Fertility Fatigue

fertility fatigue

Fertility fatigue. Fertility fatigue. Fertility fatigue.

Those words have been rolling around in my brain all afternoon ever since I had the realisation that for once, despite having a super hectic few weeks, I am not completely fatigued. The reality of this just amazes me. I mean, I’m in my 24th week of pregnancy and I have a four year old and I solo parent most of the time. Eric does usually take Monkey for 24 hours on the weekend but last weekend he stayed here instead and I got a 4 hour break in the afternoon on Saturday and the weekend before that he was in Singapore so I was full-time mummy after a busy week of solo mummying.

Usually if Eric misses a weekend of taking our little dude I am toast by the next week so the fact that we are now two weeks after that and I am feeling motivated and energetic, well, it just blows me away.

Monkey does go to pre-school 3 days a week (1 long day and 2 short) but I do work and run around doing my appointments across those days so they aren’t a rest per se, just a rest from parenting. And yet I’m not really that fatigued. Yes yes, I have the second trimester bump to thank for some of it I’m sure but the reality is that I also no longer have the stress of infertility and the related fatigue weighing me down.

I think when we are in the thick of this journey that we underestimate the toll it takes us. So often I am reading blogs by beautiful women in the midst of their fertility Continue reading

Week 6 Weigh-In – Good Healthy Challenge

I had an amazing week last week – until Friday evening. Something happens when the weekend hits and I craaaave treats. I didn’t give in this time (go me) but I seemed to spend the whole weekend obsessing over what I couldn’t have.

Leading up to the weekend I was feeling so good and wanting only healthy food, I felt like I’d really turned a corner. But as always in this race for good health, where there is one turn for good then can be another for bad.

The last 2 days have seen me in a super grumpy mood and I have a cold sore on my bottom lip despite how healthy I am right now so rather than jumping for joy over my achievement of a really great eating week I am just in a mood. Continue reading

21DGH – Day 18 Food – A day for being kind to myself

2015-06-25 10.39.16I had a real urge today to pamper myself a little so I decided to just go with it. If I felt that way then maybe I needed it.

So after dropping Monkey at daycare I arrived home and took some time out to have a cup of tea and read my book in the sun. It was such a beautiful warm winter’s morning that I decided I should take advantage of it while it was nice and go for a walk along the beach. I’ve been wanting to add more exercise to my day so figured a half hour brisk walk was probably a good start. Continue reading

21DGH – Day 16 Food – Full, nourished and feeling good

What a difference it makes when you take the time to make sure you eat enough food in the day. Tonight I feel all happy and healthy with a nice full tummy because I remembered to eat. Hurrah for that!

I had a few food fails today actually in that I didn’t really enjoy everything I made. Oh well, it happens.  Continue reading

Turn the Two Week Wait into a Two Week Thrive

Once again I am bringing you some wisdom from my new lover boy, Russell. Russell is the dude behind the hypnosis I listen to. His website, The Fertile Mind, really is a minefield of information and I highly recommend his newsletters. I usually don’t open newsletters because who has the time? But Russell’s are great and speak to me in way that sees me shouting “Of course!” often.

Like this.

Most patients find that the two week wait is the most stressful element of the whole IVF treatment. This is usually because they feel isolated and alone. The clinic has done all they can and it is now down to the patient. Has it worked? So much energy, time and money has gone in to this moment, but you won’t know for a couple of weeks.

This is the time when the uterus interacts with the embryo. Your uterus literally embraces the embryo, shifting the stromal cells to envelop it. If you are stressed, your body will prioritise ‘fight or flight’ survival mode over welcoming new life.

Stress is all future thinking. Has the IVF treatment been successful? Am I pregnant? Stress means believing that our state of wellbeing is dependent on something in the future. Our thoughts go in to overdrive, working out what we need to do to make it happen, or what we’ll do if it doesn’t. All future thinking. The only moment that exists is the present moment. Nothing can predict the pregnancy test result and whether the IVF has been successful or not.

We are designed to live in the moment,  [continue reading]

You guys, this is great stuff even for those of us not in a TWW. I can easily see how I can apply this across many areas of my life and I am so grateful for the perspective.

I also stumbled across another awesome page of his titled “The Truth About Affirmations”. Check that out too if you get the chance.

I have purchased his package of fertility hypnosis sessions for IVF and it was quite affordable and I am so impressed with his content I am going to check out what else he has on offer. If you think you could benefit from anything like this I highly recommend checking him out.

Keep on thriving friends.

~Ems~ x