Twenty weeks!

Holy cow, I’m HALFWAY. Halfway! Half-fucking-way.  I almost can’t believe it. It is craaaaaaazy. After so long trying to make this baby and the chemical pregnancies and the miscarriage and failed IVF cycles and surgery we are here, half way to an actual baby.

Apparently baby is the size of a rockmelon (ok, ok, canteloupe) and well, it looks like I am rocking a melon under my shirt so that would be about right. See!20 week bump shot Hubba bubba!

(btw…my bump looks a bit weird as I have a scar going right across it from abdo surgery when I was young – it makes a funny little bump dent which I think makes me also pop out more than others might at the same stage).

Weight wise I’ve put on 6.5kgs which is probably in the upper range of where I want to be right now but given that I’d put on 5kgs by week 13  I think I’m doing OK. I am still trying to stick to the exercise program I am on and most days I feel good for it but some days – like last Wednesday when I did a 5km walk in 50 mins on a rather warm morning – I am knackered for the rest of the day. This baby making is hard work.

I am finding that now I am eating more healthily in general that I am actually craving healthy foods so that’s pretty awesome. We had some treats today but it was the first time in over a week we’ve really indulged.

Other than that there isn’t that much to report. I am seeing an anesthetist on Thursday to discuss “what happened” during Monkey’s birth (failed epi due to previous spinal injury) so that we are prepared with a plan of action should I need a c-section on the day for this baby. He is apparently a genius anesthetist and my OB speaks very highly of him so we will see what he has to say.

Baby girl is kicking away all the time these days. I was awake at 5am this morning just kicking back and feeling her move. I had my big boy lying next to me in the bed and my baby girl kicking away on the inside. That whole moment was pure bliss.

Only a few more weeks now until we reach the viability milestone. This pregnancy is really starting to speed along. I honestly cannot believe it.




38 thoughts on “Twenty weeks!

  1. Awwww!!!!! Look at that bump!!!! Gorgeous!!!! Oh Em – this is so wonderful :-). I am so excited for you – hell, I’d be there at the birth, waiting outside for a cuddle if I could! I hope the next 20 weeks sails by without a hitch xxx


  2. Hooray for half way!!! I’m so happy that things have gone so well for you, and really hope that they continue that way for the rest of this pregnancy. And good for you for eating well and exercising along the way! Keep up the good work! You’re looking amazing!!


  3. Your bump is so adorable. I am a teeny tiny bit jealous. Ok. A lot jealous. I bitched my entire pregnancy with Buddy but I also secretly loved every second of that big round belly I sported. And yes, the second one just blows by…..until month 9, where it then slows down so much it almost goes backwards.


    • Haha the first trimester was like that too. Sloooooow. I was counting every damn day. It is nice to not be doing that now. I love this middle stage where the bump is there but you aren’t overly uncomfortable. It is the best part!

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  4. You have the cutest bump ever!!! I can’t believe it’s half way time. I’m glad that time is flying for you. You are doing so well to keep up with your exercise!!! I mean, I don’t really know what it’s like, BUT from what my friends say, I can imagine it isn’t an easy thing to do, so respect!!!!


  5. Your bump is adorable!!!

    So glad to hear how happy and relaxed you are. And that this time you’ll get the pain relief you need. It must be really interesting have the knowledge from last time to guide you now.

    Thinking of you lots! Long distance hugs 😘


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