Anatomy Scan – 19 weeks 1 day

2016-01-05 19.55.01

Today was the day I fell head over heels in love with my baby.


I had no idea how much this milestone was riding me but clearly it was because after staring and staring at these photos of baby girl this afternoon I have felt the floodgates in my heart just open up and let her in.Β 

While I know that nothing is guaranteed in pregnancy – I even follow blogs of more than one mama who has had a heartbreaking late term loss – I do realise that this is statistically unlikely and it is time that I just roll with that and plan for our little girl becoming a reality for our family.

Isn’t she just beautiful? I cannot stop staring at her.

The scan today obviously went very well. Everything was perfect with little Bartina. The only blip on the radar is that my placenta is quite low again (had the same thing with Monkey). Right now it is measuring 1.6cm from my cervix (which is nice and long at 4cm and closed up tight – wooo!) so they want to have another squiz at 32 weeks. More often than not the placenta moves up when the baby grows which is how it went for us last time so I’m hoping that this is all same same and moves. I actually don’t feel at all stressed about it so that is good.

Pregnancy wise things are progressing nicely. I shaved my bikini line yesterday and THAT was a challenge that is close to becoming a pipe dream in the very near future. Crouching down near the floor is becoming uncomfortable and I still get a bit of nausea and excess saliva happening here and there so the spitting is still a bit of a thang. Posh Spice I am not.

Weight wise I’m up to a 6kg gain after some pigging out and zero exercise over Christmas but we are home from our break now and I’m back into the whole healthy eating / exercise regularly thing and feeling good. I am actually pretty happy with where things are at and think I am going to be able to manage it. My program finishes when I am at 27 weeks but I am saving all the recipes etc and will just do my best to keep it focused right until the end.

Eric and I are fighting a shite load at the moment which is driving me crazy Miss Daisy. We are just about to do renovations so that he can set up a proper office here and stay more often and the fighting is freaking me out as I wonder how we are going to handle it. Truth be told the thinking about it is probably worse than the reality is going to be so the sooner we can finalise it all the better.

He is a tough man to live with (not house trained at all) so I worry about him destroying my peace and creating extra work for me but I think when he is here more often we will shift the cleaner to weekly visits rather than fortnightly and that might save my sanity a little. He has also promised to do more things so we will see how it goes. He is GREAT at baby stuff – was brilliant at helping with Monkey – so I need to remember that. He will be a wonderful help when the baby actually comes.

Monkey will love it too. He is always asking for more family time now. Even today when Eric dropped us off and returned to work Monkey cried and said “But I want to be a family still. I want Daddy to stay with us more.” Poor little muffin.

So that’s it, folks. Just cruising along and feeling pretty damn in love with this baby girl I am growing inside of me right now. I feel love and joy and hope and promise and relief and gratefulness and thankful and aaaaaaaahhhhhh.


51 thoughts on “Anatomy Scan – 19 weeks 1 day

  1. Hurrah!! The mid-way scan is great – like you it was the first time I really relaxed (with me it didn’t last though, haha!). That picture is gorgeous and I can’t believe you are having a baby girl who will be here in around 20 weeks time!! How amazing is that?!!! It is SO so wonderful after all this time to see you at this point. It really does make my tired old heart want to burst with excitement. Sorry things are hard going with Eric. Sharing your space when you are used to it being your own space is pretty hard, especially if he is not great at picking up after himself. I think upping the cleaner sounds like a good thing to do. I’m so pleased for you that it’s all going well. She is a little miracle! xxxxx


    • Oh I’ll probably lose my shit towards the end too. I’ll get into a panic about stillbirth and deteriorating placentas and all that jazz. haha And yes, she truly is a little miracle. My heart is bursting with love. Hope you are getting some more sleep in over there. xx

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  2. She’s so gorgeous! She has monkey’s face shape too, I’m so eager to see your mini me!! Shaving is a big challenge! Sorry Eric’s being a dick lately. I find pregnancy hormones mixed with a cranky partner makes things…well, less enjoyable to say the least! Xx


  3. Okay, I can’t lie, those new scans freak me out… back in my day (and I giggle saying that) we did what we could make out a shape when they printed the black and white and very fuzzy picture. Is that a foot? No, I think it’s the head. Oh, wait – it’s not the baby at all, the baby is over here. πŸ™‚ But, it is also quite amazing, I’m in love with her, too and just so very excited for you! And I’m sure that the fighting between you and Eric will settle down once things actually settle and you get in a routine… the “unknown” creates more stress than we think… especially now with all the changes taking place in your body. That is a lot of change all at once when all you really want is peace and some zen!
    CONGRATULATIONS! Sending love and hugs!!


    • hehe youalways make me laugh, Kate! The new scans are quite crazy. Technology is amazing! And I think you are right, the Eric thing will be easier once we are actually in and doing it rather than stressing about how it’s going to go. Thx for the love and hugs. Always need those suckers. Sending to you too. Hope it’s been a great holiday season xx

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  4. She is gorgeous and absolutely perfect! I’m so happy you’re letting yourself feel real joy and excitement. You have waited for this moment for long time and truly deserve it!!


  5. I’m so glad Kate mentioned being freaked out by 4D scans, because they totally freak me out too! πŸ˜€ She and I are old-schoolers with those grainy black and white print outs of blobby messes that may or may not have been our babies. πŸ™‚
    Anywho…. yours looks beautiful! I am over the moon excited for you and can’t wait for these next 20 weeks to pass so we can meet little Bartina. πŸ™‚


  6. Wahoo! As you know, I am thrilled you had a great scan. Your little girl is beautiful — and I think you’re right, she definitely looks like a combo of the two of you. I bet the anticipation of E coming in and disturbing your peace is actually much worse than what will go down.


    • Me too! I was feeling so detached for so long I was starting to worry. You know how it is when pregnancy is so hard to come by and you’ve suffered a loss blah blah. I wish you didn’t know! But anyway, I’m there now. Weeeeee!


  7. Holy that is an amazing scan! So clear. Hope you and Eric can keep the peace for now, can’t believe how quickly your pregnancy is flying (for me, anyway!) thinking of you often xx


    • haha it is starting to go pretty quickly for me now. I can’t believe we are at half way. May feels like it is around the corner now the new year has begun. Hope you are doing ok. I think you of you often too xx

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  8. Love it! She’s perfect! So happy that you’re feeling good and that things are going well. Sorry you’re having trouble with Eric though…men can just make things so much more stressful sometimes! Hopefully after things get settled you’ll feel better about it all. Hope we continue to get happy updates from you!! And more pics lol!


  9. Ohhhhhhh those lips! Muah muah muah! Sooooo glad everything is going well…you know, apart from stoopid boys. That’s pretty much par for the course lol and you know, when baby arrives you’ll fall in love with Eric all over again.
    Monkey sounds such a cutie patootie, what a sweet little boy.


    • Yeah Monkey is adorable. And yes, I’m sure once I get over my cranky hormones Eric and I will get back to the softer side. I hope. I think it doesn’t help that you don’t shag much when already knocked up. We need more tension reliever lol

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    • haha thanks πŸ™‚ I am sure it will be fine. We will work it out because we want to. I just need to take a bit of a chill pill sometimes and realise not everyone is within my control. Ha!


  10. So much perfection right there. So happy for you, everything sounds like it is going well. My bros GF had low placenta for two of her pregnancies and it shifted upwards as the baby grew so I guess this can be common?


  11. What a beautiful baby girl!! That’s awesome you got such a great pic from ultrasound. Hope the fighting cools down and you guys can ban together in the last half of the pregnancy. Every relationship ebbs and flows, and this is a stressful time for everyone. Good luck and congrats on your successes, friend!


  12. I always liked the 20 week mark. You actually look pregnant. You feel better (usually). You usually have more reassurance. Sometimes you can feel them move. And so on. Sorry about the growing pains–er, office pains–with Eric. Totally hear you on the cleaner. Totally. A cleaner probably saved my marriage more than once. πŸ™‚ And my husband said I was so much nicer with a cleaner in service, that he’d never be married to me without one. I don’t know what he’s talking about. I’m ALWAYS nice. right? Aren’t you too? —Tell that cervix to move on up!


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