Some days.

Some days I’m a super mum. 

But not today.

Some days I bounce out of bed and feed two children and myself, dress us all, wash the dishes and bounce out of the house by 9am and I don’t feel stressed at all. 

But not today. Or yesterday for that matter. 

Today we got up at 6am and I was struggling to get us out of the house by 1130. 1130! What the fuck was I doing? Not the dishes. I tried three times to do those and still there are some that I didn’t get to.

Not the Christmas wrapping or packing for our trip on Thursday.

Not any housework…although I did get the clothes hung out and now realise at almost 730pm I didn’t manage to bring them in. Better get on that. 

I had plans for today but I didn’t get most of that done either. Turns out today had plans for me. 

I had a coffee at 5pm to get a boost to see me through the evening. Didn’t work. Yesterday I made time for a 20 min meditation instead (yes I know! 20 mins!) and I felt so much better for it. Need to make that part of every day. But it wasn’t a part of today.

I love my kids but…no not BUT. I love my kids. That is a statement that should stand in its own. I love them and their itty bitty smiley whiny faces. 

The truth is though that some days it is more relentless than I can handle. I am so tired of not being able to achieve anything. I feel like that little mouse spinning on its wheel. Spin spin spin. All that effort and going fucking nowhere.

Maybe tomorrow will be better but I’m not holding my breathe. Tomorrow I WILL meditate. Give the day a freaking chance at least.

Today, however, today I drink wine. And put my feet up. And forget the shit that surrounds me and do what I can do while repeatedly settling my non sleeper of a baby. 

I’d forgotten how relentless parenting littlies is. BeeGee is on the move now. That little punk started commando crawling at 5.5 months!! Most babies sit first and then crawl. My babies give the middle finger to what most babies do and jam to the beat of their own drum which usually I love. Just not today.

Lucky they are delicious and cute and I know it gets easier or I might just gouge my eyes out with a fork. 

Young baby time is such a survival time of life. Some mums have it all together but I’m just not one of those mums it turns out. Oh well. My kids don’t know the difference. I complained I looked haggered and tired in a photo recently and Monkey said “I don’t see that, Mum. I think you look beautiful.”

And even on my worst days, like today, that’s what they see. Beautiful gorgeous mum. Their everything. 

They wear me down to the bone and bring me joy all in the same moment some times. Especially today.

33 thoughts on “Some days.

  1. Omg yes! Where does the time go, and what takes up so much of it!?!? How is it suddenly 4pm and you’re not even dressed and have eaten nothing yet you have nothing to show for your day being gone?? I ask myself this daily. I love my daughter. Holy hell though if I don’t tear my hair out daily wondering why I can’t get anything done lol!! I’m right there with ya! 😎😲


  2. They are so incredibly cute! But I feel ya on the not getting stuff done. It’s so hard! And I can relate to the non-sleeper baby. It’s exhausting. Whoever invented drowsy but awake should come over and try it with my baby! But of course we LOVE our children. Glad to hear from you!


  3. Oh stop with these beautiful pictures! I want to eat Holly haha. And yeah, I pretty much don’t get jack sprat done. And now that it’s cold here some days we don’t leave the house at all. Hang in there, mama. You are doing a great job! Message me if you ever need to vent — you know I have your back! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  4. They are adorable! Absolutely adorable!—- Eh. No mom has it together. Till maybe they all hit four years or above. And then only until the tween stage hits around ten years old.—-Give ’em to me before 9 months and after four years old, LOL!—Good luck prepping for your trip. That’s a real bear!


  5. Oh sweetness, I wish I could help. I remember those days. At the time they felt like the majority, but I know realistically there were way more good days than bad. You are killing it. And those babies… GORGEOUS! Keep on keeping on, lovely! xoxo


    • Yeah i would totally take your help if you were close!! Need it! My mum will be here over the holidays so can’t wait for that. I think there are definitely more good days then bad. Just the bad ones come in nasty long clumps sometimes. Just gotta get through the phase!

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  6. Those photos… oh you really do have a gorgeous family Em! I have sat and cried in frustration at how UNBELIEVABLY hard it can be to even go to the toilet or put a wash load on (and I don’t just mean now, I felt the same with two and with one). Babies are relentless. They need you All The Time. They have no idea about mealtimes, showers, telephone calls or housework (housework?!? HAH). You already know it gets easier, so today I will just commiserate with you and admit that I haven’t showered in two days. Yep. I even did the school run and hoped no one would notice I haven’t brushed my hair for two days either. I am a total slob. Big hugs xxxxx


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