What is life without a bit of drama? – 38 weeks 2 days

Man oh man, we sure like to live it large around here. 

We have spent the last almost 24 hours at the hospital and not for a birth related event. We aren’t even at the hospital I am birthing at! Remember a few days ago I mentioned that Monkey was sick? Well I thought it was just a wee cold that would pass but yesterday he started complaining about not being able to breathe properly. Then there was some vomiting. And then his breathing became REALLY laboured. It scared the crap out of me. We were in the car when it all went downhill and I was thankfully sitting next to him so noticed it all and I said to Eric “Straight to the hospital Emergency”. 

They were amazing. They did not make us wait AT ALL (Tweed Heads Public Hospital, we are so happy with the care we have received) and the treatment has been amazing. Poor Monkey did not respond well to his virus and his breathing just couldn’t cope. He is bright and perky today but we are yet to go 4 hours without breathing assistance and that is what they want before we go home. As it stands we are hoping to go home by lunch or soon after. Then it will be some warm snuggly days at home making a full recovery hopefully so we can get ready for baby to arrive.

Needless to say I think all this drama has kept baby tucked inside but I have continued to have pre-labour pains and baby feels even lower today if that is actually possible. We see the OB tomorrow morning so keen to get that update. 

I have a foggy head and runny nose today so going to tuck into the fruit to try and ward it off. I could do without being sick for labour! Maybe a weekend baby? We can only hope. Sunday feels good to me! Ha!


50 thoughts on “What is life without a bit of drama? – 38 weeks 2 days

  1. Glad your soon to be BIg Brother is on the mend….and yes don’t get sick for labour! There will be enough stuff coming out of you and no one needs to add a runny nose to that, lol!


  2. Oh no!! I’m so glad they didn’t make you wait at all and got him treatment right away!! I hope that you all get to go home soon, and that you can all get some rest before baby girl decides to come. Good luck with your appt tomorrow!!


      • All good here we have started meds and herbs to try and boost milk supply as I still am only producing 4ml and the girls need 58mls and climbing!! So we have a way to go. Did I tell you about the gastro saga?


        • Nope. You had gastro??? Noooooo. I keep seeing these boobie bickies on Facebook. If you search for that term you can find it. They are expensive but people seem to really rate them.


          • I didn’t but Rob did. Basically Monday 10.30pm rob fell really ill turns out 2 patients 2 husbands and 6 staff all got it! He got sent home and can only see the girls from tomorrow morning, I was scared they would stop me seeing the girls! I managed to avoid it though they moved me to a new room and we had an isolation area in the nursery. In the midst of all this my milk dropped to next to nothing and I got the day 3 blues cue major mummy melt done!! Much better now though. Will write up the full saga soon x


            • Holy cow that is awful. You poor things! Thank goodness you and the babies are ok. Poor new daddy having to stay away though 😦 Your milk will come back, keep at it, it will be ok. New baby time is so hard. Be kind to yourself. You will all be ok and I know you are doing a great job xx


  3. Oh no that is awful! Poor him and poor you! Always the scariest being the Mum in those situations. And 9 months pregnant, last thing you need but of course Murphy’s Law dictates that there will always be some kind of drama! I’m sure baby will come within the next week or so. Sometimes babies have great timing I think so maybe she knows not quite yet xx


  4. Poor wee man and poor you! I hope you guys are all tucked up at home safe and sound. You have the pre-labour “impending ‘flu” feeling I’ll bet πŸ˜‰ I got it both times and have heard it time and again from other mums. I’ve no idea what biological / evolutionary purpose it serves (maybe just to slow us down?) but I think it’s a good sign… Take care lady. I can’t wait for good news! xoxo


    • Oh man it sucks. I think we moved from impending to actual flu. Maybe I wasn’t slow enough for my body so it had to kick it right into gear. I have razor blade throat this morning 😦 We are home now though and Monkey is well and has been breathing well overnight so that is good. Thx for the well wishes xx

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  5. I’m glad your little boy is ok. Respiratory issues are really scary and can go south really fast with kids (I work as an RN in the PICU). Glad you had a good experience with the hospital…it makes a terrible experience that much better. Sending love!


    • I was actually saying to the Dr that I was shocked at how quickly things seemed to deteriorate. His chest had some serious recession going on just like that. I had no idea! I am so thankful I trusted my instincts when that happened and took him to the hospital. We couldn’t have done much for it at home.


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