Warning: this post is a bit braggy

So after my shower today I decided to jump on the scales to see where it is all at and you guys, I’m only 3kgs off my pre-pregnancy weight at 12 days post partum! How good is that? As I’m breastfeeding I haven’t focused on weight loss at all, just trying to eat regular healthy meals. So this was a pleasant surprise.

Of course, my pre-pregnancy weight (64kgs) was 6 kgs above my usual weight so I actually have more than 3kgs to lose but still, small steps. Pre-pregnancy weight is the first one and I am almost there and so pleased!

Don’t worry, I’m not smashing it out of the park with everything. My house is piling up around me like nobody’s business. Last night Monkey wet the bed and because there are already three of us in our bed with the baby waking for regular feeds I had to set him up on the floor next to me on a mattress and in a sleeping bag. 

While I’m having a bitch let me tell you about my mother in law this morning. She sent me a third email (from Europe where she is at the moment) asking me to please send her photographs as she can’t share my Facebook ones with all her friends because of my privacy settings and Eric’s dad doesn’t do Facebook (she put that bit in bold and underline – I kid you not) so he can’t see them either. When she sent the second email last week I moaned to my mum about it and so she sent her some photos from her phone. Well MIL says to me in this email today that my mum kindly sent some from her iPhone but they aren’t very good quality so would I please send more. 

I was furious. Why is it my problem if her friends can’t see my Facebook photos or her ex husband doesn’t have Facebook? I wrote back and told her pretty much that and that my priority right now isn’t to sort them all out with pictures while I’m trying to adjust to life with 2 children, one of which feeds 24/7 and has been sick. If she wants to hassle someone about it again, as yes I’d received all 3 of her emails, then she could get onto her son about it and not me. And perhaps if they’d like to see more of their granddaughter they could work on being in the country. I read it to Eric first to get permission to send it and he green lighted it so off it went. FAR OUT that woman sends me spare.

So yes poor little Holly wound up sick and in hospital. It was the most terrifying moment of my life to date rocking up there with a baby who won’t stop sleeping or wake for feeds. I actually held her and sobbed that day and begged her not to leave me. It felt like just when she was here safe and well something awful was going to happen and she’d be taken away. These are the scars of infertility, my friends. They never leave you. Anyway, it wasn’t as bad as all that even though I was clearly hysterical. She caught her big brother’s virus poor little chicken. We spent 2 nights in and she was very brave but is doing so well now. The downside is that my supply went down as she wasn’t feeding much so we had to spend all day yesterday with her attached to my breast building it back up again but you know what, today is a better day. 

I managed to bath her, have a shower myself, give us all breakfast, put some crap away, tell off my MIL, visits the OB and I’m about to hit the grocery store. Not bad at all. Progress is what is is. 

Here’s brave little poppet on the mend in hospital with that nasty cannula in her hand (had to leave the room sobbing when they put that in). 

And I guess the whole post wasn’t braggy, just that beginning bit. I still have a flabby round tummy by the way. It isn’t perfect over her AT ALL. 


39 thoughts on “Warning: this post is a bit braggy

  1. Hope Holly is feeling 100% again soon. Must have been very scary, I’m still keeping Joey away from anyone even looking vaguely ill, and she’s 13w.
    Hollys a gorgeous little girl, massive congratulations to you x


  2. Oh, no! How scary! Em, I just would have broken down after all you’ve gone through. I remember my third baby being sick all the time (not like Holly, though, just runny nose, cough, breathing fast a little), and I finally got disgusted and took my older two out of pre-school till everyone got healthy for a bit of time and spring warmth came to chase the “bugs” away.

    You must have been SO exhausted. And, your MIL. I’m trying not to giggle because I’d not be laughing if I were you. She’s pushing your buttons! Just like my one tween! Just think, her coping/interpersonal skills in life haven’t surpassed the ones she used as a tween/teen. Read my tween posts with her in mind sometimes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sincerely yours–Terri


    • I totally did break down when we arrived. The staff were so good. Ha you are so right about the MIL and the button pushing. I will def read those tween posts with her in mind! Great idea lol


  3. Doesn’t your mil Ono how to click and save a pic off of FB? It’s not hard. Geez! Or take a screen shot? Anyone she needs to learn. People forget how overwhelming the first weeks of babyhood can be. Xoxo!


  4. Yay for the weight loss!! Boo for the annoying MIL – grrr! I’m so sorry to hear you went through a hospital trip already and very glad all is okay. I love that photo. She is SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ


    • Such an adorable little koala she is ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t believe we have done a hospital run already too! I hope it’s not a sign of things to come. My heart will never cope with the stress of too many hospital visits!!


  5. Poor Holly, I’m so sorry she was ill and so glad she’s home and recovering nicely. I just love that you told off your bossy MIL and that Eric was on the same page. Grandparents easily lose perspective and reason when it comes to squishy new babies, and setting boundaries early is so key to keeping your sanity. Wish I’d known that beforehand. Congrats on the quick weight loss! I also lost all but 3 pounds of my pregnancy weight within the first few weeks, but I’m still stuck there 9 months later. That is with nearly zero effort on my part to diet or exercise. I’m still pumping and have two babies to juggle so I give myself a huge break and all the cookies. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Wow she sure looks like her brother in that pic!!! I think so, anyway. Way to go to you for your weight!! Especially since you haven’t been doing anything actively to worry about it. (That may not have come out right…you know what I mean!) Sorry that Holly got so sick. I thought Sax was better before she was born? Hope that EVERYONE is on the mend and feeling fantastic soon! Oh and your MIL…she can stuff it lol!


  7. I’m so glad she’s ok (and it’s perfectly normal to sob and leave the room when your little baby is getting poked…it’s a horrific experience for parents). She’s such a cutie!

    Sorry about your in-laws, what an awful thing that you just don’t need now (or ever).

    Congrats on the quick weight loss! You’re not baggy at all ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Holly is looking gorgeous! I’m glad she’s feeling better.

    Your mil is probably excited about her first granddaughter. I wonder if she’s kicking herself for being out of the country. That being said, she should nag Eric for photos not you!


    • Yeah she is excited but that’s her in general – manic or depressed. I can understand the excitement, I’m not fussed on insistence and bold and underline like I didn’t catch the info the first two times!!! Argh. Anyway she had the good sense to be gracious about my email and I replied thanking her and letting her know how to download whatever pics she wants from Facebook which she can then distribute as she sees fit!! Hopefully that will work.


  9. First of all, holy shit is she beautiful.
    Second…. I don’t know how you are blogging and busy being pre-prego gorgeous, but all I can say is kudos to you holding your shit together with a sick tiny baby and all the pot partum hormones.
    Me and Buddy were in hospital for 4 days after his birth sue to breathing difficulties, and it made me one step away from the loony bin.


    • I have had a few healing complications too this time and am surprised that I am managing to still feel OK within myself as I struggled a lot after Monkey. Whatever the reason, I am grateful for it. She is two weeks old today and the sleep deprivation is finally starting to hit me. I haven’t been having the day naps because MY HOUSE but I need to get into that or I will lose my shit.


  10. Poor little thing! That’s scary when they’re sick, especially being so little! Sounds like our MIL’s should be BFF’s. I’m having more drama with mine…and she’s coming to visit next month so I’m hoping shit gets cleared up before then. And brag away!! That’s an awesome thing the weight is falling off!


  11. I am so behind in commenting because of my damn travel schedule – but I read both this one and the birth post while sitting in various airports waiting to board flights. You are a rock star, mama! Killing it! (And you look great doing it!) So glad to hear Holly is on the mend! Could she be more gorgeous??!!! xoxo much love to you all.


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