Pre-labour? – 37 weeks + 6 days

Wellllll folks, I think things might be kind of kicking off. I know that doesn’t really mean much sometimes. You can sit in this pre-labour/prodormal labour phase for weeks if you are really lucky but I don’t know, something tells me I am going to have a baby this week. I just feel it in my waters (hahahahhahaha oh I’m too funny).

Now I’ve declared that to the world I will deliver at some overdue 40+ date just to spite my know it all arse. That’s how it works, right?

So what has been happening then I hear you wondering.

Well I had an acupuncture appointment on Friday where we started treatments to try and bring the baby down. She really pushed in on those points and I must say that it did seem to work as pretty much ever since later that afternoon the baby has felt firmly lodged into the old pelvis.

That afternoon/evening/overnight/following morning I felt hardly any movements and had a wee little freak out. I called the hospital Saturday AM and they told me to trot on in for a CTG. So I did that which was nice and reassuring. Of course baby started to kick up a storm while I was on that sucker making a massive liar out of me but hey, I’m a mum already, I’m used to being made a liar out of. It is a baby’s first parent trick.

While I was there I was watching the contraction counter go up to 80-100 pretty regularly but I couldn’t feel a thing so the midwife said they were probably only Braxton Hicks but to see if they turn into anything. Intriiiiiiiguing.

Last night I lost a bit of my mucus plug! Not a massive bit. Just a clear jello like 5c coin sized bit. No blood streaks so I figure it is just some early parts but hey, progress is progress. I’ll take it!

For the rest of the weekend I have just been soooooooo tired. Like unusually tired. Like I want to go to bed at 7:30pm and nap all day tired.  So I started to wonder if maybe it is my body trying to get me to rest and conserve energy for the big event. Today I have also just felt off all day. Tired, nauseous and just not right so I started to get a bit suspicious. And then this afternoon while I was kicking back on the couch the low grade period pain started on and off. Sometimes in the back, sometimes in the front, eases sometimes then comes back. And I do think that that is something.

It sent Eric into a frenzy trying to finish off jobs in the house. I was not interested. I’m pretty sure it won’t be much more by tomorrow morning. We can finish the shit up then (including pack mine and baby’s hospital bag as haven’t done that yet!).

Also, poor Monkey has a cold which I’m so sad about. I don’t want the baby to arrive while he is sick as he will be so gutted if he can’t hold her straight up. It would totally suck. SUCK.  I think I would cry if that was the case.

So if he could recover and I could deliver and it could all be this week then that would be great. Let’s see what happens.

Meanwhile I’ve taken two panadol (not yet working) and I’m heading to B.E.D.

Night night. x



49 thoughts on “Pre-labour? – 37 weeks + 6 days

  1. How exciting!! I hope your little shakes his cold quickly, and your daughter waits until he’s well to appear! When did your Dr predict she would arrive? I can’t remember, but I feel like he said the 17th or something like that? Thinking of you!!!


  2. I read the title of this blog and squealed out loud!!! Hopefully not too much longer and things are beginning to begin!!!! X x x


  3. Oooooh good luck & best wishes…. (I cannot believe you are about to have this baby. It seems like two seconds ago that you were trying! well ok, maybe it seems that way to me, I’m sure it doesn’t feel that way to you!) Thinking of you xx


  4. Ahhhhh I can’t wait!!! Well, I’m sure you can’t wait either lol but I’m just so excite for the arrival of your little girl 🙂


  5. Ohhhh take some mega echinachia & vit c!! I wouldn’t wish it on anyone to go through a labour as sick as I was with K!! I hope you avoid the germs! Don’t worry too much about monkey passing on a cold. I passed mine onto K in her first week, and she was remarkably resilient. Must have been something in the boob juice. I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED TO MEET HER AND LEARN HER NAME!!! XX


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