VBAC update and blogging for blogging’s sake – 23 weeks 5 days

This whole Facebook Free February thing is making me want to blog more. I obviously spent a crap load of time scrolling through that thing, clicking on articles, and now I have no ‘passing the time’ activity. I have been holding back so as not to flood you with posts that you feel boringly obliged to read but I can’t hold back anymore. I need to do something!! So you get a post.

I had a great visit with the OB on Thursday. At my clinic you see a midwife at every appointment and after she has weighed you, checked your blood pressure and asked you how you are feeling you go in to see the OB. There you have a chat and have your scan.

I discussed my VBAC questions with both of them and it was interesting to see the variation in their responses. I think it is mostly because the midwife is just toeing the party line, telling you what the rules are, whereas the OB can say well that’s the rule but here’s what I do.


Here’s what I found out:

  • The reason the hospital says I can’t water birth is due to monitoring. Apparently there are signals in both my heart rate and the baby’s that signal a rupture before it occurs. That means I will need to be monitored for the whole birth.
  • They don’t expect a major issue as my scar is neat and low and will be over 4.5 years old by the time I have this baby so has had optimal healing time.
  • The hospital does haveย some wireless monitors and when I say some I mean definitely 1, maybe 2, so it is a first come first served basis. If I get a wireless monitor it means I can still labour in water and move around the room easily.
  • If I don’t get a wireless monitor I don’t have to stay on the bed. I will still be able to be off the bed, use the birthing ball, lean against the bed yada yada. I just won’t have as wide a range and obviously then any water is out of the question (lucky I’m not attached to the water idea).
  • All this monitoring also means I shouldn’t labour at home for too long. The midwife suggests that when I get about 8 mins apart I should go in to the hospital but sooner if I feel any searing burning pain in the abdomen. ย I will clarify this further with the OB when we get closer and know more.
  • I get a 34 week appointment with Labour & Delivery at the hospital and I get to discuss this all with them and make a big fat note on my file that I am hoping for a wireless monitor.
  • And finally (my favourite thing in all this) my OB basically said that if I’m safely labouring in water when he comes in and everything looks fine he will just let me squeeze her out in the water. Provided it all looks good he likes to play a bit loosely with that rule. Apparently theย water seems to take the edge of the crowning sting so he likes to allow the mum that opportunity if he can. I love my OB! He always seems so flexible about things.
  • I made a few noises about freaking out about my perineum and tearing and he was pretty blase about it. I’m not sure he is up there on the controlled crowning thing but instead he expects a tear but says he can fix that no problem. That is probably the only downside of the convo but I will see how I go talking with the midwifes at my L&D check-in appointment. I might have more luck with them.

As far as baby goes she is doing really well. She has doubled in weight since my last appointment 4 weeks ago (as she should have) and is now 600+g. This bodes well for viability – I think when I wrote my post on this the other day I read that baby needs to be a min of 400g to have a chance at being viable so yay! We are there and then some. Based on her current weight the OB is estimating about a 3.6kg baby which is pretty much the same as what Monkey was (3.75kg / 8lb3oz).

Oh and also she is head down now! Good girl! Of course she can still flip but hey, it’s a good sign.

I have put on 3kgs since my last appointment exactly 4 weeks ago which freaked me out a little but I knew it was probably going to be up there due to slack eating and relative inactivity. I am on a mission to maintain that over the next 4 weeks as much as I can rather than keep going up and up and up. We’ll see how that goes. I’m struggling a lot with food lately as it is. Last night after dinner I was so full and finding it hard to even get a deep breath. I ended up going onto the floor on all fours with my belly hanging below just to create some space in there. I do seem to have a really firm tummy during pregnancy. My friend touched it and commented the other day and people used to comment all the time when I was pregnant with Monkey. I must have good elasticity in my skin or something? Not sure but it comes off feeling super firm like a basketball sometimes, especially when the poor thing is full.

Anyway, that’s about it for this one. Eeerrrr quite a long post given I was blogging for blogging’s sake. Have a great weekend!




34 thoughts on “VBAC update and blogging for blogging’s sake – 23 weeks 5 days

    • Yeah he is great. I was saying to my neighbour yesterday that he has this really relaxed attitude which keeps everything calm but I know from comments from friends that have seen him that he can be quite particular when it is time and that he is highly skilled as he does lots of high risk pregnancies.

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    • lol I know but she only went up 300g and I’ve put on 3kgs! It seems like a lot more than was required even allowing for fluid but yes, I do see your point. Ha! I think I am just freaking out this time as I started out 6kgs heavier than I was with Monkey. I’ve almost hit my full term weight with him and I still have 17 weeks to go!!!!!!

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  1. Hooray for awesome Drs!! So happy that baby is growing happily and already flipped in the right position! I hope you get the wireless monitor you want so bad and can be in that water. I’m happy you’re bored and blogging, I miss reading about you ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. First off, the tearing thing – it totally scared me, they make it sound like it’s the worst thing in the world… but (unfortunately) I’ve seen it, and it is super easy to fix, a stitch or two, and the recovery/pain/issues from it really don’t add to the other recovery things from everything I’ve heard from real world moms. (and now I have to go vomit)
    But yay!! look at the two of you growing! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds like all is going swimmingly!! I’m getting excited!!


    • Yeah look the OB pretty much said that too. “Don’t worry, the tear isn’t a big deal and I can fix it no problem” is pretty much what he said. But you know HE doesn’t have a vagina so whatever. lol I’m sure it will be fine and it is definitely getting exciting!!!

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  3. Glad your doctor is so awesome and flexible! I am epidural all the way for me, but if I were to go natural a water birth sounds lovely. Actually I might be forced to go natural if I still have blood thinners in my system, eeks. Glad your little nugget is growing big and strong!


  4. Ok firstly, don’t fret about the sudden weight gain. I remember having some growth spurt gain around that time too, as did other moms I recall reading in their of posts. And the perineum tears – forget about it! Chances are with your prep work and going natural, you’ll have little to nothing. You’ll have better control. One thing my doula always said was to breathe through the pushes instead of holding your breath & pushing too hard. I didn’t have a choice but to push with all my might otherwise the forceps or vac was coming, and I had burst blood vessels all over my face & upper body – BUT only a 2nd degree tear, despite the hard pushing. In my natural, first delivery I also pushed hard (didn’t know any better then about slow pushing) and had 2nd degree. No difference in tears despite second baby being 30% larger than first child! The “ring of fire” sounds worse than it is. It really just feels hot. You’ll do just fine! Xx


    • This is all really awesome info. Thank you!! I am particularly reassured by the “ring of fire” description. I just keep telling myself that whatever it is and however bad it is 1) people don’t pass out from the pain and 2) it is only temporary. Eventually the baby comes out…at which point no-one seems to care about the ring. Ha! xx

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      • So true, it is very momentary and your body does an amazing job of boosting its own natural pain killers. The contractions are far more uncomfortable than the delivery itself, in my opinion,and you’ve got a really good idea what those are after your failed epi. I was seriously blown away how instantly great I felt immediately after delivery. That adrenaline…those endorphines… Wow.


  5. Just to reassure you that you can still labour actively if you are being monitored. I had all the monitoring shit hooked up and all the induction shit (synto, mostly). Even though Iliterally only a a 1 metre square space to labour in I was still able to use all my Juju active birth skills (except for not being able to go in the shower or bath). I bounced on a fit ball, stood up and stamped, stood up and rocked over the side of the bed etc

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  6. I hope you get that wireless monitor when you go in. Labouring with restricted movement is difficult…..I needed movement and water when I was in labour. Also glad to hear your babe is growing so well!!


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