Things are cruising – 31 weeks 1 day

2016-03-20 16.03.26

29+6  – baby shower day!

We are motoring along pretty well here this week. I remain obsessed with how big I am getting (errrr look 35 weeks in my opinion) but other than that, not doing too badly.

I had a really awesome baby shower on the Sunday before Easter weekend. I shared it with another mum from my mother’s group as this is what we do traditionally and it was SO nice. It was actually really fun to share the day with someone else having the same experience as me. The venue we went to was rural so it was all green and peaceful and pretty. The foods was DIVINE. I had fish that I can still taste when I close my eyes and think of it. Amazing. Continue reading


Firming up my belief system

Today we did something that we don’t usually do in this family: we went to church.

Yup, the ridgy didge Jesus is my saviour church thang.

Our neighbours, who are also our very good friends, are religious folk and they go to a non denominational church locally. They are pretty active members and I know they have very firm beliefs but it doesn’t really bother me. I like them and I guess one of the reasons for that is that they are not preachy at all. They aren’t constantly saying “Praise the lord” to me or telling me to “ask God” about something. We have often had conversations about our differing beliefs but always in an intellectual way as opposed to a conversion way so really, it isn’t a big deal. Continue reading

Sins of My Father

On Thursday evening I received a call from Vietnam notifying me that my father had finally drunk himself into oblivion and is in hospital and not responding well to medical care.

Ever since he settled into expat life in Asia many years ago I knew this call would come. He has been alcoholic and therefore a lousy father my entire life and the reason he was drawn to the expat lifestyle is that it allowed him to embrace his alcoholism far away from the judging eyes of his family. He isn’t a nice alcoholic either. He is one of those grumpy ones: mean and on edge all day before he has had his first drink, nice-ish and kinda entertaining until so many drinks in and then slurry / useless / mean for the remainder of the session until it is time to pass out. Continue reading

Hello Anxiety – 29 weeks 3 days

Well, the anxiety has been creeping back in this last week or so. It is like ever since I hit the third trimester my brain has been looking for things to hook onto that will freak me out about the wellbeing of the baby. Now that we are getting close to delivery it is like I am becoming more stressed about the possible outcomes that could take our dream of a healthy baby away from us. Continue reading

What the what? – 28 weeks

Holy Mary mother of God….I AM IN THE THIRD TRIMESTER.

I can’t quite believe it but my body can. This past week I have noticed that my days are just a little bit more difficult in terms of maneuverability. On Friday I had to have a two hour nap in the afternoon before I picked up Monkey from pre-school. I was just exhausted. So much for getting stuff done around the house that day.

I got a lot better yesterday though and think that is because of the increased iron. I’ve been taking liquid iron since my OB appointment last week as my levels have started to drop a bit and were already a little low at the beginning of my pregnancy. Basically the minimum is 115 and in November they were 112 and now they are 108. So no a dramatic drop but it is falling. I’ve gone onto liquid iron as it doesn’t constipate. I’m using 2 sachets of spatone in juice (to aid absorption but also because it tastes like arse by itself) each day and I honestly do feel a lot better. Continue reading

Appointment day – 27 weeks 3 days

I’ve been hanging out with the professionals in my life today. First appointment was with the OB. I really love my OB. He has such a relaxed and light hearted bedside manner. It really helps me keep calm and real and sane. Sane is good as I can be a wee bit insane if not kept in check.

At my appointment I asked a bit induction as I have read around the place that some Drs don’t like to induce for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). There is a fear of the contractions being too intense and causing uterine rupture. My OB said that no, it would be fine if theoretically I went over and wanted to try induction before c-section. He wouldn’t use the gel as you can’t control the amount easily but they can break waters and also use the drip. Now it is not like I WANT to be induced (I’d rather not after last time) but I just want to know where I stand if I do go over 40 weeks and if, in fact, he would let me go over. Continue reading