Tummy Trouble in Baby Paradise – Part 2

You guys, we have turned a corner. I am beside myself with happiness with BeeGee’s progress lately.

  • We have YELLOW poop. No more green yukky stuff. It is still mucus-y which I guess is still something about her tummy but I will take mucus-y yellow over green any day. I am happy to call this baseline poo.

  • She only poops 1 to 2 times a day now and not at all at night. It is AMAZING. Pooing every feed was exhausting. I am so happy we are back to this more regulated and normal poop schedule.
  • She had worms – don’t even get me fucking started about this one. Fucking dirty pre-schoolers who touch her hands all the time. Monkey hasn’t had them at all from what I can see so it has to be other kids but of course I wormed the whole house. It was a real mission to figure out what to give a baby as it’s not common. The paediatrician had to call the children’s hospital. It was quite the drama. I am now the nazi mum with a baby wipe hovering around her when other kids are near her. Mostly I just try to keep them away from her altogether. I hate that I have to be like that but far out, my kid was not gaining weight from what was probably a worm infestation. This is serious shit for a baby. And I can’t just keep giving her the medicine. It has the potential of some pretty crazy side effects. Basically if I need to give her the medicine again then I have to have her have bloods taken first and I can’t say that is high on the list of things I’d like to do with my baby.
  • She gained 210g in one week! And has gained almost half a kilo in this past month which is super great for her. She is still behind where you would expect her to be based on birth weight but she is happy and gaining again so I am stoked.
  • I can eat COCONUT and NUTS again and as off yesterday and today GLUTEN + WHEAT as well. I am beyond delighted with this. Even just the coconut and nuts was incredible progress as it opened up a whole new world of food for me. Silver lining of it all is that I am down to 56kgs (that’s 8kgs less than my pre-pregnancy weight and 2 kgs less than my next goal) so it’s been great for weight loss but honestly, not so great for my mind. The week I got coconut and nuts back I was starting to feel real flat. Like I was worried PND was around the corner kinda flat. It was bad. I was trying to eat enough calories and have a lot of nutrition but when you are breastfeeding as well and on a super limited diet it is so tricky. I felt like there was some sort of important nutrition missing from my diet so I just couldn’t get moving well. Like I had the wrong fuel in the tank. It was hideous. As soon as I added the coconut and nuts back in I felt sooooo much better. My body couldn’t stop thanking me. There are parts of this simple eating that I have really enjoyed though and I think as a family it has really got us back to good whole foods most of the time and treat eating on a weekend which is a healthier way to live so while I miss all the cake I am happy to be a healthier me. Next goal: —-> RUNNING again. Maybe even with the pram! Wooop!

  • She has started solids! We tried sweet potato on the day she turned 4 months but it was a disaster. I had always found sweet potato to be a bit dodgy for her through me but wasn’t sure if it was just in my mind. Well, it wasn’t. She was fussy all day and then woke loads during the night in obvious discomfort. The only thing I could do to clear it was cycle her little legs and eventually she’d poop and I’d change her and she’d go back to sleep. Poor chicken. No more sweet potato. It is funny actually, two of the low allergen safe foods are rice and sweet potato and she does not do well when I have either. Anyway, what she does do well with is banana and so I tried her on that this week. She LOVES it. I pumped a little breast milk and just mashed a little in that. Next food is avocado as I can also mash that. I am introducing foods based on convenience. Ha! I wanted to get her started now as she seemed interested and she had one night where she woke every 2 hours and I just thought fuck this, she’s hungry, let’s do food. So the next day we did banana. Also, because she has been dodgy with some foods I just want to make sure we do it all slowly which means one food for four days, if all ok, then another, rinse and repeat. It is a slow process which I did not follow with Monkey at all so I figured I better get started or we will be doing this forever. I do plan to switch her on to baby led weaning as soon as I can. I have this book Super Baby Food which has a great baby breakfast cereal recipe that pretty much has every nutrient your baby needs for the day. So we might aim to do that and then let her BLW for the remaining meals when we make it that far. I am not up for gourmet purees this time. Sorry BeeGee, mummy is too busy!

I think that’s the wrap up. It has been quite a journey with all the food elimination and green poop days. All in all she had the green poop for 9-10 weeks. Reading around the traps about it I kind of wonder whether or not she had a virus that stripped her tummy which then went on to make her more intolerant to foods I was eating and caused the diarrhoea and green poop situation. Green poop can be lactose intolerance but in her situation more likely a secondary one (true lactose intolerance in babies is quite severe) so I just wonder whether or not she was having trouble processing the milk while her tummy was off. Now the tummy must have healed somewhat and she can process it again. We had her 4 month needles including rotavirus syrup (which can often cause green pooop) 1 week ago with no obvious side effects so I am feeling confident that it wasn’t that. She still has some eczema and definitely still has some sensitivity to foods but I am hopeful it isn’t going to be all that bad and that she may even grow out of them before too long. I can’t wait to have dairy in my coffee again. It just tastes BETTER. I’m sorry but it does. Even the creamiest yummiest coconut or almond milk isn’t quite the same. It changes the taste of the actual coffee.

Throughout all of this I have managed to stick to breastfeeding and not had to go down the path of putting her on the amino acid formula which I am stoked about. I never did try it (Neocate) as it uses a corn thickener and I am pretty sure when I have corn she loses it. The paediatrician has been really supportive of me throughout it all and said no, not to bother with the formula now she is gaining as it was only ever to supplement so I am pretty happy about that. So we are winning the war at the moment. Here are some pics of us loving life.




38 thoughts on “Tummy Trouble in Baby Paradise – Part 2

  1. Wow, you are just amazing. Am in awe of you breastfeeding through all of this. Well done you and awesome that she is coming out the other side. And she is gorgeous. Lovely to have an update x x


  2. Em!!! You are doing such a great job. Hooray for coconut and nuts!!! It’s the small wins 👌 you guys make cute babies I have to say! Thanks for the update, always an awesome read ️xx


  3. Aaargh she is just so happy and excited and CUTE!!!! Well done you, what a massive thing to deal with so early on. And the weight loss is amazing!!! I WISH i could stick to a healthier diet. I am struggling so much. Really glad to hear the rotavirus thing didn’t set you back. Worms! 🐛 Oh man. How awful for her. And I am also the mum who hates kids touching the baby. Every day on the school run my boys friends all want to pat her on the head and hug her and hold her little hands. I hate it!! The other day a group of us went to the park after school and I just told everyone “Touching the baby is banned today!!!” in a loud singsong voice and they all left her alone. I don’t care if other mums think I am overzealous. Kids!!!! So glad to hear this lovely update and your pics are just beautiful – what a beautiful, lovely family you have!! xxxxx


  4. You are like supermomma! Well done you! I think most people would have cracked by now. I feel exhausted just reading it! Your kiddies are so cute! Good genes obviously! Glad you are feeling better now you have coconut and nuts again! X


  5. Eek – Worms?!? What a nightmare! I’m so glad she is improving and your diet is expanding! I’m missing cheese big time! You might want to try taking some baby probiotics as that can help too, including the ezcema. I take Optibac ones although I guess now I could give to EJ straight rather than him getting through my milk. Can you share the baby breakfast cereal recipe you mentioned, I’m intrigued!


    • Argh I miss cheese too. And egg! Miss egg sooooo much. Both H and I are taking probiotics – I actually think they helped her get better to be honest. Thx for the tip! I wish it would clear the eczema. Boo. I will have to figure out how to share the recipe without breaching copyright!


  6. Glad things seem to be going well for you! Sorry you’ve been dealing with so much, but you’ve been plugging along and managed to work your way through it sounds like. I hope she does well with introducing new foods to her!! And good luck with your continued weight loss! So much going on with you guys, but all good stuff!


  7. So glad baby holly is feeling better!!! Try sweet potatoes again in a couple of months, she might be okay with them. The same thing happened with my baby at 4.5 months with sweet potato and now she eats them without issue. What’s the baby food breakfast recipe???


  8. Awwww what a cutie pie 😊 I’ve been thinking about you guys and how you’ve been getting on! So glad to hear a wonderful update that things are taking a positive turn! You have been amazing to try everything for your little girl! What a complete nightmare – worms 😡
    Exciting times ahead for trying new foods!!


  9. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad that y’all have turned the corner and things are getting back! So glad you were able to keep breastfeeding and now introducing foods – that is just wonderful – and I bet she does grow out of more of the allergies/issues with food as she continues to grow and get stronger.
    And since you didn’t mention him, sounds like Eric moving in hasn’t added any stress, so glad it’s going so well and both kids look great! 🙂


  10. Hi! So I can tuck it away—how did you end up getting the worm diagnosis and what did you put her on? I’m SO glad she’s doing better and gaining weight!!!! SO happy!!!!!! And SO happy you can get back to eating!!!! Oh, and beautiful photos!—-Terri


    • Abhhh the worms. I am quite paranoid about them since we got them while I was pregnant. I was going to worm us all (except baby) anyway and it just occurred to me to check her. I did the flashlight check late at night after she was really unsettled and there was one wriggling out of her bum. FFS. Anyway I am freaked out about it now as after 10 days I checked her again, still there. Or there again. So I gave her meds again. Then 1 weeks later I just gave them a third time to be sure. Then a few weeks later thought I saw them again and dosed her and the paed told me not to do it gain without getting her blood checked as there can be some crappy side effects to the medicine – reduction in white blood cells I think and something to do with liver???? Freaked me out that I’d been over zealous and maybe seen them when they were there in one of the occasions? I’m terrified about that now. I don’t want to medicate her where I don’t need to be. Anyway, what we gave her. We have vermox liquid suspension available her. They give full dose for 10kgs up so he calculated her dose based on 6kgs. It was about 3mls I think. Full dose was 5mls. Hope that helps! X


    • Oh man that food stuff was a journey. She is on solids now and doing so well so crisis averted. She is still teeny for her age – down to 25th percentile but smashing out the milestones so I’m not worried. Her brain is obviously working and that is all I was every worried about – her body not getting the nutrients it needed to develop. She loves food and is a great little eater so yay!

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s SUCH good news. Nothing worse that thinking you aren’t able to get bubs what they need. Poor thing. Great to hear that she is smashing the milestones though. She is completely gorgeous!!! That smile is so disarming haha.

        Liked by 1 person

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