Full Term – 37 weeks

We made it to full term! Woooop! And my body is falling apart….booooooo.

On the weekend we went to Brisbane for a wedding and stayed in a nice fancy hotel with the most comfortable bed and pillows. It was all so perfect. And then I went to adjust my heavy body and heard the most massive pop right between my breast. Scared the freaking life out of me. I have had a google and it is like to be air or ligaments surrounding the sternum and the connection to the ribs.

It is now a day later and it still hurts. It is not too bad if I’m upright but if I try to lean over the weight of my massive boobs pulls on it and it hurts, which means getting comfy in bed hurts as you have to sleep on the side and boobies want to move. *sigh*

When it happened yesterday I got so upset more because I was worried I might go into labour and then actually have other physical pain to deal with throughout it. I felt like my natural birth was being snatched from me right as it was within my grasp.

Then of course I woke this morning and my left upper arm is aching. I think I slept on it funny in an effort to stop the chest bone thing from hurting. Oh the irony.

So hopefully all this rubbish heals over the next few days so I can get back to being in optimum birthing condition! Seriously….gggrrrrrrrrr.

Here is a pic from yesterday morning at the hotel. We had some taken at the wedding and I look awful in all of them. Even Eric and his mum agree it is a weird angle and they just do not look like me at all. I was really really upset about it and ended up in tears as I was in this lovely dress and I may never be this pregnant dressed up like that ever again. Oh the meltdowns of a heavily pregnant woman. Anyway, we are going to do a faux dress up again soon and try for some shots. Fingers crossed it works out.

Photo 8-05-2016, 9 33 55 AM



52 thoughts on “Full Term – 37 weeks

  1. Wow that sounds kinda scary, and I’m sorry you’re in pain!! You’re still looking amazing though!! So exciting you hit full term…hopefully that baby comes soon and gives your body a bit of a break! Hang in there, not too long to go!


  2. You look lovely! I hope you heal up quick! Sorry your weekend was a bit disastrous. Hey – you are full-term! Congratulations! Your babe will be here any day now!


  3. I love that gorgeous bump 😍. Yes – def do some dressed up pics asap – I’m so glad I managed to fit some in right at the end! That pop sounds truly horrible. Like a bone snapping or something!!!! (I’m sure it wasn’t a bone snapping – I have hips that pop horribly now and again, which I think is also air, and it is really not a nice thing).
    Just a few more weeks now (or less!). Omg Em – can you believe it? Waiting on tenterhooks here for the big day! Xxxxx


    • Oh man some days I really can’t believe it! Seems a bit crazy that we have made it this far. I am ready for her to come whenever she wants. This body stuff is doing my head in a little. Time for her to arrive before I fall apart completely! lol xx

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  4. Midline or lateral pop? Right below the sternum or on the side of it? :-)—It is so disappointing when you’re pregnant and not angled right in photos. I have a swimsuit shot like that on a gorgeous beach. Why didn’t anyone tell me to turn sideways and place my leg just so?—Breathe. Breathe. Center. Center. Breathe some more. Pull that mind back in. Who knows how this baby is going to come? But breathe, center, and calm. That’s what you can control. (Not that any of us like to be in control, um, right? 🙂 )


    • Ooooo I forgot, I know a DOCTOR!!! The pop seemed to come from straight between my breasts. Not sure if that helps? It wasn’t painful yesterday presumably as my breasts were supported by my bra but last night again in bed it was tough even though I did wear a sleeping bra to try and help it. hehe oh and yes, none of us on here are control freaks at all. LOL xx


      • I have to say, of course, ask your doctor about it! He knows so much about you that he’ll have a good idea and make sure it’s nothing dangerous!

        Okay. That out of the way. Sounds like it could be “costochondral separation.” That basically means “rib separation.” Costo=rib and chondral=cartilage. The little tiny joints that connect our ribs to our sternum (sternum=breastbone) are connected by cartilage and other types of connective tissue. In pregnancy, we make hormones to help our joints “relax” so that our pelvis may expand and allow passage of baby. Well, that hormone doesn’t just work on the pelvis; it affects other joints as well. So perhaps with the increased amount of “back pressure” from baby, the amount of upper body exertion you’re using to hoist yourself around (which puts pressure back on those little rib joints), and then the joint relaxing hormones, you may have a rib separation. Some of the ribs insert kind of in the front of the sternum rather than on the sides exactly. So when the little joint was overextended and too lax from hormones, then it “popped in front” and separated. This isn’t freaky or anything. It’s not like the rib is flopping around. There is plenty of other connective tissue holding that rib in place! But just a little, teeny, tiny shift makes it hurt, especially when you do anything that places pressure on it. I’ll attach a layman’s link. Of course, there are some other things, but with the bits of info you said, check this one out. Once you deliver, usually, those joints start tightening back up pretty quickly. (Although, some say if you eat placenta, the “relaxin” hormone stays around longer… just FYI.) If this is what it is, don’t forget simple things like a warm heat pack. Maybe mention it to your acupuncturist. Work with lots of little pillows/pregnancy wedges to make it so you don’t use your upper arms as much in bed while sleeping.


        Mostly, hang in there! Pregnancy is crazy!

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    • Oh man hon it has been a rough few days. After I wrote this post yesterday I also discovered that my right ankle was fully swollen so have to deal with that (I think it’s not a big deal as it went down overnight when I had it elevated but as it is only one leg they want to scan for a clot this morning) AND I realised that the cleaner unplugged my deep freeze when she was here on Friday and didn’t turn it back on again (stupid cow). I lost $120 worth of meat I’d purchased to do food prep for post baby times. I am so flipping sad. I sat in the car and cried on the way to the shops yesterday afternoon. The last stage is intense and I’d forgotten about that. Hope you are doing ok xxx


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