Tummy Troubles in Baby Paradise – Part 1

I had this whole big long post all written out about our tummy troubles but then I decided  it was too long and too boring and probably more specific than any of you needed to know. If someone pops by because of a google search about their baby and allergens and green mucousy poo and wants more info then please leave a comment and I’ll answer any questions you have. Today we are going to try for the streamlined version.

But before that I’m going to spam you with this photo of my babies. ♥♥


Isn’t it just the best? This photo of them laughing together makes my heart want to explode with happiness. Continue reading


IVF #2 – And then there was…


We got 13 eggs which is a pretty awesome starting point. We had 16 last time but really, the higher starting point did not mean more embies for us so I’m happy with 13. If we can get a solid fertilisation on 13 I will be SO happy. Solid being greater than 2. Continue reading

IVF – #1 – the hurdle I didn’t think we’d stumble on

Today is fertilisation day. What does this mean for those of you not playing the IVF game at home? Well it means that today I find out how many of my eggs were actually fertilised by sperm after spending 24 hours hanging out in an incubator.

I had 16 eggs in my harvest if you recall. Continue reading

IVF #1 – Egg count is in

I made it. The eggs made it. We are all still here and separate now.

We got 16 eggs! Yay! Everyone seems really excited about this number. Apparently when Eric arrived at the clinic to do his bit they were all excited over there too and announcing “She got 16 eggs! This is such a great result!”.

So, yay!  Continue reading

Egg Collection Day – IVF #1

Today is freaking Egg Collection Day and I am soooooo ridiculously excited which in itself is dumb. There is no guarantee that this will go perfectly so I want to try and moderate my emotions so there is less distance to fall if something goes wrong but gosh darn, I really can’t help it.

I’ve spent the whole night dreaming that I forgot I was supposed to be nil by mouth for the anesthesia and took a drink of water or ate whatever my dreams were filled of so although I am well rested it has been a bit of a crazy sleep. I think I might be operating on a fair bit of adrenalin right now.

The hormonal tiredness has finally lifted and I’m feeling bloated but good. I am ready for this hurdle.


I’ll be back later with my stats.

Adios Amigos!

Haggered, Horny and Huge: This is me on IVF

Before you start IVF you wonder a lot about how it will effect you. Will the hormones make you crazy? Will you breeze on through? Will you produce lots of eggs or hardly any eggs? Will you hate the needles and cry through them every day? Or will it just plain suck? Continue reading

IVF #1 – CD11 – We had a few wins!

Wooo! Always like to start a post with a whoot and not a whine.

I had my second scan yesterday and there was good news. All is progressing well but not quite so well that I’ll have my egg retrieval tomorrow…we are waiting until Monday instead. This is what I was secretly hoping for as it means my Dr will be back from his time away and will do my egg retrieval. YAY! It also means three more days of needles but I think it’s an OK trade off. Continue reading