A visit to the boobie specialist

The girls were up front and centre again today having their moment in the sun.

The breast specialist was GREAT. I really liked him. He did another ultrasound when I was with him just to check where I’d found the lump which doesn’t feel so much like a lump anymore but like a bar of fat or tissue or something. Apparently there is a cyst under that bar that maybe have been bigger last month and may have been the pea shaped lump that I could feel. Anyway, all looks good.

He did however seemed alarmed about my family history and the fact that I’ve had 3 aunts all diagnosed with breast cancer in their 40s which aren’t so far away for me anymore. So he has said this is what we’ll do: Continue reading


PGS – Preimplantation Genetic Screening

PGS, PGD, CGH – they do all actually mean something different and are used in different cases but essentially they also all refer to the same outcome and that is the genetic testing result of an embryo.

At our previous clinic the method they used was CGH which is an array test. We are not using that method this time.

This time, at our new clinic, we are going for the Next Generation Sequencing which is thought to be slightly more accurate and my clinic refers to it as PGS.

Apparently the CGH method is the preference for when they are working with gene translocations (which we are not) but for everything else it is this Next Generation Sequencing. Continue reading