The End of Emily and Eric?

I have been saying for a long time that I would write about where things are at with me and Eric. I know I am not obliged to share any of the details at all but am happy to as it is part of how this story began – with our unusual relationship. I have mainly held back as things have felt really volatile so I didn’t really know where things were heading myself, although in my heart I think I really did know what was happening; I just had to accept it.

Anyway, here is the update on that.


We had that conversation yesterday. You know the one. The civil one that is the death knell to any relationship.  Continue reading


Trying to conceive: September, October and November 2013

So far we’ve had two strikes. I fell pregnant with kiddo the second time so we are already past that now.


September 2013

This month I am charting both cervical mucus and BBT to see if I can figure out WTF went on with my ovulation last month (LH surge for 4 days and I’m certain an eventual ovulation at day 18 which leaves my luteal phase at only 10 days – borderline). Continue reading

Our relationship post birth and baby no 2

Eric came to live with me from when I was 36 weeks pregnant. The intention was to stay in the local area near my mum for the first 6 months and then all move north together. In my mind I hoped that this time living together would bring us closer and that we would just move in together once we moved north.

That didn’t happen. Continue reading

From one night stand to baby daddy

So how did we make the transition from one night stand to deliberate co-parents?

In reality we were two people who didn’t even really click so how does something like that even get off the ground?

Well we did the usual swap numbers thing after our first sordid event and as I’d lost my mobile phone I ended up deciding to text him with a “thanks, great to meet you, let’s catch up” text.  Continue reading

How I met the baby daddy

This story started back in June 2010. I’d just arrived back from a 3 week trip to Europe and was feeling pretty good. A bunch of us from work used to go out for Friday drinks and this week was no exception. I wasn’t particularly close to any of the girls, in fact some of them actually really annoyed me, but it was fun to do drinks and I was feeling social. I also hadn’t ever really managed to find many of what I would call “my people’ in Sydney so it wasn’t like the choices were infinite.

One of the girls had a friend of friend that wanted to come along as he was in town and looking for people to drink with that night. I remember wondering if I would be interested in him. For the purposes of this, let’s call him Eric. Continue reading