Tears of gratitude – 15 weeks 3 days

Eeeeep! I’m still here. Life has been pretty busy around these here parts of late so I’m behind on keeping you all up-to-date and not doing so great on reading all your posts either. I’m slowly slowly getting caught up. Phew!

We had some guests last week so that was all busy busy. It was my brother, his wife (also pregnant, 4.5 weeks behind me) and my beautiful 15 month old niece. Eerrrrr I’d forgotten that thing about 15 month olds where they want go out ALL. THE. TIME. Monkey was exactly the same at the age. It made me appreciate how much better he is at occupying himself now although he does talk non-stop which the niece did not do at all. So you know, both ages have their moments.

After the guests I was destroyed and I can’t say they were even that much work. I just hadn’t realised how much I have built down time into my life these days and you get less of that when you have guests. There’s more interacting and food prep and just busy busy doing stuff. When I dropped them at the airport on the Sunday I sped homeΒ and planted my arse on that couch and barely moved for about 6 hours, 1.5 of which included a nice nap with the AC cranked.

Anyway, let’s talk baby stuff. Things seem to be going really well. I had an OB visit this morning and baby girl was there waving at me from the screen. She looked SO CUTE. He printed me a pic but it was her bad side and she looks a bit like a monster so we might save that one for the baby books and not post it on the world wide web today.

I was in a bit of a panic pre this visit. Monkey had worms recently you see (fuck kindy and germ spreading kids) and they told me not to treat myself as well unless I definitely had them as it is a category B drug blah blah and I didn’t have them at the time but two weeks later of course I did. So I ended up treating us both at the same time and it was all good but then a week later I felt like I had signs again (already???) and I dosed us both again. My brain is going a bit mental with thoughts like “what if I’ve deformed my perfect baby?” but my god, I don’t know if you’ve ever had worms but they are awful and you just HAVE TO treat those fuckers.

(btw OB says it is ok to continue treating using the cat B drug if I have a recurrence but you know, get your advice from your own MD if this is you. Hopefully it is NEVER you.)

So basically I am cleaning like a mad woman at the moment even though we don’t have them just to try and prevent a recurrence. I want us clear for about a month before I will be happy. We wash towels after one use here, change sheets constantly, cut our nails short and scrub them with a nail brush each time we wash them (which is also constantly) to try and shift any eggs that may be caught under those fingers. It’s horried. The skin on my hands, ratshit and sensitive at the best of times, is totally giving up. Too much water, too much handwashing. Anyway my OB helpfully told me about a patient today who couldn’t shift them her whole fucking pregnancy. This better not end up being me.

The good (?) news is that baby girl measured almost 1 week ahead today. I had a slightly moment of hyperventilation about birthing her if she keeps growing like that but you know, at least the worms aren’t sucking all the nutrients from her. She is clearly getting some good shit in there.

I’ve booked the doula and our first meeting is next Thursday – so one week from today. I am really pumped about this. Also, I managed to drop 2 kgs since my last scan at 13 weeks which means my total gain so far is now 3.5kg instead of that horrific 5.5kgs. This is all through just making my eating a whole lot healthier. It is amazing what a difference that makes. Next week I actually start a 12 week fitness program specifically designed for pregnancy so I am really looking forward to that. I will do a separate post with all the details to keep this one a bit shorter.

And that, my friends, is pretty much it in this land. Oh except the part about tears of gratitude. Today just felt like a super emotional day. I hadn’t seen baby girl for 2 weeks (yeah I know, not long but felt long for me – have a 4 week wait for the next viewing) and with all the category B drugs and the like I was just so scared going into this appointment. When will that fear leave me? Will it ever go? I’m not sure. But anyway, I was driving home and almost bursting into tears all the way, just so grateful that she was still alive in there and happy and healthy and keeping me freaked out about getting her head out of my vagina. If that is my biggest problem for the rest of this pregnancy then I am pretty grateful for that.

(Ahem but secretly I hope she has a smaller head than her brother. He is ALWAYS in caps bigger than his age size).



27 thoughts on “Tears of gratitude – 15 weeks 3 days

  1. Aww glad to see you’re doing well! Ah the worms suck!!! Category B is pretty good though, so I wouldn’t worry about it! I had worms constantly as a child. Came from being a thumb sucker :(. It was just awful. Those things are gross! So I feel for you! Anyways, happy for your update. Don’t get too hung up on the Category B. B is pretty damn good! xoxo


    • Yeah the more I read about it the better I feel about the Category B stuff. Another blogging friend gave me a list of pretty regular drugs that she’d taken during her pregnancy that are all category B. Phew. You poor thing suffering from worms so much as a child. That would have been awful. 😦 That are really gross. I am so ugh ugh ugh about it. I just want them to stay gone now. Monkey is pretty good with washing his hands but he does still put fingers in his mouth occasionally *sigh*

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  2. Ugh s sorry about the worm stuff. No fun at all! As for the head stuff, don’t worry too much about it. Both my daughters had huge heads and always measured a week or so ahead, but I only had 2nd degree tears from both deliveries. The second apparently I probably wouldn’t have torn much at all if it hadn’t been for her shoulders being stuck (I’ll discuss those fun details in my birth story). Her head was so squished into a cone that the size was massively reduced. You’ll be fine! πŸ˜‰


      • πŸ™‚ it’s pretty unreal, that’s for sure! Here I am, 4am, nipples killing me as she’s vacuuming every last drop of colostrum, and I’m in love. I’ve had 3 hours of sleep, in guessing, in the last… Nearly 3 days now (nighttime births suck for messing everything up!), but I’m happy as hell!

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  3. I am itching all over reading about the worms. Which is retarded because worms don’t make you itch, but you know what I mean. Anywho… SO glad to hear you and the little girlie-girl are doing great! xoxo


  4. Lol! Head circumference fear! I know that feeling. They scanned me the day before I had F and she was 33cm – 2cm smaller than her oldest brother was. I felt such relief!!! As for the worms – ugh, nightmare. I really hope you get them gone asap. I know those tears of gratitude so well. Still crying them now. I found the second trimester I relaxed a bit more, but all my worries seemed to magnify again as my due date approached. The fear never really goes, you just learn to live with it. I am so pleased to hear this update and that all is going well. You are doing brilliantly! xxx


  5. Note to self: Don’t read comments when worms are involved!! LOL!! But I am so glad that baby girl is doing so well, and not just her, but you and Monkey, too!! Love that you’re balancing and eating healthier and building in a lot of down time! I was probably my most healthy while pregnant because I walked and got in exercise every day… it all went to crap after I had him, but that’s not the point! XOXO!!


  6. That’s awful about the whole worm situation, but glad it isn’t affecting the little one at all! Good to hear that she’s still growing away in there, though I do hope she doesn’t keep bouncing ahead like that for your sake!! Maybe she likes the new diet lol.


  7. I could have written this post. Every single line of it, from top to bottom just about.— I called my dad flipping out. He’s like, “Eh. Don’t worry. Your mom used to wash with gasoline after she painted with you in there.” Nice. Reassuring?? Anyhow, my babies (love working in public health clinics) seem healthy.—And I love guests, but they do take up lots of extra energy.—And I’m at the 15 month toddler stage, and I am going crazy. I forgot. I forgot. I forgot. And I said I’d never forget. All I can think about is, “When will this kid sit and watch TV?”—The exercise program sounds great! And eat all those little micronutrients! Go, grow, go, Baby Girl. Stretch Mama out! πŸ™‚ —Terri


    • Haha yeah that 15 month age is a real joy lol Ha yeah babies in previous generations really were exposed to so much in utero! It is reassuring I guess. I did also clean the over recently. I tried the natural way but the crap wasn’t budging so I covered my head with a towel while I sprayed and scrubbed. All good. But I didn’t factor in that turning the oven on at the end to burn off the chemicals was going to let of a vapour and hot dam I inhaled too much of that. Ugh. Won’t be doing that again for awhile. Now it is clean a regular bicarbonate clean should work it sheesh. Felt like an idiot. Lucky she seems pretty strong and resilient in there, growing like a trooper!


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