I have a new blogging space!!!!

Hi beautiful peeps!

Remember I said I was working on my own blogging project? Well it has launched! It’s not anywhere near finished but I can at least start blogging there so that’s something, right?

The blog is called Stories for Strength (LINK HERE). On the surface it is just a blog like any other blog where I’m going to talk shit about my life and things I observe.  But in the background I am also creating a little library section covering both Inferility and VBAC info. Resources in both these areas helped me so much so I wanted to give back and stockpile some info to help peeps out who are still on this path.


Out of respect for those going through infertility I have also set the blog up so you can ONLY follow the infertility posts if that’s what you prefer. That way you don’t have to see my crap about parenting and babies and pregnancy. I want it to be a safe space for you.

I am in the process of switching you all over to my reader there so I can still follow your blogs so bear with me. My toddler tornado steals most of my time right now so it’s all a slow process.

I hope you will stop by and check out my space. I am super excited to have started it as I am constantly blogging in my head at the moment so truly needed to be able to get some of that down.

See you over there!



PS As promised this blog will stay up as a resource for those on their infertility journey as it does still get a few visits. I just won’t be posting actively here anymore.


Firming up my belief system

Today we did something that we don’t usually do in this family: we went to church.

Yup, the ridgy didge Jesus is my saviour church thang.

Our neighbours, who are also our very good friends, are religious folk and they go to a non denominational church locally. They are pretty active members and I know they have very firm beliefs but it doesn’t really bother me. I like them and I guess one of the reasons for that is that they are not preachy at all. They aren’t constantly saying “Praise the lord” to me or telling me to “ask God” about something. We have often had conversations about our differing beliefs but always in an intellectual way as opposed to a conversion way so really, it isn’t a big deal. Continue reading

Sins of My Father

On Thursday evening I received a call from Vietnam notifying me that my father had finally drunk himself into oblivion and is in hospital and not responding well to medical care.

Ever since he settled into expat life in Asia many years ago I knew this call would come. He has been alcoholic and therefore a lousy father my entire life and the reason he was drawn to the expat lifestyle is that it allowed him to embrace his alcoholism far away from the judging eyes of his family. He isn’t a nice alcoholic either. He is one of those grumpy ones: mean and on edge all day before he has had his first drink, nice-ish and kinda entertaining until so many drinks in and then slurry / useless / mean for the remainder of the session until it is time to pass out. Continue reading

Fertility Fatigue

fertility fatigue

Fertility fatigue. Fertility fatigue. Fertility fatigue.

Those words have been rolling around in my brain all afternoon ever since I had the realisation that for once, despite having a super hectic few weeks, I am not completely fatigued. The reality of this just amazes me. I mean, I’m in my 24th week of pregnancy and I have a four year old and I solo parent most of the time. Eric does usually take Monkey for 24 hours on the weekend but last weekend he stayed here instead and I got a 4 hour break in the afternoon on Saturday and the weekend before that he was in Singapore so I was full-time mummy after a busy week of solo mummying.

Usually if Eric misses a weekend of taking our little dude I am toast by the next week so the fact that we are now two weeks after that and I am feeling motivated and energetic, well, it just blows me away.

Monkey does go to pre-school 3 days a week (1 long day and 2 short) but I do work and run around doing my appointments across those days so they aren’t a rest per se, just a rest from parenting. And yet I’m not really that fatigued. Yes yes, I have the second trimester bump to thank for some of it I’m sure but the reality is that I also no longer have the stress of infertility and the related fatigue weighing me down.

I think when we are in the thick of this journey that we underestimate the toll it takes us. So often I am reading blogs by beautiful women in the midst of their fertility Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Where I live

As far as I’m concerned I live in one of the most beautiful little places on the coast. I have taken a few snaps lately as we’ve been moving into Spring so thought I would share them with you.

This, folks, is Kingscliff, NSW, Australia and it is all a stone’s throw from my house.

The town is surrounded by 3 bodies of water: a creek, the beach/ocean and a river.

We (well the kids actually) swam in this very creek YESTERDAY.

I heart my town. I really do. No place has ever felt so much like home.

2015-08-23 11.45.06 2015-08-23 11.45.42 2015-08-30 07.54.39 2015-08-30 08.04.03 Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Memories


When this little moment popped up in my timehop the other day I was flooded with so many memories. I can remember taking that photo. It was actually at Eric’s mum place when I was visiting at around 30 weeks preggo.

I am filled with so much happiness as I know that bump is now my beautiful little boy. I delighted in my pregnancy (while being simultaneously terrified) so photos of it just bring me happiness and joy.

They also bring me sadness now as another part of me see this and thinks will this ever be again? This state of being feels elusive and so far away. Who knew it would be so hard?

Anyway, this wasn’t exactly wordless but it was wordless FOR ME. It’s all relative, folks.

Keep on keepin’ it real and fighting the good fight, friends.

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

sisterhood award

Psssst. I got an award. It’s actually not even my first one but I have been really SHIT at doing the award posts. I’m a terrible blogger sometimes.

Anyway I promised I would do this one because I was so touched when the lovely Amy over at My Brain’s Escape nominated me as one of her go-to blogs. I mean the fact that I am anyone’s “go-to” blog is pretty freaking amazing. So I wanted to honour her by making the time to do this awards post. So, thank you Amy. Sorry it still took me around 6 weeks. Hopeless. Continue reading