21DGH Day 5 – Food – Dancing Fixes Everything

Today was actually a pretty good day. We went up to the big smoke to visit one of my favourite people in the world. It is a friend I don’t see often enough so that makes a catch up even more special when we do.

We had lunch at her place and she organised it all without knowing I am on some crazy diet. I did the best I could to keep it as healthy as possible. She had choc chip cookies which I managed to resist (I wasn’t even tempted!). Huzzah. I rock.

The traffic coming home sucked a big fat one. Fridays are pretty ordinary for coming down the coast to where we live – there are commuters and holiday makers and it gets sucky pretty quickly. Our 1hr 20min drive turned into an almost 2 hour adventure but it was cool. I just cranked the music and took some deep breathes to find my zen place.

It would have all been cool bananas except when I rushed in the door from the car trying not to peep my pants I put Monkey’s replacement drink bottle (the $40 one remember) on the kitchen bench next to my handbag. As I’m sitting there doing the longest wee in the world (because that’s an important part of the story) I hear this CRASH. And straight away I thought “the DRINK BOTTLE!”.

We snuck out and there it is laying on the floor, cap off, in a pool of water. *sigh* No smashed glass this time but a nice crack right up the side. It’s toast. So we have now spent $80 in two days on broken drink bottles. I was so sad and apologised profusely to Monkey. God love him, he said to me “Don’t worry Mummy, you’re not in trouble”. Eric says I have to buy him a new one now as it’s not his fault. I kinda feel like maybe we need to have a rest from that drink bottle for awhile and see if we can clear the juju around it. Plus the idea of $120 on a drink bottle in a week makes me want to vomit a little.

I was feeling a bit heavy with it, I have to admit and I was feeling annoyed then that I couldn’t shift it. Then Monkey asked if he could listen to his new favourite song. We streamed it via YouTube on our Apple TV so we could see it big screen and danced and danced and danced around the loungeroom and man, I gotta tell you, I feel a million times better. It has totally changed the vibe of the day. DO THIS if you are having a shit day. I promise you, it works!

Anyway here’s the tune for you to listen to and make your day happy while you a reading about my food.

2015-06-12 08.36.08 2015-06-12 08.35.52

Breakfast: Quinoa porride for brekky today. It is one of my favourites but it also always feels like a hard slog so I don’t do it that often. I put raspberries (included in the recipe calorie count) and then pear on top. As well as quinoa the recipe includes almonds, chia seeds, cinmamon, vanilla powder and coconut (which I toasted). It is super nutritious and very filling.

yummy breakfast mmmmm

yummy breakfast mmmmm

No snack between brekky and lunch as we were driving and I was super full.

Lunch: I had to improvise for lunch. My friend has bought these lovely wholemeal seeded breadrolls and we ended up having two each! I had bbq chicken breast, nimbin cheese and a smear of mayo on mine.

Snack: After the drink bottle devestation I was seeking sweet comfort food. I took solace in a pack of dried apricots even though I wasn’t hungry. I know there is a whole thing about dried fruit and sulphites but they say the dried fruit is good for digestion so it is winning for that at moment. It was a satisfying comfort food as well and surely is better than junk, right?

Dinner: I honestly wasn’t hungry for dinner AT ALL but knew if I didn’t eat I’d be below 1200 calories for the day and that seems to be too low. I never cook on Friday night so am always looking for something easy to put on the table. Easy today meant leftover tacos which Monkey was all sorts of excited about which makes it even easier. I didn’t have a massive serve and now I’m full as anything. There is no risk of snacking tonight.

So today I went over my calorie goal and I was only really estimating lunch as I didn’t know brand names for everything but meh, it was still all healthy food (I guess it depends on your thoughts on grains) and the total amount ingested is still considered pretty low so I’m good with that.

Issues: I feel like my digestion is getting super sluggish this week which seems weird when I am eating so healthily. I remember one other time I went super clean that this happened too. Any ideas from anyone who knows about such things? I always drink close to 2L of water per day and I never normally have an issue with this at all. I’m a daily girl no issues. Sorry for the TMI but you know, this is why we share this stuff. To talk through the issues.

And just because I don’t want to end my post talking about poo I’m going to write another sentence that is totally unrelated so you think of something else and smile.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to have a great weekend.



25 thoughts on “21DGH Day 5 – Food – Dancing Fixes Everything

  1. Ooo I do like a bit of Maroon 5. That drinks bottle!!! Man, I’d stay away too for a while if I were you!! Re the poo – sometimes when I eat really healthy I just do less of it – I think the body absorbs all the good stuff and there’s less crap to come out. That’s my theory anyway 🙂 You are doing brilliantly, and you resisted cookies? You are my healthy eating hero!! X


    • haha they weren’t a type I’d normally be really into so that made it a lot easier. But truly, I actually wasn’t tempted! Wooohooo! And yeah that bottle, I don’t know is going on there. Man.


  2. I think you could get a gold plated and diamond studded water bottle at this point! and yes, when I went vegetarian it messed up my digestion, it usually does have to do with fiber and your body needs time to adapt. But, drinking lots of water each day helps, so you are on the right track!

    But, you can do a few yoga moves to help. Lay on your back and pull your right knee to your chest and that presses on your ascending colon. And then your left, and that presses your descending colon… and then bring both knees to chest and roll your knees to the left while keeping your shoulders down, and then to the right. Those are the best for digestion that I’ve found. (Or , Google yoga for digestion, lol)


  3. Avoid glass and hard plastic drink bottles. Try stainless steel… Flylady sells a really good one. Find her online. and yes, no sweating and does stay either hot or cold depending on what you put in it.


    • We do have a stainless steel one already but they always have plastic lids and we are moving away from plastic these days. Hence why we like the life factory bottles – glass with silicon. We already have two of them in the family and have had no probs at all. This kiddie one seems to be giving us grief though.


  4. First, I shouldn’t have laughed during this post, but the pee and the crash got me. I’m so sorry.
    Second–Oh, gee. What to try? You know the gamut. The moves Kate mentioned above, those are good and safe. Then, there’s the supplement group who says try a probiotic and/or digestive enzymes. Then there’s the fat camp who says you really need to up your fat intake each day. Then there’s the grain Nazi Paleos who say you’re constipated because you ate grains (especially wheat) or dairy. Then there’s a glass of warm water first thing in the morning camp. The “add some coconut oil” people. For acute supplements, people say add some magnesium or vitamin C. But, your bacteria down there are probably just adjusting to all the added plant matter, finding a new equilibrium. Don’t forget those critters make byproducts, some good and some bad, so it just takes them awhile to figure things out as they’re getting new foods. And also, 1200 calories just isn’t very many–and sometimes people find eating more makes them more regular. Good luck!


    • haha ok let’s work through the list. Everyone has something! SO I actually went this morning as is normally the routine and no problemo and yesterday I had grains, dried fruit, ate less calories and danced around the house quite a bit before bed. So I don’t think it’s the fault of the grains. I don’t normally eat more of them then I am now. I take a probiotic every day so hopefully I have that covered already. Maybe I could have more fat though even though that wasn’t a thing yesterday and things were ok today LOL. In honour of the fat theory I had a lovely organic avo on my toast for brekky this morning. Hopefully that is helpful to the body!

      The first time I did 1200 calories for about 8 weeks I don’t remember having a problem but the diet was more varied – didn’t exclude wheat or dairy – so I have to wonder if that is a part of it. I also still drunk coffee which can stimulate that whole thing too. But last time I did this for a little while (and I was excluding groups) I did notice it being sluggish so maybe there is something in that. I don’t know. My diet has never been particularly grain heavy. Not like toast or sandwiches every day or anything. Anyway I shall keep paying attention! The last two days I’ve had around 1350 calories and I gotta be honest I am as full as anything. I don’t know if I could do more than that or even do that every day. It feels like too much food. Anyway, I’ll watch and see what happens. Thank you! x


  5. Oh poor you and monkey! I have one of those same bottles since… I think at least one year ago, dropped it on pavement several times and never broke. I think you’re cursed!!! :s as for the poop talk, my theory is that just like our stomachs when we reduce our portions, our intestines are used to being more loaded up with food that creates more waste, so when we eat more cleanly and there’s less waste to go through the intestines need some time to adjust. It’s like lighting a large room with a tiny candle… There’s much more light from that same candle in a smaller room!


  6. Are you having a bit of oil in your diet? Something like olive oil can move things through the system. I hear some people think they must avoid all fats, but you need the good ones to lubricate joints and help the flow through your body. But I also agree that you’re eating less food so there’s less waste products. There are other people who, once they eat a salad, they run for the bathroom as if it goes right through them. I think that’s a worse problem to have. Do you feel constipated?


    • I always use olive oil in my cooking but I reckon I could maybe use some more healthy fats. Had a nice organic avo with breakfast this morning so that should see me on the right track. I don’t deliberately try to eliminate fats, it’s just that they often don’t appear much in healthier cooking. I’ll keep trying to pop them in where I can. Great tip.


  7. Monkey has good taste in music! They’re coming to Auckland later this year and some girlfriends and I are thinking of going – the songs are just too damn catchy!
    I recon flag the drink bottle – it’s just not meant to be!


    • Their songs are so damn catchy! I agree! The lead singer is quite the eye candy too 😉

      Yeah I think we are just going to hold on the drink bottle for now. Try again when the planets are in alignment 😉 HA.

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