Why I will never close this blog and making my grass greener


I know I don’t write here anymore folks and, well, it is what it is. Two kids (one that doesn’t sleep well) leaves me spinning most days. I hardly get any me time and when I do I’m just not pumped to write.

My brain writes posts all the time. But then the act of sitting down to type them up is more than I can bear. I’ve been through writing slumps like this before. And maybe I will come back to it but for right now, I’m just taking it one day at a time.

One thing I have feeling the urge to do lately is to start tending to my own metaphorical garden. I feel like my grass is lacking all the things it needs to be the green of lovely tended lawns. Right now, my grass looks like it has been through a long hot summer with little to no rain. It is limp and brown and dry but with patches of green as I get a bit of self care in here and there. Continue reading


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

sisterhood award

Psssst. I got an award. It’s actually not even my first one but I have been really SHIT at doing the award posts. I’m a terrible blogger sometimes.

Anyway I promised I would do this one because I was so touched when the lovely Amy over at My Brain’s Escape┬ánominated me as one of her go-to blogs. I mean the fact that I am anyone’s “go-to” blog is pretty freaking amazing. So I wanted to honour her by making the time to do this awards post. So, thank you Amy. Sorry it still took me around 6 weeks. Hopeless. Continue reading

The lowdown

After taking 75 squillion hours to choose a damn theme I am finally able to write this here post.

I already have a blog. A blog that is cranking along quite nicely and that has a decent number of followers. A blog that I love. It was supposed to be anonymous but I got sucked into sharing it on Facebook and it turns out that many of my family and friends love what I write so now they follow me and I’m no longer anonymous.

But I have shit to say. Continue reading