Damn you stupid leak – 40 weeks 2 days

Well, I’m hanging out in hospital as I type this. I have been having a few gushes the last few days and waking up with wet knickers and the like so I figured I had a bit of a hind waters leak or something. I was trying to wait until my OB appointment tomorrow morning to have it all checked out but when I was working today I noticed that I really was getting quite a few gushes when just sitting there. It was not an active day at all. Then sometimes I’d go to the loo and it would all come out pretty clear and I just know I’m not drinking enough water for that. 

SO, I called the hospital and proceeded to try and talk them out of making me come up but they wouldn’t be into that. Ha! Eric wasn’t working so we decided to head up together and packed the car with all the baby/hospital stuff just in case. On the way out I remarked to Eric that this one time when I felt like I was being a bit OTT by going up they would tell me that no actually, I had to stay. And what do you know, I was right. My OB is making me stay. 

When he first said I’d have to stay tonight my response was “What? Here?” Apparently there was a lot of contraction activity on the machine and having had a previous c-section they didn’t want to let me go home. *sigh* 

He did a cervix check and I am now really thin so yay for my body doing some work over the past week. Still that easy 2 cams but fully effaced is good. THEN he tried to tell me he wanted to break my waters in the morning if things didn’t kick off overnight to which I screwed up my face. I reeeeeeeally want things to kick off as intervention free as possible. He said if I showed no signs of infection and all was looking ok then he could wait until Friday morning but that’s it. So it looks like sometime in the new few days I will have this baby one way or another. 

Baby’s trace on the ctg looks perfect apparently so that is awesome. Hoping with everything I have that things kick off strong all by themselves. It is my best chance of a natural intervention free labour and vaginal birth. 

I do feel a bit worried that this seems to be starting off quite similar to the last time which didn’t end well. It has that element of dΓ©jΓ  vu about it but I just need to remind myself that things are actually different this time. I’m already effaced and dialating and I have a great care provider and I’m in a great hospital. My midwife has instructed me to lay back and imagine my cervix opening so going to get onto that. 

Can’t believe how close we are!!!


53 thoughts on “Damn you stupid leak – 40 weeks 2 days

    • It is but I refuse to believe it is the real real yet. The midwife said Eric should stay. I told her there was no way I was going into labour tonight. Let’s see who wins that bet lol


  1. Funny that you called for advice, then tried to talk them out of having you come in lol! What did you think they’d say, silly!?!? Happy that progress is being made, and so excited that she’ll be here soon!! I’ll (still!) be thinking of you guys!!!


  2. You’re 40 weeks and 2 days. It’s time. Too many microbes trying to backtrack to stay leaking long. Chin up. Go with it. “Open cervix-ee,” as your midwife would say. Trust the moment. Trust the next moment. XO, Terri


      • Here we’re usually trained to watch baby closely and if mom doesn’t go into labor in a timely fashion, induce due to risk of fetal infection. But your OB and midwife will steer you well, I know. And it’s different at different places people train at. My first one was a slow leak and ended up with induction. It went well and it didn’t take much for me to “go.” Come on contractions. Come on! I was hoping you’d be contracting by now! Darn it! Boo hiss.

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        • Yeah they are very adverse to letting you go too long with a leak here too. And I did end up with an infection during my last labour and not was awful so want to avoid that again if I can. I have consented to the waters being broken tomorrow morning πŸ™‚


  3. Aargh!!! This happened to me twice!! Both times it was four days from first leak to birth. Agonising!! So close now mama… Thinking of you and sending positive, happy birth vibes!!!! xxxxx


  4. If it helps ease your mind any, I had my waters broken by the doctor both times, and both times I proceeded to have a fully natural, drug-free, vaginal birth. In hindsight, I should have taken those damned drugs.;-) Anyway, point being that even with the doctor breaking my water, which – while unpleasant – had no impact on a vaginal delivery. Be well, think positive thoughts, conserve energy for those BIG PUSHES you’ll be making!! xoxo


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