At that magical 90% mark – 27 weeks

If you have been reading this blog for awhile you may remember that about 4 weeks ago I talked a bit about fetal viability and how the 23 week mark with its 10-35% chance of survival didn’t exactly warm the cockles of my heart. I was hanging for the 27 week mark as 27 weeks means a whopping 90% of babies will survive if born. I love that stat.

Ninety percent.

The vast majority. Vast majority!

It makes me so happy and fills me with so much hope for the future that we are now at this stage and every day the odds get better and better.

My dream feels like it is within my grasp. I am reaching for it and touching it with the tips of my fingers. I almost have a grip on it. We are so so so so so so close.  Continue reading


Setting boundaries for new baby time

Ahhhhhh this shit has started already. I really hate that I have to do this but one of the things I promised myself after Monkey’s whole newborn phase was that I wouldn’t put myself in situations that were uncomfortable or stressful when doing it again if I could avoid it.

When Monkey was a newborn we had Eric’s mum and her husband come stay with us for at least a week, maybe 10 days. It felt like fucking forever. I had only just come home from hospital when they arrived and was fumbling my way around new motherhood and here were these people that I really hardly knew, guests in my home. They didn’t expect to be waited on which was good but it was impossible not to feel their presence in our 2 bedroom apartment and to me, they felt like guests, not family, so I had to be “on” all the time. I also felt like I had to hide in my room to breastfeed which is essentially constantly with a newborn and it just sucked. Continue reading

Pillow Talk and Wet Dreams -24 weeks 5 days

I know you think I have written a totally click bait title that is not even reflective of what I’m going to say today  but you’d be wrong. Well, half wrong. My pillow talk is about my maternity pillow but I really am going to talk about wet dreams. The female equivalent of wet dreams anyway. Yes apparently that is a pregnancy symptom and folks, I have been in the thick of it this week!

(It’s times like these that I’m grateful that my blog is relatively anonymous. I mean, it’s not completely anonymous but no one in my day to day life has access to it that I am aware of…and if i’m wrong about that, well, HELLO. I hope you enjoy this story!)
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Fertility Fatigue

fertility fatigue

Fertility fatigue. Fertility fatigue. Fertility fatigue.

Those words have been rolling around in my brain all afternoon ever since I had the realisation that for once, despite having a super hectic few weeks, I am not completely fatigued. The reality of this just amazes me. I mean, I’m in my 24th week of pregnancy and I have a four year old and I solo parent most of the time. Eric does usually take Monkey for 24 hours on the weekend but last weekend he stayed here instead and I got a 4 hour break in the afternoon on Saturday and the weekend before that he was in Singapore so I was full-time mummy after a busy week of solo mummying.

Usually if Eric misses a weekend of taking our little dude I am toast by the next week so the fact that we are now two weeks after that and I am feeling motivated and energetic, well, it just blows me away.

Monkey does go to pre-school 3 days a week (1 long day and 2 short) but I do work and run around doing my appointments across those days so they aren’t a rest per se, just a rest from parenting. And yet I’m not really that fatigued. Yes yes, I have the second trimester bump to thank for some of it I’m sure but the reality is that I also no longer have the stress of infertility and the related fatigue weighing me down.

I think when we are in the thick of this journey that we underestimate the toll it takes us. So often I am reading blogs by beautiful women in the midst of their fertility Continue reading

VBAC update and blogging for blogging’s sake – 23 weeks 5 days

This whole Facebook Free February thing is making me want to blog more. I obviously spent a crap load of time scrolling through that thing, clicking on articles, and now I have no ‘passing the time’ activity. I have been holding back so as not to flood you with posts that you feel boringly obliged to read but I can’t hold back anymore. I need to do something!! So you get a post.

I had a great visit with the OB on Thursday. At my clinic you see a midwife at every appointment and after she has weighed you, checked your blood pressure and asked you how you are feeling you go in to see the OB. There you have a chat and have your scan. Continue reading

Thoughts on “viability” – 23 weeks 1 day

Now that we have reached the 23 week marker we are at what many consider to be the viability milestone.

What is viability? I had a friend ask me that today so I thought I might spell it out here.

Essentially at 23 weeks you go from your baby having pretty much no chance of survival if it was to be born to some chance. In this case, 10-35% chance of survival. Some people feel heartened by this but I don’t really. You see when I see that I number my brain automatically turns it around and tells me that it also says that 65-90% of babies born at this point will die. Those there are big numbers and I’m not really a fan of the survival odds. Continue reading