Well that was a pretty shit day + a healthy CHOCOLATE breakfast

Yes that’s right, I used the words HEALTHY + CHOCOLATE + BREAKFAST in the same sentence. Whoever said chocolate isn’t a breakfast food is just plain WRONG. I don’t know how I have never thought of this before to be honest but I have now so everything is right with the world.

Ummm before I share the details with you for my little breakfast miracle I’m going to make you hear all about my shitty day.

(ok ok, so you can scroll down for the recipe if you so desire but you are missing OUT)

So I got out of bed yesterday (Thursday) and it seemed pretty much like a normal day. I felt pregnant (hurrah) so was pretty calm and happy about the state of affairs at Camp Crazy. Continue reading


Healthy Treat Review: Avocado Lime Cheesecake

I baked this baby on the weekend. It is about as healthy as a “cheesecake” can get although the term is used pretty loosely given that there is not a lick of cheese in the whole thing. No dairy at all, nor gluten, refined sugar or anything else that you could consider evil. In fact, it is so good for you that we just had it for dinner (it’s Sunday night so you can do that, have cake for dinner).

My photography is shocking but here you go. Mine didn’t turn out as bright green as the original recipe. Maybe our avos are different here? Or maybe it was the lemon I added to the lime. Who knows. It still tasted good.

2015-07-06 08.04.17

This dish is all about the crust. If you take a mouthful take one with some crust + faux green cheese as the taste explosion with the combination of flavours is incredible. I think I will now use this as my go to crust for any treat slices that I am trying to convert to “healthy” because PECANS. How could I not? The idea just seems crazy. Continue reading