PGS – Preimplantation Genetic Screening

PGS, PGD, CGH – they do all actually mean something different and are used in different cases but essentially they also all refer to the same outcome and that is the genetic testing result of an embryo.

At our previous clinic the method they used was CGH which is an array test. We are not using that method this time.

This time, at our new clinic, we are going for the Next Generation Sequencing which is thought to be slightly more accurate and my clinic refers to it as PGS.

Apparently the CGH method is the preference for when they are working with gene translocations (which we are not) but for everything else it is this Next Generation Sequencing. Continue reading


Answers and decisions

Well today went better than expected in that the decision was easier to make than I anticipated. Essentially Embie No 2 is what they call “noisy”.

I am going to put a pic in to try and explain it and try not to make it boring. Continue reading

IVF #2 – Day 3 update and I’m getting a bit excited

So we got the call first thing this morning with the update about our 8 embabies.

You guys, they ARE ALL STILL GOING. Holy freaking hell I am so excited.

Apparently they have all CLEAVED (have no idea what this means but that’s what they are supposed to do) and doing there thing. There is one that is considered a bit slow with only 3 cells so I’m kind of expecting this one to fall off the wagon but all the others have great numbers. We even have one with 9! Nine!

So it looks like CGH (the chromosome testing) this week will be a goer with transfer next month (February). We talked about whether or not to hold one back so we could transfer this month but we decided against it. We are going CGH all the way.

Far out peeps, this is amazing stuff. I feel so blessed. Thank you for all your kind happy positive thoughts. It means the world. Let’s hope they keep on going great guns. You can do it embabies! (totally stole the embaby term off a commenter – don’t you just LOVE it?).

~Ems~ xx

Planning and decision making

We finally went for our cycle review appointment with Dr D this week. The delay was all me. I just hadn’t bothered making the appointment as I knew we couldn’t start again until January and I was pretty sure they couldn’t really tell us why it didn’t work well for us last time.

The long and short of it was that the most of the spermies didn’t want to dance with the eggies but it was weird because some did dance but only a few. The whole thing is a bit baffling apparently. Dr D said it is more likely for them to see zero fertilisation Continue reading