I have a new blogging space!!!!

Hi beautiful peeps!

Remember I said I was working on my own blogging project? Well it has launched! It’s not anywhere near finished but I can at least start blogging there so that’s something, right?

The blog is called Stories for Strength (LINK HERE). On the surface it is just a blog like any other blog where I’m going to talk shit about my life and things I observe.  But in the background I am also creating a little library section covering both Inferility and VBAC info. Resources in both these areas helped me so much so I wanted to give back and stockpile some info to help peeps out who are still on this path.


Out of respect for those going through infertility I have also set the blog up so you can ONLY follow the infertility posts if that’s what you prefer. That way you don’t have to see my crap about parenting and babies and pregnancy. I want it to be a safe space for you.

I am in the process of switching you all over to my reader there so I can still follow your blogs so bear with me. My toddler tornado steals most of my time right now so it’s all a slow process.

I hope you will stop by and check out my space. I am super excited to have started it as I am constantly blogging in my head at the moment so truly needed to be able to get some of that down.

See you over there!



PS As promised this blog will stay up as a resource for those on their infertility journey as it does still get a few visits. I just won’t be posting actively here anymore.


14 thoughts on “I have a new blogging space!!!!

  1. Hooray! This also reminds me that I’ve forgotten about your other project thing you blogged about before, which I said I wanted to contribute to. I’ve been having a time lately (hoping to blog tomorrow on that) do it just slipped my mind. I’ll try to remember to hit up your new blog tomorrow when I’m more awake and on my computer. So excited for you for this!!


    • Oh that’s ok. That’s actually the project of my Fertility Coach but it is a total awesome space and is made so much better by the contributions of others so awesome if you get time to do it! Anyway, yay! I’m excited to have you follow me in my new space. I miss blogging. Hope you are doing ok. I will look out for your update.


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