She’s here!

Our little bundle has arrived safely into the world and she is PERFECT! 

I got my natural birth. Wooooo! Birth story will come at a later date. 


Holly Vivienne Joy

Born: 3 June at 6:13pm – 10 hours post having my waters broken.

She was big as we suspected – 4.5kg (9lb 15oz). 53.5cm long and head circumference of 36cm.

We are so happy and in love with her. 

Having her passed up to me as soon as she came out was one of the best moments ever. 


66 thoughts on “She’s here!

  1. Congrats! She is beautiful and you all look radiant! Looking forward to hearing the birth story, and so thankful this sounds like it was way better!


  2. It’s literally 3.30 in the morning and now I can’t sleep that I’ve seen this haha!!! This is so great Em. She is SO beautiful. Look at those cheeks ! Man, you’ve done so well. Yay!!! Can’t wait to hear the birth story. You guys look stoked. Sending you so much love xxxx


  3. Absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations, she’s perfect. So happy you got the natural birth you wanted xxx


  4. How beautiful is your baby girl?! Gorgeous pictures of all of you. I’m so happy you had a positive experience and got a natural birth as you desired. Congratulations! I’m just so happy for your family. 😘


  5. Plumb and beautiful and in the first picture she looks like she is looking at you with the same love you are looking at her. Congratulations and much joy to all of you. (Bigger babies often sleep better and are more able to control their own temperature. This is all good.)


  6. OMG Congrats!!! I love her!! Her name is beautiful. And those cheeks!!! I’m so happy to hear that things went how you wanted them to! So beyond happy for you!!! *hugs*


  7. She’s beautiful, simply beautiful. Welcome to the world Holly! Huge congratulations you 🙂 I’m feeling a bit teary. I hope the four of you have gorgeous warm and snuggly days ahead as you recover and adjust xoxoxo


  8. OMG How did I miss this??? I have been looking for you on my Reader! So many congratulations and much love to you, friend!
    She is an absolute doll…those CHEEKS. Truly happy about your natural birth. I can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Hope you are getting all the newborn snuggles and a little bit of rest too.


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