Appointment day – 27 weeks 3 days

I’ve been hanging out with the professionals in my life today. First appointment was with the OB. I really love my OB. He has such a relaxed and light hearted bedside manner. It really helps me keep calm and real and sane. Sane is good as I can be a wee bit insane if not kept in check.

At my appointment I asked a bit induction as I have read around the place that some Drs don’t like to induce for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). There is a fear of the contractions being too intense and causing uterine rupture. My OB said that no, it would be fine if theoretically I went over and wanted to try induction before c-section. He wouldn’t use the gel as you can’t control the amount easily but they can break waters and also use the drip. Now it is not like I WANT to be induced (I’d rather not after last time) but I just want to know where I stand if I do go over 40 weeks and if, in fact, he would let me go over.

So that’s the other thing. He will let me go over if everything is looking fine. If I want to try and wait it out to go into natural labour then he is happy to go along with that. As long as I’m fine and baby is fine we can cruise. Did I mention that I love my OB? He is so flexible about everything and this ‘everything is fine, let’s all just relax’ bedside manner really works for me.

We got a cute pic of baby girl today.

2016-03-03 11.21.20

She has flipped to the right hand side now which I was pretty sure of but she is still head down so that’s good. I actually think she did the flip overnight a couple of nights ago. I woke on and off throughout the night with pain which is unusual and now that I know she has flipped I am pretty sure that’s when it happened.

Once again I did the ‘is that OK??’ freak out thing (I’ve read head down and on the left is best possie) but he wasn’t too fussed about. He says head down is the most important part and she still has plenty of time to change sides again. I should just call him Dr Cruise.

Lastly, I asked Dr Cruise for his thoughts on all those at home induction methods (evening primrose oil up the vag, raspberry leaf tea etc). I was particularly interested in if he didn’t recommend any of them but he said none of them are dangerous and if I want to try them all he is fine with that. Apparently there was a big study on the efficacy of all this stuff and none of them performed better than placebo except acupuncture. Good ol’ acupuncture. Saves the day again. So I will definitely continue with my sessions and probably start trying to coax that baby out by 37 weeks. My wish is for a natural birth pre 40 weeks if at all possible. That’s the target I am aiming for.

I was expecting to be put on fortnightly appointments after today but I’m going so well I was told to wait another 4 weeks and then start the fortnightly caper. Suits me! Of course I can go in sooner if there is a drama (I told him I’d be on the doorstep at opening time if I though for a second something was wrong) but if we are still cruising then we are to keep cruising.


This afternoon’s appointment was with the psych. I ended up going back to my old favourite who helped me out immensely with my anxiety when Monkey was young. She was incredible for me and I’ve come so far. We talked about Eric moving in part time and my stuff with that and my mummy/daughter issues and interestingly the issues I’m having with both are closely aligned  – funny that – which I didn’t realise before going in today. The stuff with my mum was really helpful and probably just what I need to set me in the right direction sorting things out there. I wont bore you all to death with the details.

I think I will probably go back and see her again leading up to the birth when I am sure more birth anxiety will be hanging around so I will start catastrophising (her word and I love it) a little more uncontrollably. It will be good to just keep my head on track and in the game as we approach the end.

All in all it was a great day. I was really ready for these appointments and got a lot out of them today. Now to get this freaking house sorted. I am starting to feel like time is getting away from us and we aren’t organised enough!!! Eeeeep!






38 thoughts on “Appointment day – 27 weeks 3 days

  1. Such a lovely photo of your girl!
    And your professionals sound really good- it’s great when people just do their job so well that you don’t need to worry about stuff!


  2. She’s adorable 🙂 glad your staff (teehee) are so good – it makes such a difference. Hurrah to not being long to go now!! X x


  3. She’s even more beautiful than her mother, as if that were possible! 😉 I’m loving your ob. You’ve really lucked out with some quality professional support this time around, haven’t you?! I with you on acupuncture & therapy, as you know. I was glad to have that familiar help with calming anxieties, that I knew always worked for me. I also did those meditation tracks that help prepare your head for labour & delivery. Soooo excited!!!


  4. So, my water broke 24 hours before it was discovered and they admitted me… and since my water broke but I wasn’t contracting they induced with the drip. And it worked, I started having contractions… and chemical contractions are more painful than regular, so if your doc isn’t opposed to the at home remedies, girl go for those!! 🙂
    Love that things are chugging right along, and totally normal to be stressed over the organization at this point – nesting is a good thing! 😀


  5. Your OB sounds like a doll! It’s so much easier when you feel like you’ve got a partner.

    I’m just getting started reaching out to acupuncturists. I feel so fecking weird physically and emotionally, I’ll be glad to see an acupuncturist to distract me a bit!


  6. So cute…she looks like she’s smiling!!!! Love it!! So awesome that your Dr is so chill about things. It’s great to have someone that’s so willing to work with you and with what you want, and helps to make you feel calm about everything!


  7. I don’t know you but I sat here and read your entire blog this morning while thinking of my own infertility journey. It felt like I went through your infertility journey with you. When you got pregnant this last time, I was so overjoyed for you, I got chills and cried for you. You are quite an inspiration to me and have given me the strength to keep trying! Thank you for that.


    • Awwwww thank you! You know one of the reasons I bother to put all this info into a public space is to help someone else who just might need the info. I am so pleased that it has done this for you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Good luck on your journey.


  8. Love your OB! And your sweetheart shines! She’s so pretty! I’m just so, so excited for you! I’m with you on your mom/daughter issues. So much of who I really am I fight because I don’t want to be like my mom. (But I love her so much and it kills me to watch her suffer as she does.) And this definitely spilled over to my marriage. My poor hubby. He’s loving this mind-work lately. 🙂 Love every moment of this pregnancy thing! Hugs!—Terri


  9. OMG where does time go! Congrats on everything. Also, I am so glad you have a good obgyn. Mine is amazing and it makes ALL the difference. It is so nice to find someone who will listen to your concerns and take you seriously. Also, that pic is just too cute! I’m so happy for you 🙂

    I am going to go read some of your older posts and catch up. Good to know that things are good now though. I know you have been though a lot!


  10. First off: baby girl looks EXACTLY like you. Look at her cheeks!!

    I was induced well past 40 weeks with both (started with drip, no contractions, then manually broke my water both times and BOOM, there came the contractions hard abd fast. If you can go naturally, clearly that’ll be awesome!

    In addition to acupuncture, I’ve heard that late stage pregnancy orgasms cab also induce labour. Didn’t work for me mind you, but I hear it’s a proven enough thing that they caution pregos not to engage in orgasm-inducing activities (oral, etc) early in the red tri, for fear of early labour.


    • hehe a few people have said that. I can’t wait to meet her and find out for reals. Yeah inductions are such a funny thing, different things seem to work for everyone. I had a terrible one with Monkey as you know but am hoping that things will be different this time. I hadn’t heard that about the orgasms except for those already looking like they might be at risk of early labour. I’ll keep having them if it will bring this baby out on time! Such a sacrifice 😉 Ha!

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