Well that was a pretty shit day + a healthy CHOCOLATE breakfast

Yes that’s right, I used the words HEALTHY + CHOCOLATE + BREAKFAST in the same sentence. Whoever said chocolate isn’t a breakfast food is just plain WRONG. I don’t know how I have never thought of this before to be honest but I have now so everything is right with the world.

Ummm before I share the details with you for my little breakfast miracle I’m going to make you hear all about my shitty day.

(ok ok, so you can scroll down for the recipe if you so desire but you are missing OUT)

So I got out of bed yesterday (Thursday) and it seemed pretty much like a normal day. I felt pregnant (hurrah) so was pretty calm and happy about the state of affairs at Camp Crazy. Continue reading


Fellas: what’s with the lip kissing?

I got a Christmas card in the mail from a lovely male friend of mine a few weeks ago and it immediately reminded me of how no matter what, whenever I would see him, he would smack one right on my lips. Just like that. Just like he was my boyfriend or something.

But he wasn’t my boyfriend. Not ever. And he had a girlfriend. He was also about 15 years old than me which is no big deal but, you know, it is a different age bracket.

Then I realised I know a few men like this. The thing they all have in common is this:  Continue reading

Soap: the gift that says “I feel obliged to buy for you but I don’t really want to”

Soap on a plate

Yup this is exactly what is looks like: soap on a plate.

Yes I’m about to be ungrateful. And I don’t care. Yup you heard me. Don’t. Care.

I actually did pretty well for Christmas this year. Even some of the gifts I wasn’t overly fussed about I am actually putting to good use. So it just goes to show that sometimes, we should keep our mouths shut and accept the nice gift and see what happens.

But soap on a plate. Really?

This was given to me by friends of Eric’s. We went up to visit them for a weekend at their family holiday house 5 hours up the coast. It was a really fun trip. They have 3 kids who just adored Kiddo and it was so nice to see them all play together.

To be fair to them they never really know what is going on with me and Eric and even had to be told that we didn’t need separate bedrooms. Eric isn’t quite so forthcoming with people about our situation. He is really private in general but with this particular friend there is also the issue of judgement. Last year he happened to mention to him that we were thinking of trying for another and he didn’t approve. So I guess that’s why Eric has stayed mum on the subject.

Anyway, regardless, we were there and for all intents and purposes, we were together.

We didn’t buy them, or their children, gifts. It was a post Christmas visit and we have never exchanged gifts before so it was one of those situations where it was unexpected.

When they rocked out the gifts for Kiddo though I thought it was super sweet. People like to buy for kids and it is really nice that they thought of him.That would have been enough. But apparently the hubby, who is Eric’s friend of 25+ years, insisted they buy us gifts too. The wife, to her credit, said that she told him that it would only make us feel bad but anyway, they did it.

And they bought me $6 soap on a plate. I only know the price as they left it on there so I was sure to know exactly what I was worth (OK so it might have been an accident but that is nowhere near as interesting). And I’m sorry if I sound ungrateful but it is the lamest gift ever.

For $6 you can buy any number of better gifts for someone, even from the cheap shop. If you want to stick with the bathroom then I can suggest: bath bombs, pretty body wash, body scrub and so on. The possibilities are endless.

There are also a decent number of chocolate options in the $6 range. Why soap? Why?

Maybe I stunk on the previous 3 occasions that I met them. Maybe that’s it?

Who knows. All I know is that it is a lame gift. Don’t buy this for anyone. Except your grandma. She might like it for her sock draw.