Well we were all wrong -39 weeks 3 days

39 weeks

The OB who predicted a 37/38 week delivery and even put his money on a date now well in the past (16 May) – WRONG

My acupuncturist who said she’d always thought I’d go 37/38 weeks – WRONG

My mum who apparently thought it too – WRONG

And my neighbour and mother-in-law and even ME – WRONG, WRONG, WRONG

Babies come when babies are ready as it turns out.

My intuition (or what I think might have been anxiety masquerading as intuition) did quite honestly have me believing that an early delivery was on the cards so I am pretty surprised myself. I think it was this “intuition” that had me so ready to believe the OB was correct in his earlier pronouncements. But how could heΒ reeeeaaaaally know? I mean, he might jag it every now and then but unless you are getting some really obvious signs like early contractions it must be impossible to tell.

I had my 39 week appointment today and asked him to take a look at my cervix (after he did my scan and told me my baby had a big head – ha). As I had been having some on and off pre-labour I was keen to see if anything had actually been happening. When I went in for my induction with Monkey at 39+4 after a hindwaters leak I was a measly 1cm and barely that and i continued to progress veeeeeery slowly after induction.

Today, at 39+3, I actually have “a very favourable cervix”. It is “an easy 2 cms + getting quite thin”. He says I have less than 1cm to go until fully effaced. Whoooop! That makes me feel happy. It is nice to see progress. It doesn’t mean much though. Women can walk around at this sort of stage for weeeeeeeeks. And some women with a high, closed, posterior cervix one day will deliver a baby the next. Our bodies can work very quickly and also work very slowly and there is no way or really knowing what yours is doing but let’s just say, mine is looking good right now.

While he was all up in my business he asked if I’d like a sweep. Also known as a stretch and sweep this is a procedure not for the faint hearted (in my case anyway, I am learning today that some women have a much more pleasant experience with them than I did). I ummmmmmed and aaaaahhhhed about it but then he said he could do a really good one as my cervix was so favourable so I thought what the hell and consented.


I have never had one before and I’m not sure I’d go there again to be honest. It was brutal. Essentially the Dr or midwife puts their index finger between the internal opening of the cervix and the membranes and sweeps around in a circular motion. The way my OB does it is quite vigorous. He counted 5 times around while I squeezed the crap out of the midwife’s hand and scrunched my eyes close. So much for my gentle breathing through the pain. Ha! Lucky I will have my doula there for the birth or the same thing might happen.

Anyway, apparently there is something like a 24% chance of going into labour in the next 48 hours (my neighbour did both times!) and 48% in the next week. They aren’t great stats but hey, it’s better than a medical induction and there is no real harm. It did truly take my breath away – I think because it was much rougher than I expected – and took me a trip to the toilet and a sit in the car to completely recover from the experience.

I followed it up with a pedicure though. Look, pink toes in honour to baby girl!

2016-05-26 14.13.44Β Another lady in the salon getting a manicure got pink nails for my baby too. What a sweeteheart!

After the pedicure I went for a massage. I asked the lady to have a bit of a go at the induction points so she massaged around there quite a bit and used lavender oil which is contraindicated during pregnancy as can bring on labour.

Tomorrow I am getting a half leg and eyebrow wax and then on to the hair salon for a blow dry. It is pamper week!

My pram arrived today too which was quite the treat and I love what we settled on.

Ta da! It is the Baby Jogger City Elite in sand colour.

baby jogger

I also settled on a baby bag which should go nicely with the sand coloured pram. My neighbour used to be the distributor for this brand so I got it at cost. Whoooop!


They actually look closer in colour in real life. Pictures can be so deceiving.

Anyhoo, I’ve been getting cramps all afternoon since the sweep earlier today which is quite normal and may or may not mean something. Β I’m hoping but my expectations are low. I am booked to see the OB in exactly one week but I might actually make the appointment for Tuesday instead and go in at that stage and talk about induction. Given that the baby is measuring rather large I’m not sure I really want to go all the way to 42 weeks. 41 weeks is about my limit. And if I’m going to be induced I want to time it for when my OB is going to be there.

Given all that I predict that one way or another, this time next week, I *should* be just about holding my baby if I haven’t already been cuddling her for a few days.

**UPDATE** – TMI warning….BLOODY SHOW!!!


58 thoughts on “Well we were all wrong -39 weeks 3 days

  1. You madam, are a tease! I read all the way to the end thinking “aw man, she’s gonna be pregnant FOREVER!” And then there’s that little show morsel. V. Exciting. Lotsalove and calm happy birth experience thoughts to you dear!


  2. At the beginning there I got all excited thinking she was here!! But it looks like it wont be long now. Love the pink toes x


  3. I’ll be compulsively checking your blog for the next few days! So excited for you.

    Also how the heck do your feet look so normal that far into your pregnancy? My look like water balloons and I’m only 30 weeks.


    • ha I think I am just lucky. You ARE carrying twins too lady!!! Less room in the body for that water to drain. I have had my right foot swell up a couple of times (think because bub is on RHS so blocking the flow more on that side) but thankfully it hasn’t stuck around. Hope you are well!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hooray for an update!! It sounds like you’re at least making some progress. That sweep sounds horrible!!! I’ve actually been wondering to myself what an induction entails, since I will be having one, and it makes me nervous. I want to ask about it next time I see the Dr. I truly hope that your little decides to make an appearance in the next few days, especially since everyone is well again!! Thinking of you constantly!!! *hugs*


  5. Ahhhh! Not long now. I keep checking for updates πŸ™‚ hope it happens soon! And pretty toesies! Makes up (sort of) for the nasty sweep. I hope I never have one of those!! X


  6. I’m getting excited!!! πŸ™‚
    I got a “stretch”, they had induced almost 12 hours earlier and my body just wasn’t ready for birth… and if I didn’t start dilating, they would do a C-Section, which was totally against my birth plan, so the nurse went to work trying to stretch me all out – holy moly it hurt – and didn’t make a bit of difference… LOL! But that’s okay, it happened the way it was supposed to and I had a healthy baby boy!
    Here is to your healthy baby girl!!


  7. Eeeeeeee!!!!! Hold on girl – big ride coming very soon! Wishing you all the luck and love for this delivery, you are awesome, baby girl is awesome, and sooooo soon you are going to have a teeny newborn! Oh it makes me feel quite emotional!! Thinking of you here and hoping all is well xxxzz


  8. Oh wow! Looks like it’s all go go go. Hopefully she’ll make her arrival soon. I’m loving the pamper week idea. I might just copy you on that πŸ™‚ Good luck over the next few days/weeks…I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog πŸ™‚ x x x


  9. Read this earlier but just getting back! Never think for a minute you have “control” over pregnancy and labor! LOL! Those OBs, tsk. Tsk. Should know better. I hope you are feeling good! I’ve been thinking of you and sending you good thoughts for a good labor! As much as you can with the physical symptoms, enjoy this last little time with the quiet and your son and your man! Hugs, hugs, hugs. Be brave. Be strong. Be chill. Trust.


      • I thought the same as your Drs etc, that you wouldn’t go much longer πŸ˜”πŸ™.

        I’ll never forget that last week of waiting – we binge watched billions, made moussaka and I obsessed about every cramp and contraction. The more signs I had the more frustrated/excited I got. When the mucous started I was like: ommmmmmggggggeeeeee!!!

        So I can only imagine how you’re feeling now. If you’re not in labour when you read this I hope you have a relaxing night and if you are: wahoooooo!!!!!


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