.

      Yeah I gotta wonder if my grumble guts mood has been more about the detox than anything else. lol Will see what happens tomorrow.

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  2. Ohh, poor little man, I can imagine how upset he would have been.

    Wow, frustrating that they would tell you one thing and then another. I so hope that it is just an error on her behalf and they are able to give you the results in 24 hours. It would make it so much easier and less stressful! Eric has some good points, and I am soo glad the nurse is awesome! I have nurse care at my current clinic and I really enjoy that. I feel like nurses (most of them.. some of them) are really genuine caring people who just want the best for you and can offer both the emotional and physical support.

    Geez, that payment method sounds…confusing and frustrating. I would write a letter for sure! I haven’t ever heard of a clinic asking for payment on day 2 and then another payment – it just makes it more confusing and stressful…

    Enjoy your fishies Em xx


    • Yeah we had nurses at the last clinic but who you ended up with was a bit random whereas this time I’m actually with the one nurse for everything so I like that. It’s like an IVF buddy system lol
      I agree too, nurses in general seem to be a pretty compassionate type of people which makes sense.

      I am definitely going to write a letter about their payment system. It is beyond ridiculous! The fish was sublime. Truly amazing. Hope you are feeling good chicka xx


  3. There are definitely some communication issues there and I feel for you because I know how I am about wanting to be organised and on top of everything that needs to be done fertility-wise. When someone f’s up that organisation of mine I am not impressed hahaha. πŸ™‚
    The million and one payment idea is awful! Ugh I totally get your frustration over this. There is no harm in a friendly suggestion, maybe they would like it? πŸ™‚


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  5. “Eric, ever the level headed person in this blessed union which is neither blessed or a union.” LOL. I’m sorry the admin staff is a piece of crap. That drives me CRAZY! Crazy. Like it’s not bad enough what we’re dealing with already, but then to have incompetent people on top of that? Unacceptable! I’m with you, sister. But I agree, it’s unfortunately sometimes the price you have to pay for getting the doctor you want.


    • Yeah I just have to keep reminding myself of that. I thought of you yesterday and then remembered it’s next week. Hope all is going smoothly and well. Did you get my insta add? I’m not super active on there. I go through phases with it πŸ™‚


  6. What a day! I know you’re detoxing and being all Miss Super Healthy these days, but what a great day to have a glass (or 3) of wine. πŸ™‚

    Love the idea of meditation and the walks on the beach. You need to tap into your inner Zen, girl. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts. (Even when you’re surrounded by idiots and maddening bureaucracy!)



    • OMG it was a total wine day. i can’t believe I survived without it. Felt like one again today too after another small mishap. FFS. lol I do need to find more of that zen me though. You are right about that xx

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  7. Whew. I’ll bet you feel better today. I have some of those Life Factory bottles. They’re pretty hardy, so I’ll bet this one lasts great for Monkey. Try to relax and feel good. All that stuff is trying to take your peace. Don’t let it.


    • OMG you will never believe what happened today. There is something about that bottle…

      I like that comment about stuff trying to take my peace and don’t let it. It is a good reminder that I get to choose that. It is all me. Thank you πŸ™‚


  8. Firstly, fish for dinner is delicious!! I wish it was a little cheaper here, we would probably eat a lot more of it! I’m sorry you had such a crap day. And sorry your new clinic doesn’t have the best financial situation. We were told we need to pay the portion our insurance won’t cover, plus the biopsy fee up front (so soon, I guess!) and then the PGD lab fee directly to them, and I guess we will be done until the end if there end up being more charges? It’s all so confusing.
    I guess I tend to agree with Eric that if they are things you can’t control then you should try to be less upset about them. That being said…I get upset about everything, so I’d be right there with you!! I just hope that in the end you walk out of this with a new little baby in your arms…then it will all totally be worth it!!


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  10. Oh gosh. You don’t need all these issues. I hate it when things don’t run smoothly, especially when you are paying for the privilege. And there is nothing like stress for making you want to comfort eat. I remember you saying about the 24 hour results. Did you hear back? I thought that would be completely amazing, but you can’t have misheard something that important. I’m reading in reverse order, so I think you’re back on form now, but this day must have been a crappy one – well done on sticking with your goals. WILLPOWER girl!!!! You have it in bucketloads πŸ™‚ Xxx


    • Nope haven’t heard back about the 24 hour thing yet. I think it is probably going to be unlikely. I’m peeved but just have to make my peace with that. I KNOW I didn’t make a mistake. What i actually think is the case is that the test itself is completed, once started, within 24 hours. Just that you might be in a line for starting yada yada. Apparently a lot of people are doing PGD or versions of it these days (its become that little bit more affordable here than it is elsewhere it seems). Anyway yes I’m back on form pretty much now but this WAS a shit day for sure. xx


  11. Ughhh….I’m sorry alll this crap had to happen at once! I’m glad they told you in advance about the wait rather than finding out after the fact. Good to hear that you’re already feeling the positive affects of cutting out the junk!


    • Oh man the waiting for genetic testing thing is such a pain but I’m so pleased I know now rather than finding out during the cycle. That would have really sent me off kilter I think.


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