21DGH – Day 3 – Food + The Best Day Ever

OMG you guys, I have had an AMAZING day today. It is truly incredible how great you can feel when your body isn’t up and down with caffeine and sugar. I am also amazed at how quickly I am seeing the effects as I assure you, I was well and truly over indulging leading up to this health kick.

Anyway, let’s get onto the food. Not quite as amazing as my day was so I am wondering if I will pay for that with some sluggishness tomorrow. We shall see.

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FYI this is the second time I’ve typed this fucker out as WordPress just did something spaced out with the post and I hadn’t saved it since the beginning. FUCK you WordPress raining on my magic day. Arrgghh.

Anyway, shall we continue?

Breakfast: This is not my ideal breakfast AT ALL but we were under the pump this morning and I had no eggs! Eggs are usually my go to quick fix. It was also early and felt too cold to do a smoothie again. I just couldn’t face it. So toast it was. I do use this high quality Ancient Grains bread from the wholefoods grocer and the peanut butter is organic so, you know, it is a good effort at that sort of breakfast.

Lunch: I was hungry by lunchtime but had made it through the morning no probs. The lunch I made was soooooo yummy although I’m kinda over salads in winter but anyhoo, it was good. I had 50g of pan friend chicken breast left over from Monkey’s dinner the previous night so I chucked it in a bowl with baby spinach, rocket (arugula), roma tomato, cucumber, grated carrot, salt, pepper, white wine vinegar and olive oil. It was sensational.

Snack: When I was at the whole foods grocer I couldn’t resist grabbing this Paleo Raw Cacao Snack Bar. They are one of those only nuts, dates, cacao blah blah blah “and nothing else” bars. I really should save myself the moula and make my own but these are a good and healthy substitute. Maybe I’ll make some on the weekend.

Dinner: Dinner tonight was the low point really. I had promised Monkey tacos and he had remembered so tacos it was. I tried to make it as healthy as possible by using pasture fed mince and adding organic grated carrot, grated zucchini and corn to the mince mixture as well as the salad we added on top of that when making the taco. I was going to make my own seasoning but remembered too late and then didn’t have 2 of the spices so I’ll get them at the shops tomorrow and make a batch (it takes 90 secs in the Thermomix – hardly a task) and then I will have it all stored and ready to go next time. No excuses!

Despite the slightly naughty meal I am within my calorie goal as my meals earlier in the day had been a little under their usual allocation.

I have noticed through doing this that my eating is kinda arse about. It would make more sense to fill up early and have more calories at the beginning of the day when you have a chance to burn them. I’m not really sure how to turn it around as I really enjoy my tasty dinners. Breakfast doesn’t seem quite as much fun. Anyway it is something to bear in mind and maybe I’ll try it tomorrow with a slightly high calorie breakfast. See how it goes.

All in all, a pretty fabulous day (except for WordPress/my computer/the browser screwing with me – no it wasn’t my fault, of course not!).

I wonder if I’ll feel a wee bit shit tomorrow because of the higher amount of processed food today? We shall see. Feel good though. Really good. And no coffee! Hurrah!


19 thoughts on “21DGH – Day 3 – Food + The Best Day Ever

  1. If you keep on it for years, you’ll find your groove. Some “experts” say eat tons of meat and protein first thing so you’re not hungry till about supper time. Then eat your supper. I don’t find this works for me, but I instead try to drink fluids and then have a large late breakfast/lunch/brunch whatever as other experts like to recommend. Then, of course, there’s the three meals a day experts. And I’m sure there are other techniques. Just pay attention to what keeps you feeling best in the afternoon at the 3 oclock slump. Which technique? And which technique keeps you eating really sound food choices? Which technique keeps you from feeling cravings and hunger all day? What foods do you find give you an afternoon slump or fatigue in the middle of nowhere? Too much carb? Too much of a certain kind of food? Sorry if I talk too much. This is just what I did/do (because the body changes as it’s given what it needs).

    No coffee for me either! Hip-hip-hooray! Another 2-3 days and I’ll consider myself out of the detox phase for it!


    • Wooohoo! You are killing it! How long since you last gave up coffee?

      Yeah with the food thing I see the logic of the meat and veg at breakfast but I’m never going to do it either. I’m happy with how things are at the moment. I am looking for snacks in the afternoon but a lot of that seems to be to do with free time. On Day 1 I didn’t have the free time so I didn’t look for the snack. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. I need to work out a way to stay healthy though and not fall off the wagon again so badly when the 3 weeks is over. I think the answer lies in nutritious sweets and getting on the bandwagon of making them.


  2. Eating a morning snack and an afternoon snack has become almost a must for me. But, I’ve gone vegetarian, so less stick-to-the-ribs food, and (when I’m eating right) I have to have some fruit or yogurt or something to tide me over, and that has really helped, I’m embracing the small snack! Plus it has really helped me get in my fruits and veggies for the day!


    • Yeah you have to work hard for your protein as a vege. Yoghurt is a good choice as it has protein which is a good filler. Fruit doesn’t do a great job of filling all the time. I agree, it def helps get the fruit and veg in for the day. If I don’t have fruit at breakfast time I’m having to actually remind myself I need to eat it later in the day.

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  3. You are doing great – I always struggle and mope through day 3 of any new regime so well done. I’m feeling so inspired reading this. I think I’m going to blog my skin-detox eating next week and join in! X


  4. Oh my gosh lady you are my hero, I need my coffee.
    I have this app, but fell out of the habit of using it. I really need to start it up again. When I do burritos I always make up extra meat then take the spares and some frozen vegies to work the next day. I cook the vegies in the microwave and heat up the meat and stir it all though. I LOVE it! It is a nice HOT reasonably healthy winter lunch 🙂

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  5. Congrats to you for staying with this! I like how you said “a wee bit shit”. That made me laugh! It’s really tough eating healthy with a toddler. It’s easy to make the easy stuff and scarf it down with them.


  6. Yesterday when I was almost done typing my LONG post, I accidentally hit back on my browser and went back to my main page…umm OMG!!! Thankfully I hit forward and it took me back to my almost done post…I almost cried!! If it was all gone, I would have had a meltdown…so I feel your pain!
    Anyway…this all sounds amazing!! I hear you about being backwards with meals…we tend to have bigger dinners. And unfortunately because we both work late (if I close at work, anyway) then we usually end up eating dinner around 8pm. Not ideal for losing weight. You’ve done so good so far…keep up the good work!


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