Still here and not in labour – 39 weeks 5 days

So it turns out I’m not part of the 24% club. That’s the 24% of women who go into labour 48 hours after ¬†sweep. *sigh* Continue reading

Well we were all wrong -39 weeks 3 days

39 weeks

The OB who predicted a 37/38 week delivery and even put his money on a date now well in the past (16 May) – WRONG

My acupuncturist who said she’d always thought I’d go 37/38 weeks – WRONG

My mum who apparently thought it too – WRONG

And my neighbour and mother-in-law and even ME – WRONG, WRONG, WRONG

Babies come when babies are ready as it turns out. Continue reading

What is life without a bit of drama? – 38 weeks 2 days

Man oh man, we sure like to live it large around here. 

We have spent the last almost 24 hours at the hospital and not for a birth related event. We aren’t even at the hospital I am birthing at! Remember a few days ago I mentioned that Monkey was sick? Well I thought it was just a wee cold that would pass but yesterday he started complaining about not being able to breathe properly. Then there was some vomiting. And then his breathing became REALLY laboured. It scared the crap out of me. We were in the car when it all went downhill and I was thankfully sitting next to him so noticed it all and I said to Eric “Straight to the hospital Emergency”. 

They were amazing. They did not make us wait AT ALL (Tweed Heads Public Hospital, we are so happy with the care we have received) and the treatment has been amazing. Poor Monkey did not respond well to his virus and his breathing just couldn’t cope. He is bright and perky today but we are yet to go 4 hours without breathing assistance and that is what they want before we go home. As it stands we are hoping to go home by lunch or soon after. Then it will be some warm snuggly days at home making a full recovery hopefully so we can get ready for baby to arrive.

Needless to say I think all this drama has kept baby tucked inside but I have continued to have pre-labour pains and baby feels even lower today if that is actually possible. We see the OB tomorrow morning so keen to get that update. 

I have a foggy head and runny nose today so going to tuck into the fruit to try and ward it off. I could do without being sick for labour! Maybe a weekend baby? We can only hope. Sunday feels good to me! Ha!

Pre-labour? – 37 weeks + 6 days

Wellllll folks, I think things might be kind of kicking off. I know that doesn’t really mean much sometimes. You can sit in this pre-labour/prodormal labour phase for weeks if you are really lucky but I don’t know, something tells me I am going to have a baby this week. I just feel it in my waters (hahahahhahaha oh I’m too funny).

Now I’ve declared that to the world I will deliver at some overdue 40+ date just to spite my know it all arse. That’s how it works, right? Continue reading

Maternity Photo Shoot

I finally got some of my shots back from the maternity photo shoot we had about 6 weeks ago. I have been hanging out for them and was also slightly terrified I would hate them all. But I don’t! I love them! I am so so happy with the results. She hasn’t actually finished editing our whole shoot yet so there are more to come. It will be so hard to choose what makes the wall.

For anyone in Northern NSW or South East Queensland looking for a photographer we used Enigma Visions Photography based at Tweed Heads. Their pricing is competitive and they do Newborn, Maternity, Family Shoots and Weddings and as you can see the quality is great. Our package includes these maternity shots, a newborn shoot and then a mini family shoot when baby is 6-9 months old. I am so excited for our pics once baby arrives as these have blown me away. Continue reading

Full Term – 37 weeks

We made it to full term! Woooop! And my body is falling apart….booooooo.

On the weekend we went to Brisbane for a wedding and stayed in a nice fancy hotel with the most comfortable bed and pillows. It was all so perfect. And then I went to adjust my heavy body and heard the most massive pop right between my breast. Scared the freaking life out of me. I have had a google and it is like to be air or ligaments surrounding the sternum and the connection to the ribs. Continue reading