Today I was so brave!

Before the whole blood saga began I was actually having a really great day. I did something that I am normally so afraid of and kicked its arse. I did it with grace and ease and not a single tear – and trust me, when I do this thing, there is normally a lot of shaking and tears.

Friends, I went to the dentist. Now before you scoff at me for making a big deal about it let me tell you, it is the thing I have been most afraid of my whole life. For awhile there I had a dentist who prescribed me Valium to take before each appointment. I was THAT bad. I have also had a clean and some fillings under a general anesthetic by choice. Yes, I elected to be put to sleep just to have a scale and clean done without pain.  Continue reading


The dry lip solution and what you REALLY need to know about Paw Paw Ointment

OK so I alluded to this a bit in my last post – that some Paw Paw Ointment is bad as essentially it is petroleum based. Sadly, the one that most people use is the one I’m lucas paw pawreferring to – the red one. Everyone I know has a tube in their house. The country went wild over this when it first came out. Well folks, you went wild over Vaseline with 4% paw paw and you are paying a premium price for it. Do you feel ripped off? I do a bit.

To be fair to the company, they aren’t hiding their product ingredients from the world. They convenientily aren’t on the product however they are listed on the website. The petroleum they use is pharmaceutical grade which is reassuring but does that make it ok as a product?

So what’s wrong with petroleum based products anyway? Continue reading

A visit to the boobie specialist

The girls were up front and centre again today having their moment in the sun.

The breast specialist was GREAT. I really liked him. He did another ultrasound when I was with him just to check where I’d found the lump which doesn’t feel so much like a lump anymore but like a bar of fat or tissue or something. Apparently there is a cyst under that bar that maybe have been bigger last month and may have been the pea shaped lump that I could feel. Anyway, all looks good.

He did however seemed alarmed about my family history and the fact that I’ve had 3 aunts all diagnosed with breast cancer in their 40s which aren’t so far away for me anymore. So he has said this is what we’ll do: Continue reading

Week 6 Weigh-In – Good Healthy Challenge

I had an amazing week last week – until Friday evening. Something happens when the weekend hits and I craaaave treats. I didn’t give in this time (go me) but I seemed to spend the whole weekend obsessing over what I couldn’t have.

Leading up to the weekend I was feeling so good and wanting only healthy food, I felt like I’d really turned a corner. But as always in this race for good health, where there is one turn for good then can be another for bad.

The last 2 days have seen me in a super grumpy mood and I have a cold sore on my bottom lip despite how healthy I am right now so rather than jumping for joy over my achievement of a really great eating week I am just in a mood. Continue reading

Week 5 Weigh-In – Good Health Challenge

Well here we are, the end of my first week without checking into you guys on a daily basis. It was hard! I found it harder to be good without checking in regularly. I’d forget that I’d have to own up to it all on Monday. HA!

All in all, I didn’t do too badly though. It wasn’t perfect, there were wins and there were fails but I did alright.

Here are the stats. Continue reading

Week 4 – final Stage 1 weigh-in – my good health challenge

Wooooo! I made it. Thank god those daily blogs are over eh?

Despite a wee bit of weekend cheating and higher calorie intake I achieved a great loss this week – the best yet!

21DGH weigh in no 3

1.5kgs! Wooooo! And a total lost of 3.2kgs overall which averages out at about 1kg per week. That is normal healthy weight loss and I am happy with that as if we can slowly get it off just through healthy eating then it is more likely to be sustained. Continue reading

21DGH – Day 21 Food – The LAST day!!!!

Wooooot! I made it. I did my 21 days of good health. I won’t know my final weight until I weigh in tomorrow morning but regardless of the outcome on the scales I have done a great thing for my health these past three weeks. I really feel like I’ve taken myself on a new path.

We still have a long way to go, especially me with Monkey. He has the “white food” diet preference of most 3-4 year olds at the moment and while I always try to feed him what I am having sometimes it is so disheartening when he says “no I don’t like that” and pushes food away. When this happens I often just let him go without or push him to have a few mouthfuls but I notice that it really slows his digestion down if we skip meals and/or fill with less than ideal food and I really don’t want him to have to go down that path.

In saying all that he is actually a really good vegetable eater so I should be grateful for small mercies. Continue reading