Rant about the pharmicist and all things you needed to know about dry lips

Right now, my lips are a barren wasteland. They are cracked and dry and aching for moisture which I am desperately trying to put into them and yet I seem unable to revive them. They are calling out for help but will not respond to anything I do. I’m throwin’ out the lifeline but they WILL NOT grab a rope. What’s the go, lips? Why you hate me so? A cold sore has come up on the bottom one as a result of the extreme dryness so that, as you can imagine, is really fun.

This whole dry lip shebang has been going on for a few weeks now. I put it down to winter but thought it was a bit weird as I’m not really prone to this sort of a thing. Well I’ve just had a wee google and apparently it is a pregnancy symptom. What do you know? Women whining about lip dryness abounds in pregnancy forums across the globes and there are even some website with a dedicated page on lip dryness in early pregnancy. This was NOT a feature of my last pregnancy. Last pregnancy I experienced the complete opposite. Things grew and they were lush and my whole body bloomed with pregnancy.

Yesterday I called in to see the Pharmacist as I wanted to know what I could use on my lips during early pregnancy and if Carmex or Blistex oitment was really ok. I had been using the Blistex Ointment initially but I stopped as I felt like it was actually making my lips drier (this is a thing apparently) and chugged water instead. I had some light relief for a few days from the water chugging but I’ve continued to chug and the dryness is now back.

SO back to the Pharmacist. She basically tells me everything is fine to use as you only absorb so little of it anyway, no problem. Yeah it’ll be fine. This is the shit she was saying to me. I was dubious. I also had picked up Bonjella (teething oitment) to use on my mouth ulcer (it is massive and also appeared since I’ve been pregnant).

Something about it all just didn’t sit right with me. I remember when pregnant with Monkey a different Pharmacist told me that I couldn’t use anything on the cold sore, just the patches (non medicated) to help protect it while it healed. So I put all the ointments down and started to Google (how good are smart phones!?!). And here is what I found out:

  • Most shitty lip balm and ointments, such as Carmex and Blistex Ointments, contain ingredients that will actually remove moisture from your lips. This is how you end up addicted to them. You put them on, they feel great, an hour later they are dry as a farm in drought and so you reapply. Addiction forms. You are never without your ointment.
  • Be careful of some paw paw ointment which you think is so great. Only use ones that are natural otherwise they are petroleum based like Vaseline which is also drying.
  • Bonjella and Carmex both SHOULD NOT be used during pregnancy. I couldn’t find anything conclusive on the Blistex and it definitely was a different formula. I used almost a container of the stuff in early pregnancy so hopefully it’s fine.

In the end I bought nothing and decided to use coconut oil which I already have loads of in my cupboard. It is helping but I still need more but I have a bunch of natural remedies to try so all good. Feel free to leave me your dry lip saving remedy here too. I’ll take anything.

Anyway, I am furious with the Pharmacist. What’s the point in getting the degree if you don’t have a clue what you are talking about? I mean, really? Biatch. She is not my favourite person today at all.


25 thoughts on “Rant about the pharmicist and all things you needed to know about dry lips

  1. Hahahaha! Your last paragraph just made me laugh. Isn’t it sad that the companies make something like that…supposed to help with the dryness but really just make it worse? Should be illegal. When I do have chapped lips, I usually use SoftLips. Not sure if you have that there. Lately since I’ve been drinking more water, I haven’t needed anything though. I say keep up with the water, it’s probably the best thing to do!


  2. Some health care workers are ridiculous. A resident doctor told my pregnant self to take Advil for my migraine….. Good thing I work in pharmaceuticals myself or I would could have given my baby a birth defect!


    • Maybe. I read honey is good too so I could have maybe done a honey cocnut oil combo. But I went to the healthfood store instead and got this natural paw paw ointment that has all that and more natural oils and butters. It is soooooo nourishing. Feels great. I’ll see how I go overnight with it but if there is a drastic improvement I’ll post on it. My lips feel waaaay better with it on. Man oh man.

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  3. I struggle with my lips and have to watch my iron count, as when I have low iron my lips dry up and then swell. I use this every single night. I just found one on Amazon to show you, as I don’t know if it’s available in your area, but Aquaphor lip repair, it’s a good over the counter product to have on hand. 🙂


  4. Oh my goodness – I went through this EXACT thing. My lips were so bad the skin was literally peeling off and they were cracking when I smiled. NOTHING seemed to help – it was awful! I had no idea it was a pregnancy thing – ha! Just like me to miss the obvious connection. In the end I chucked everything and went two weeks with nothing on my lips at all. It was horrendous, but then very slowly, they adjusted. It took a few more weeks to look respectable and now they are back to normal and guess what? I haven’t used lipbalm since – I’m terrified of the stuff now! I look at my kids perfect lips and they never use anything, so maybe there’s something in steering clear of all of it. Hope things settle back to normal soon xxx


    • Oh wow that is so bizarre that you had it too!!! My lips were peeling as well. It was so awful!!! They are so much improved today but I did go down the natural route of an organic paw paw ointment (which I’ve just posted about). It has helped so much overnight. They aren’t perfect yet but more than 50% better I would say. I don’t want to be stuck using it continually though so after today might try going without again and seeing if we can just go the natural route. I just needed a kick start!!!! xxx


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