At that magical 90% mark – 27 weeks

If you have been reading this blog for awhile you may remember that about 4 weeks ago I talked a bit about fetal viability and how the 23 week mark with its 10-35% chance of survival didn’t exactly warm the cockles of my heart. I was hanging for the 27 week mark as 27 weeks means a whopping 90% of babies will survive if born. I love that stat.

Ninety percent.

The vast majority. Vast majority!

It makes me so happy and fills me with so much hope for the future that we are now at this stage and every day the odds get better and better.

My dream feels like it is within my grasp. I am reaching for it and touching it with the tips of my fingers. I almost have a grip on it. We are so so so so so so close. 

(Of course I now worry that by saying that I’m temping fate. Sheesh. My brain is saying: How long since I felt the baby move today? )


SHE JUST KICKED! Little beauty listening to mummy’s anxiety.


I was thinking about this obsession with fetal viability this morning and pondering on how much thought people ever really give it when they haven’t struggled be pregnant in the first place. I know some people say they even forgot they were pregnant the second time around but that has never happened to me. I am hyper aware of it.

I know I was still nervous with Monkey but in a less obsessive way (ie I didn’t know the stats). It feels so morbid to be so focused on whether or not my baby will survive to birth but it really is a sign of the wounds that we carry that refuse to heal without a jagged piece of scar tissue when we battle in some way for our family.


There is a lot going on here at the moment but nothing particularly exciting. I’m feeling good, it appears I do not have gestational diabetes (yay!), I’m booked in to get the whooping cough booster next week, this week I see the OB for a routine check up, I also see the psychologist to start dealing with any possible birth anxiety and my lingering mother of daughter issues. Oh and we saw the doula again last week which was super fun. I was ready for more birth prep and poof, she appeared! I also had one of my pregnancy massages (included in my doula package) which was bliss. My body was really read for that treat.

Our renovation is finished so we now have our spare room back but the rest of my house is covered with the shit that was stored in it that is yet to make it to the new room. We are making progress but it is slow. I can only manage so much physical exertion before I am simply knackered and cannot do anymore. I mean, I don’t do any heavy lifting but even just moving about for hours at a time is tiring.

I’ve been taking a few bump shots for you over the last few days. The one at the beginning in the floral dress is actually two weeks old. Nice comparison for size to the one next to it. Enjoy!


Oh oh oh – 1 more week until the THIRD TRIMESTER! Crazy talk.




53 thoughts on “At that magical 90% mark – 27 weeks

    • Thanks 🙂 Loving my bump and baby body at the moment. But with 13 weeks to go it is hardly tiny so it will get interesting from here. lol Pulled a freaking muscle in my stomach trying to get off the lounge tonight! Forgot to put that in my blog! Ha!

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  1. Beautiful!!! 27 weeks is huge! If you remember that is the week my preterm labor started. Yes, clearly we wanted to stop it, but that was why no one was freaking out. Every 2 weeks you can go is huge for decreases NICU time! You are doing great mama!!


  2. Lovely pics! Glad to see you doing so well 🙂 I get what you’re saying. With my (so far only) pregnancy I was so nervous the whole freaking time, so I totally get why hitting 27 weeks makes such a huge difference to you. You can do it! xx


  3. You’re so close! And looking great! Hang in there and take it easy. You’ve got the best excuse to kick back and watch someone else handle the dirty work. 🙂 Wishing you a lovely, uneventful 3rd trimester.


  4. Eee! I do love an update from you! You are looking gorgeous and that bump is just beautiful… oooohhh, it takes me back to just a few months ago!! I am so, so, excited about the birth of this baby girl – it’s crazy, but I just feel so emotionally invested in your journey to get here! Love to see all the pictures – makes the post so much more vivid and real. xxx


  5. Looking super gorgeous here! And if it makes you feel better, when I was pregnant with Buddy, I used to obsess about sick babies. I was so terrified and half convinced there was something wrong with him. And he’s fine. I think a little bit of anxiety is quite normal!


  6. Hoorah for viability! That’s so awesome. Of course you look amazing but that pales in significance to the news that bub is getting so viable! So happy for you! Xx


      • Oh definitely not getting a leap year baby at the rate I’m going! Just sitting here still pregnant. I’m just drinking my red raspberry leaf tea and bouncing on my birth ball… and cleaning. This house can never get clean enough. And this baby seriously needs to get out before he gets any bigger!!

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  7. Look at that beautiful bump!! SO happy to hear you’ve reached this coveted milestone! Always think of you and your little lady 🙂 Almost in the home stretch, mama!


  8. So exciting! You’re almost there! With both my previous bubs I was SO relieved to get to the point where they would be okay if they were born, I am just an anxious mess all through my pregnancies. I find right now the worst time for my anxiety as I feel the baby move every now and then but not consistently. So I will feel nothing for two days, work myself up into a frenzy, feel baby and then the cycle starts again….gaaaaah. Luckily I don’t have too much time to think. Good luck with the third trimester – I don’t think you look huge at all, perfectly lovely 25 week bump xx


    • Oh I know that anxiety. My Mum’s work did me a bonus scan at Xmas because I was peaking out about not feeling the baby for days when I had previously felt her for a week straight. That zone between the 12 week scan and a baby that moves all the time is such a tough one to get through. Not long until you feel bub regularly now xx


  9. Oh man I remember that fear of getting, FINALLY getting to the end of a viable pregnancy then something going wrong. It made me nearly sick to my stomach on many occasions. The rational side of you kicks in though, reminding you it does no good to waste time & energy on worry! You’ve so got this! I can’t wait to see that little darling!! And my goodness, you and your perfect little footballs! You look happier & happier with every passing day. Enjoy your final trimester!!! Xx


    • I am really happy at the mo! It is so awesome. And yes, the bump is getting very ball like now! I sent the one of me standing sideways with my arm over the green shirt to my friend last night and wrote back “you look like you have a basketball shoved up your shirt” lol I do like the way I carry 🙂

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    • It has indeed been quite the journey. Thank you for sticking by me all the way and always being there with love and excitement! We need to connect on Facebook now I’m back. You know my real name, right? I think we are linked on MFP? See if you can find me to add. If you have probs let me know xx

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  10. You’re looking so amazing! I’m happy for you that your reno is finally over with. And hooray for hitting that viability mark!! I absolutely cannot believe you’re getting so close to the end already. It’s gone so fast!!! (At least for me!) I hope mine goes that fast lol!!! Thanks for sharing some bump pics!!! So cute 😀


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