Tummy Troubles in Baby Paradise – Part 1

I had this whole big long post all written out about our tummy troubles but then I decided  it was too long and too boring and probably more specific than any of you needed to know. If someone pops by because of a google search about their baby and allergens and green mucousy poo and wants more info then please leave a comment and I’ll answer any questions you have. Today we are going to try for the streamlined version.

But before that I’m going to spam you with this photo of my babies. β™₯β™₯


Isn’t it just the best? This photo of them laughing together makes my heart want to explode with happiness.

Ok so here is how it all went down. Basically, from the get go BeeGee was a bit of a refluxy type baby. We manage to figure out in the early weeks that dairy was not her thing and egg made her scream scream scream so we cut those two things out.

Before we cut stuff out we tried everything from side sleeping (which helped) to buying an expensive second hand baby hammock (which didn’t really seem to help much at all) and it wasn’t until we eliminated the dairy and did it completely (so no food it is even cooked into like CAKE!) that she became more settled.

I’ve since tried to introduce both as a test (deliberately once and accidentally a few times) and honestly these two things just do not work. The dairy trial made her do a big vom in the middle of the night which never happens and egg still makes her scream like I am the devil.

Despite all this growth was great. She was averaging 300g weight gain per week at her 6 week check up with the paediatrician. She was pretty happy and getting fat and all was pretty good. Normal baby stuff. No big deal.

At around 9 weeks old all of a sudden she went from pooping yellow seedy healthy breast milk poops 1-3 times every second day and never at night anymore to pooping green mucousy poops at every single feed, including overnight. After this had gone on for a few days we had a paed visit and when he weighed her we realised she was still at her 6 week weight. I suspect she’d put more weight on since then but lost it with the drastic pooping that was now part of our world. Changing poops during the night blows. We still aren’t out of this although some nights are better/worse than others.

Anyway, he sent me away with strict no dairy and now soy too (which I wasn’t knowingly having but it was in my gluten free bread – soy and dairy proteins are quite similar if you wondering why this change). I also looked at my diet to ask myself what I had introduced in a big way since giving up dairy and it was coconut milk, so I decided to cut that too. All coconut. I can’t tell you how hard that was as coconut is used in so many alternative foods and recipes. I was starting to feel so limited. I now laugh at this. My current diet makes this restriction seem like a walk in the park.

He also sent me to weigh her in a week and call him with an update of what was happening.

1 week later: weight gain of only 20g. I started to get more worried. But poops were less frequent and starting to get a yellow tinge to them so I thought maybe we’d turn a corner.

2 weeks later: weight gain of only 30g (same scales as previous week too). Poops had not improved as I’d hoped.

12 Weeks – Paediatrician appointment

Weight gain: 130g – much improved but still under the ideal.

By this appointment I was starting to get pretty concerned that BeeGee wasn’t thriving. Because she was a big baby to begin with she has had the weight to lose so she doesn’t look scrawny. Plus she is a super happy and smiley baby. So I get lots of comments like this:

“Oh but she looks fine”  “Are you sure it’s a big deal? Baby’s tummies take awhile to develop you know” “My baby didn’t put on loads of weight and she was fine” “Well you aren’t a very tall/big person”

I am so sick to death of these comments. I know people mean well but REALLY. It’s not JUST the weight gain, it’s the wicked poos as well when we used to have completely normal poos. Something is different, something is off and the combination of factors just isn’t right. There are premmie babies in my mother’s group that have overtaken her weight gain. And she is too young to be correcting for genetic potential (confirmed by the Paed – babies don’t do this until they get older – we want them putting on weight in that first 3 months post birth).

Anyway my Paed doesn’t say these things and freely admits that sometimes you watch really happy babies go downhill and they stay happy, that’s just their temperament, so he shares my concerns that she’s not thriving. At this appointment he gave me a tin of partially hydrolysed formula which essentially means the milk protein has been broken down to help babies with a protein intolerance absorb it. He didn’t want me to replace breastfeeding, only supplement it when my supply was low – mainly in the evenings. The trouble is, this whole thing is such a guessing game. I may have enough milk but she might not be absorbing it well for some strange allergen reason, but maybe I don’t have enough milk, maybe it’s something else altogether.

I was so sad about this turn of events though. I had really hoped to breastfeed exclusively until she was 1. So based on her more positive weight gain this week I decided to hold off for another week just to see how we’d go (even though the Paed told me not to).

Also, the stool test showed she had elevated white blood cells in her bowel which basically just means inflammation

1 week later: 30g weight gain this week

So 30g clearly wasn’t enough. I caved and made the call to try the formula top up. We decided to try it first thing in the morning in case there was some sort of allergen reaction to it so it wouldn’t disturb the night time and sleep. I am so glad we made that call.

She hated the bottle (which I was secretly pleased about). We couldn’t actually get her to suck on it. She takes a dummy so I thought she might have been into it but no, no idea. During the process we did manage to shake quite a few drops down into her mouth though but still, no feed. About 15 minutes after we did this she started to scream and she screamed like that for 45 mins. There was no consoling her, wouldn’t go on the boob, nothing. Her eyebrows went really red and she got red dots on her forehead. I am convinced she had an allergen response to the stuff.

Result: we are never trying that stuff again.

2 weeks later: 150g weight gain this week

So this takes us up to 1 week ago. There is progress from here but I’ll save it for the next post because there are a few words I have to say about that. 

BeeGee is on a allergen friendly probiotic which seemed to make her go more at first but I think things are slowing down and improving again.

I have also started a pretty full-on low allergen diet. I am off the top 8 high allergen foods (dairy, eggs, tree nuts, wheat, fish, shellfish, peanuts, soy) PLUS other main contenders (coffee, tomato, corn, citrus fruits and a lot of other fruit and veg).

It is easier to say what I am eating – basically a lot of lamb, rice based products, potato, green peas, carrot, sweet potato, quinoa. I use the lamb fat as an oil to cook veges in a lot and I also have a very good quality 100% olive oil that I use a little too. I have a little chicken but I’m not sure about it. Even this list can cause problems for some babies. I considered the TED (Total Elimination Diet) but it basically has you eating 4 foods until you get to baseline and I’m just not down on the lack of nutrition this provides for a breastfeeding mum. It is hard enough as it is.

Where to from here?  Another paed and regular check ups with the GP. If I can get her to put on enough weight then I can probably live with the green poops. A lot of babies sort themselves out with the introduction of solids and we aren’t too far away from that so I am hoping that will be the case for us too. It is hard. I hate so much that she isn’t thriving. It makes me feel terrible.


49 thoughts on “Tummy Troubles in Baby Paradise – Part 1

  1. I’m do sorry she is struggling to gain weight and clearly isn’t feeling well. I’ve decided there is nothing worse then watching your baby be sick. I hope you find the right combination of foods to help her grow without discomfort!!
    And I adore the picture of your two kidlets. Seriously, their happiness is adorable! 😊


  2. OMG, your poor thing! And poor BeeGee!!!! And nighttime pooing is SO EXHAUSTING and depressing. Okay, I’m just going to throw two things out there, but feel free to ignore as I’m only going on your post and you will know best what’s happening.
    1. I don’t remember if I blogged about it, but baby F had the worst ever reaction to the rotavirus vaccine. We had 26 days of green diarrhoea, night and day, starting 36 hours after the dose. It was so distressing and so awful, and the surgery advised against the second dose vaccine because of it. Has BeeGee had the rotavirus oral thing?
    2 (and this is really just brainstorming), there is a little boy at my son’s school who has a rare gastro condition called FPIES. His mum was telling me about how terribly he reacted to breastfeeding, and she eliminated everything and became skin and bone, and then they switched to special formula but he projectile vomited it, and by that point he was four months so they weaned, but he seemed to vomit every other food they tried. If you google for FPIES you can read about it – children do tend to outgrow it, but it’s awful when they are young. However, BeeGee WAS doing fine, and this is from birth I think, so perhaps not relevant.
    It really sounds like baby F though. Her poo switched from happy yellow to sludgy foamy green and it took forever to get them back to normal. A month later they were a mixture and then several weeks after that they were yellow again. Probably two months in all. And the whole time her disposition was fine and she was all smiley.
    Big hug – what a horrible, horrible thing to deal with.


    • I am so glad you are back in the blogs as your comments are so valuable. It really does sound similar to your experience with Baby F. In our case I know it isn’t rotavirus – she has had it but 3 weeks before the green poo came to town and Paed did test her stool for it and it wasn’t present HOWEVER I think it could be that she caught some virus and got diarrhoea and it is just taking this long for her to recover. I have heard of FPIES – I am in this elimination diet Facebook group and they talk about it in there. I honestly don’t know a lot of the details though so might try a Google. I am not skin and bone yet but the weight is falling off with the restricted diet. I have lost all baby weight plus 3.5kgs. Only 2.5kgs off my target which is my pre IVF weight. I am trying hard to keep my fats up so my milk stays good. Anyway we are about 7 weeks in and we have mixed yellow and green poops so your comment gives me hope we may get back to normal. Thx hon X

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      • You know, I did wonder at the time if baby F coincidentally caught a viral infection at the same time as the vaccine, as the doctor was so surprised at how severe her diarrheoa was and no one else I know had a baby react so badly. They didn’t test her so we’ll never know, but whatever it was it sounds really similar symptom wise. I really thought it would never end – and once it cleared up we had a couple of days here and there where it went green again, but we got there. Hopefully you are past the worst! xxx

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  3. Oh my, I feel your pain as I’m 95% off dairy too and eggs (they make Ethan really really snuffly and congested) and it’s so hard! I don’t know what I’d do without coconut yoghurt and coconut cream and you can’t even do those 😦 I’m glad the diet is helping BeeGee improve though.


  4. My son had a similar reaction to dairy, and it took about 8 weeks of total elimination before we saw a marked improvement. Even after that his poops were still green (I think the mucous is more of an issue really). But those proteins are still working their way out of both your systems, same with all the other things you’ve cut out. It’s so, so, limiting I was miserable trying to cook and eat and I just had one thing to give up! Hang in there, chances are she’ll grow out of it before her first birthday. All mine wants to eat now is cheese!


  5. Oh no! I am so sorry you are going through this, feeding troubles are very frustrating. You sound like you’re taking incredible steps to help out baby girl and I hope she feels better soon!

    Beautiful kiddos πŸ™‚


  6. Sorry you’ve been dealing with all of this over the past weeks. I’m also sorry that you’re so limited in your food now. I can kind of relate, since with the GD there are a lot of things I can’t eat right now either. I hope that this new diet helps her little belly out! Hang in there, and good luck!


  7. Oh geeeees this sounds like such a nightmare 😟 I’m not surprised you are worried and you are trying absolutely everything, it must be frustrating not knowing what the heck is going on. Of course I have absolutely no useful thoughts except to say hang in there you are doing wonderful things for her and I hope she keeps the weight gain at the very least…big hugs X


  8. I’m sorry Em. What an awful feeling. I like the virus theory–it could have just taken this long to work its way out or she caught back to back viruses. The older siblings drag all kinds of yucky germs into the house. I’m hoping it was a virus for your sake so things can get back to normal now! Sending ALL the hugs.


    • I really hope it is a virus too although there are foods that def do irritate her tummy. She screams and screams if I slip and have something dodgy. Like tonight it is bedtime and she usually goes down fine but she is curled up on me like a newborn koala and screeeeaming so bad. I ate some pumpkin soup someone made for us today so I think it was something in that. When this stuff happens I do think how lucky I am to be figuring this all out though as I am confident that if I wasn’t I’d have a baby that screamed every night. I just know it. And everyone would be telling me oh it’s just colic, wait it out. So in a way I’m glad we’ve had the green poo to set us off in this investigative direction I suppose. *sigh*


  9. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry to hear that BeeGee is having these allergy problems. Poor bub. And poor you it must be exhausting with all the stress about her and having to stick to such a limited diet sounds totally stressful too. The picture of Monkey and BeeGee is just beautiful. Thinking of you and hoping BeeGee keeps gaining weight and things become easier xx


  10. First of all thank you for sharing the pic. They are precious. I hope you decide to share more pictures in future posts πŸ˜„

    Second I’m so sorry you are having these issues. A mommy knows when something is not right and it’s hard when people brush it off. I’m so glad she has you to advocate for her. I really hope you find the solution you are looking for!


    • Me too! I am just so glad I went searching as I think our life would be much more uncomfortable and unhappy if I hadn’t so I am glad for that. And yes, I will def share more pix. I hope the twinnies and you guys are going well X

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  11. They are so beautiful! Love the photo! Are you on a good probiotic too? Our bacteria make it into our breast milk; isn’t that fascinating? I’m sorry you have to go through this. But I’m glad she’s hanging in, even with the apparent sensitivities and issues. Please let us know if/as she gets better. Obviously even hydrolyzed milk isn’t going to work.

    Hang in there with the diet. It’s hard, but I know you can do it. Lamb is so rich in nutrients and easy to digest. When I did my first initial elimination diet, I ate lamb and sweet potato. πŸ™‚



    • Yes I am on a very expensive 200 million strain probiotic. It actually looks like she is turning a corner this week. I am seeing more yellow in the poop and they re less frequent. I am eating a lot of lamb and sweet potato and loving it! Once a week I put a lamb shoulder in the slow cooker and OMG it is amazing. I cook it till it falls off the bone and the fat is crispy. I chuck veg into the lamb fat at the end then transfer them to a high heat oven to crisp up. Divine! I think we might keep this one on the menu post elimination!!


  12. Oh babe, I’m so sorry to read this. It must be such a stressful time for you. 😦

    I am in awe of how diligently you’re working to figure this out. You are a fucking warrior!



    • I really am a fucking warrior on this one!! Thank you for reminding me. It’s really not so bad as if I stay pure with the diet she is quiet happy. And I’ve lost a stack of weight despite constantly cooking in animal fat so you know, there are some ups!


  13. I am no expert and clearly the poo is making improvements. The two primary things I have seen make poo green and mucus-ish are sugars and antibiotics. No, you and doctor are unlikely to have given her antibiotics….knowingly. In the U.S. (and I don’t know if it happens in OZ) some chicken/beef/fish/other animal protein sources can be dosed too close to slaughter with antibiotics and that can carry over to the food eaten and then create an antibiotic allergic reaction. Knew a young girl who almost died from reaction to antibiotic acquired that way. SO, maybe you are something with too much antibiotics in it that impacted your milk. However I am hoping OZ has better laws and controls against such stuff than in the U.S.
    You also might look at FODMAPS diets, solid research started in OZ then added to by Stanford Hospital research in CA. The focus is on food reactions and elimination diets. Might give you some ideas.
    VERY SORRY for you all as understand how hard you are working at fixing things and how sad it is when babies cry and are unhappy in their guts. Wish I knew more to help. Good wishes and looking forward to Part 2 of the belly wars, hopefully with positive news.


    • Oh wow, thanks for leaving this really comprehensive response! I didn’t know that about antibiotics and the meat. Eeeep. I wonder what the situation is here? Must look into it. BeeGee actually did have antibiotics at 9 days old but this didn’t start until 9 weeks old so I didn’t think they were related. What do you mean by sugars? Sugar in any form at all? And yes I have been considering something like GAPS or FODMAPS if this doesn’t resolve itself. I was concerned about calorie intake which is why I’ve avoided it – the weight is falling off me so fast already – but if I felt I had to pull the pin and do it I would. I am going to ease her into solids – one thing at a time every 4 days – so hopefully that will help me see what she passes and fails. Thx again! πŸ™‚


  14. My first daughter had cmpi, it’s a long hard road. She’s great now though at 15months and back on dairy! my 2nd daughter is 3 mnths and just started the green muck set poops. I’m not sure if it’s recent injections or the same issue rising again 😦
    Please have a look at my blog, I’m just starting out.


    • Oh that is so great to hear she does well now! Yay for time. Tough when you are in it though. Hoping the green pops pass quickly with this one. It can be rotavirus apparently if that vax was recent so cross fingers it was that and passes for you. I checked out and followed your blog. It is great! I love your writing style and am totally amazed you get time to do it with two littlies in your world. Amazing!


      • It did start after the first vaccines , I’m going to mention it at her next lot of vaccines this week. x
        Thanks for the encouragement and following, I have no idea what I’m doing – lol. It’s just nice to put my thoughts down somewhere πŸ™‚


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