21DGH – Day 2 – Food

OK you little voyeurs, come get your fix.

21DGH day 2

Today has been a pretty good day but definitely a more challenging one. I want to talk a little more about the food choices and calories today as I didn’t do that yesterday. I had my rant about my chemical cup of goodness to get off my chest.

As I slothed it out of the bed this morning I wondered to myself “Why the hell is my body hurting me?” and then I remembered that I did actually do a wee bit of exercise yesterday. And when I say wee I truly mean tiny. The lovely blogger over at Taking Our Family From 3 to 4 who is joining me on this 21 day health quest was kind enough to send me a program she has completed before. It has a few little exercises you can do at the start of every day so I have thrown those in today and yesterday. After the into set you are supposed to go on to do a full routine as well but I haven’t had the time do fit those in as yet. So all I’m doing so far is:

15 push ups, 15 squats, 60s plank, 40 star jumps.

I really love it. It gets me nice and invigorated for the day and Monkey has been joining as well which I really love. It is good for him to see exercise as a part of every day life. Maybe he will learn to love it from an early age if he sees it as a thing we all do.

One thing I forgot to add to my diary yesterday was my cup of warm water with a lemon slice. I actually started to have this again every morning about a week ago when I knew in the back of my mind I had to work on ditching the coffee. It is a great coffee replacement as you are sitting down to drink something warm out of a coffee mug. My mind is totally fooled.

After that we are so busy prepping to get out of the damn house that I tend not to think about coffee again until later.

This morning I was really amazed at home many calories my simple smoothie was – 394. It didn’t have a lot in it – frozen banana, fresh pineapple, 1 passionfruit, 1 cup coco-quench milk + raw vanilla protein powder – so it is a real reminder that healthy foods have calories too and something so healthy can easily add up.

When I do the whole 1200 calorie diet thing I usually aim to do around 300 calories for each meal and that allows enough for 2 x 150 calorie snacks. It doesn’t always work out that way though (a la today) but that’s no biggie. I don’t really need 2 snacks, particularly when I’m not drinking coffee (coffee with milk normally counts for around 150 calories).

Lunch looks a little strange today but that is because we were actually out at proper lunchtime so that’s when I ate my muesli bar snack. Then when we got home at 2pm I just felt lazy and wanted food to be easy hence the piece of fruit with the meat. It was yummy but I did find myself more peckish this afternoon. Probably a combo of a low calorie lunch + time to sit down and be hungry.

The roast vege lasagne I had for dinner was actually a portion from the freezer that I’d made a couple of weeks ago. Gotta love an easy meal. It has no pasta in it. It is all vege goodness (with bechamel sauce and cheese on top though). Due to do grocery shopping tomorrow so the menu should get more exciting later in the week.

Oh and about the muesli bar snack – that is not as bad as it looks. I actually bought the seed mix and added my own coconut oil, rice malt syrup and water and then baked in the over. They are almost home made muesli bars. No nasties in the ingredients – well except vanilla flavour actually, not fussed on “flavours” But anyway, the pack has a short shelf life as it is essentially all the seeds mixed together for you. LAZY but EASY and I’m going to go with ACCEPTABLE. Better than prepacked shit.

It is 8pm at night and I’ve just finished a peppermint tea as I’ve heard it keeps the cravings and hunger at bay. So far it is not working. If I wasn’t doing this health kick I would definitely be binge eating crap tonight.

Anyway I’m going to get back to giving the cravings the bird and settle in to watch a show and read more of my book (Order of Seven – currently under $5 for Kindle and a real easy read and page turner. Especially good if the idea of energy works and healers as the main characters sounds pretty cool to you. I’m loving it.).

See you tomorrow!



33 thoughts on “21DGH – Day 2 – Food

    • When I first did the 1200 calorie thing a few years ago it was trickier. Now I know it is all about portion sizes and bulking out with F+V. I have a few recipes books with 300-400 calorie meals too by this chick Michelle Bridges who does a very successful program here. It’s all practice practice practice.

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  1. Star jumps=jumping jacks! Cool! My internet has been out all day so I couldn’t log in to tell you day 2 with no coffee, and I’m not dead. Moments of agony, but they seem to ebb and flow, making it tolerable. Fat and protein tell the brain that there’s no famine and it can “feel full.” Vegetables feed your gut bacteria. Fruits can too, just like you point out, they add up fast! Good luck! I’m looking forward to being off coffee again. Thank you!


    • Yay! So pleased you are doing it. Wooohoo! Hey I had no idea that F+V fed the gut bacteria! Makes them sound bad! I do like to try and have protein or good fat with each meal as I know it is important for filling up. I always thought you also needed the veg to help process the protein (definitely if it’s meat). Is that right? I have just started day 3 and I’m feeling great.


      • That’s good to feed the gut bacteria fruits and veggies! Those bacteria are so key to health, and the good bacteria are tired of all the refined flour sugar they’re getting fed! They help you with weight, mood, and of course, GI function, and they love plant matter. Plants rock. I eat meat, but my goal is to eat more real vegetable/plant matter than any vegetarian. (Flours, seeds don’t count.) Am I making sense through my lack of coffee fog? Am I coherent? LOL. Or cry inside. (Oh, coffee, I do love you.)

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  2. You are doing so well! How are you feeling? Do you find you are getting more hungry..As in, do you find that your body takes a while to adjust to not just eating whenever or whatever? I have a friend that is prepping for her wedding and she has been having the lemon in water every morning and she swears by it! She looks awesome too she’s lost about 7kg in the past 3 or 4 months just by watching what she is eating a little bit more and having the lemon water. Good luck with it all! 🙂


    • I actually feel great today! Super energised. I was hungry after dinner last night – needed more protein I think. And hence I was hungry this morning. I am hungry again now but it is almost lunchtime so all good 🙂


      • I’m decent. Did I tell you already that surgery was rescheduled for next Thursday? So yay for that! But now I am coming down with something (after not really getting sick at all for the last year), so I just have to pray I’m better by then. I don’t think they’ll do the surgery if I have a cold! If it’s not one thing it’s another. Please send me healthy thoughts! I think if they have to reschedule the surgery again I won’t be able to get in until mid July.


        • Oh no I didn’t know that. Fabulous that is sorted. Far out. I had a cold when my surgery was approaching. I got 4 garlic cloves, crushed them and stir fried them up with some greens and had them with dinner one night. I felt MUCH better the next day. By the day after the next day I was feeling a little yuk in the morning so I did it again for breakfast (yes I had 4 cloves of garlic and greens for breakfast). It sucked but it worked. Try that!!!!


  3. Even at ‘fat camp’ they fed us 1,500 cal per day. Then again, they also worked us out with grueling exercise 6 hours per day, so there’s that, I guess.

    Still, that’s a mighty low cal count you’re rocking! Make sure you are getting enough! xoxo


    • I’m not exercising at all really so there’s that and I think I only need around 1300 to maintain from something I did once based on body size blah blah. I just remember it being fairly low. I know for myself 1200 is pretty much where I need to be to get results. You would have been burning at least 1000 calories a day a fat camp don’t forget so your net result would have been a lot lower. The 1200 calorie thing actually comes from this chick Michelle Bridges who is one of the Biggest Loser Trainers her in AUS. She has a whole program around it AND includes exercise. I’m good. If I was starving or fainting then I’d do something about it for sure but I do 1200 calories really easily. It is quite a lot of food if you portion it right. xx


  4. I just wrote to “3 to 4” about my last summer’s diet that is similar to yours. I felt great and lost weight. After several months of eating clean I relapsed in Oct/Nov. Peanut butter and nuts were the first culprits, then cookie dough. After that, weight came back on so easy. I really want to get back to this clean eating. It was considered a Detox Diet. I think you two will encourage me to pick it back up. Best of luck to you!


    • I didn’t manage to stick to the exercise for long. I want to get back to it but we really are keeping exercise moderate as we prepare for next round of IVF so I’m bearing that in mind too. I do bit walks on the days Monkey is home with me so there is a bit of it in there.


    • Yes! I actually got the idea originally from a detox that I did years and years ago that was created by an Indian dr (living in the UK). He followed ayurvedic principals I believe. I have to admit I skipped over that part in the book a bit at the time as that was so out there for me but I’m coming around to more out there things these days. I’m ready for the adventure. I have found the hot water with lemon helps with trying to reduce coffee as well. Sitting down and having a hot drink in the morning – regardless of what it is – seems to be enough for me. It was more about the habit than the actual drink.


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