Feeling groovy – 36 weeks 3 days

Well I suck at blogging. And it’s not like I haven’t had anything to tell you guys about. I mean, Eric MOVED IN two weeks ago for crying out loud. That has been a mammoth shift and something I could have blogged about daily and kept you all well and truly entertained.

The transition has been tough, I’m not gonna lie, but we are doing OK now two weeks in. I won’t go on about it too much in this post as it probably needs a post all of its own but let’s just say that after a rough start things are definitely a lot more cruisy. I’m still practicing finding my inner zen when it comes to the tornado that is Eric but we are fighting less and doing better and Monkey is loving having his dadda here to see on a daily basis. It is so nice for him.

In baby news – we have a cot! That was all finalised just on Saturday so you know, well in advance. Here is her space:

It is basically all just set up right next to our bed. I want some little prints for the walls but am yet to get there and honestly, who knows if I will. I tend to eerrrrr not finish off projects like this so well. I get the bulk done and then relax and uh oh, it never gets done.

We also have a car seat and it is installed. Woooooo! We are knocking it out of the park. Sadly we need to get a new pram as the last one didn’t store so well *sigh*.  I’m a bit sad about this as I loved that pram but we are looking around to find what we want and will just try and score a good second hand deal.

Mum came up for two days last week which was awesome. She helped with so much stuff. We got all the baby clothes and muslin wraps and blankets and sheets washed and put away so baby stuff is pretty ready. She could arrive any day now and we could work it out. Although we have a wedding in the city this weekend so if she could wait for that to pass then that would be great. Sneaking out of a wedding in labour is not on my wish list (bet the bride isn’t wishing for that either).

I am yet to pack a hospital bag so might get that sorted over the coming week. We had a visit to the OB today and all was well. Baby is still nestled in nice and deep and at that 3/5 station that I mentioned last week. She is apparently settling quite nicely into my pelvis. I was high fiving myself all day as I have only put 2kgs on in the last 6 weeks. Woooo! Across the whole pregnancy that now makes 14 kgs so I think I am pretty much going to land where I did when I was pregnant with Monkey – 15/16kg weight gain.

OB still thinks I will deliver early. Today he put his money on 16 May which is about 11 days away. It will be interesting to see how close he is.

My bump is now like my full term bump with Monkey. Despite its absolute massiveness (and I did get a shock when I looked at it side on to take these photos), I love it. There is something truly amazing in baby bumps. They rock my world.



45 thoughts on “Feeling groovy – 36 weeks 3 days

  1. Yay!!!! You look fabulous. I can’t believe the times almost here. Eeep. Sounds like a lot of stuff is going on in your world at the moment. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been! Xx

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  2. Look at that bump! You look fantastic! So happy things are getting done and ready for baby girl to arrive. And hope things calm down with Daddy in the house now! I’m glad you posted because I was thinking about you as I was getting ready for work and wondering how things were going!

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  3. Looking great! Congrats on the move-in. I’m glad you are getting used to it and things are going well. Can’t wait till your little girl is here!!!! So close.

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