Inching closer and closer to the those goal posts – 10 weeks

10 weeks

I am 10 weeks today which means I am a quarter way through this pregnancy (thanks to the blogger that pointed that out to me last week!). That seems outrageous to be honest. I mean, my baby is only 3.2cm and it only gets to hang out in there this amount of time x 3 more times. It seems totally crazy that it will be ready to join us earthlings so soon. But then, end of May next year isn’t THAT soon, is it?

Today we had our NIPT test (non invasive pregnancy test). Apparently there are a number of different types available (you learn something new every day) but the one we got is the Harmony test. I remember a friend of mine having this test a couple of years ago because she’d had really high downs odds on her nuchal scan and getting it had been so tricky for her. She had trouble finding a place that could do it and then it was sent over to the USA for screening. These days they have a lab in our closest capital city who can trot it on out for us within the week. Three cheers for progress.  The doc today was saying that having this test has changed how they do things so much. They used to do so many more CVS and amnios and often when it really wasn’t necessary but they didn’t have the diagnostic tools to know that. Now, most amnios and CVS do come back with an abnormal result and that is simply because they are doing them as a follow up to an NIPT test like this. That means almost zero unnecessary invasive screening. How cool is that? Pretty amazing.

Having this NIPT means we will also know gender probably by the end of the week. Eeeeeeep. I am going to ask the clinic when they phone not to tell me and to just email me the report as I want Eric and I to find out the gender together. I was actually campaigning for us to put the result under the Christmas tree for Christmas day but Eric insists he cannot possibly wait that long so I guess that’s not going to happen. I’m not sure I could actually wait that long anyway.

We had a scan today with our test – apparently standard procedure at this particular place – so that was pretty cool. We got to check out bub moving around all happy in there. The arms and legs are poking out now and Bart looks kinda baby like. The heartbeat was a nice strong 166 and bub was measuring 10 weeks and 2 days, just slightly ahead of schedule.

I have had a bit of spotting on and off since last Thursday which really sucks. Thankfully the first day it showed up was also the day of my first OB appt. I reaaaaaaally liked this OB. He was SO reassuring. He popped me on the scan right away as I was a complete mess, terrified I was about to be notified of a missed miscarriage or something awful like that. Of course all was fine. This particular OB actually doesn’t charge before 12 weeks (he bulk bills so the govt pays the scheduled fee and that’s it) and says you can come for a scan whenever you like. How awesome is that? He even gave me a procedure to follow if it was a weekend.

We talked a little about the birth and what had happened last time and my hopes for this time and he was very reassuring about that too. Mentioned that his job wasn’t to dictate to me on how I should birth but be there for safety. He would help me achieve the type of birth I wanted provided it is safe for all involved. I really liked that.  So I am thinking that he might be our guy. I will still visit the other dude just to be sure but I am feeling pretty good about OB no 1.

Morning sickness is still lurking but nowhere near as bad so it is time to pick up my game on the eating front. I might see if I can shrink my arse while my belly expands. Ha!

Peaches remain my consistent craving and nausea buster and as the weather warms up the prices are coming down so that’s a freaking relief. It has been costing me a bomb!

Next move for us is NIPT results back, a follow up with the Fertility Specialist which will be graduation day and a second visit to the OB just to say hi and look at the baby again. Oh and the interview of OB no 2. That’s all coming up next week so lots of little views of bubba coming up. This baby is the most scanned baby ever and I am loving every viewing. I said to Eric today after our scan “I will never get sick of looking at this baby”.  Every time I see the little thing I am astounded that we have made it this far. Truly, I am. It feels like such a miracle.


47 thoughts on “Inching closer and closer to the those goal posts – 10 weeks

  1. I am just so happy you’re little one is already at 10 weeks! And that you seem to be doing so well with keeping such a positive attitude. Also, I love the idea of finding our gender as a Christmas present, but I can see how waiting that long would be hard. ☺


  2. Aaaaaa! It is a miracle! I love this post and I love that everything is going so well. Bart is definitely starting to look like a baby now. And again, I’m so glad you found this wonderful OB. I can’t believe you’re ten weeks! Smashing!


  3. Amazing news!!! 🙂 We had the Harmony test too (but they got rid of the gender info before we saw it). I remember thinking the same thing at 10 weeks – how a quarter of the pregnancy had passed – so surreal. Your peaches craving is SO healthy, I am jealous. I am still crazy for sugar and chocolate, even though I’m managing to eat a bit less now. Looking forward to lots more news, keep it coming! xxx


  4. Aaaahhhhhh! Ya for 10 weeks! So excited for you 🙂
    We had our blood work for Harmony Friday and should have results this week as well. No way I could wait until Christmas, knowing that I could know, but not knowing. No. Haha! But more power to you if you have that kind of restraint.
    I get a zillion scans as well. Can’t help it, actually, it’s medically necessary, but I really enjoy it. I’m not sure how normal girls do it.
    Glad things are going so well!


    • Ha yeah if O ever have another baby it will be straight to this OB so I can scan to my heart’s content. Hope all is OK with you (just that you mentioned scans were medically necessary). Yeah I’m not sure how long I will be able to wait once the results are avail. Hoping we both get nice looooooong odds back for the scary stuff. I feel in my heart it is OK but you just never know and we were having major chromosomal issues with our embryos (we did PGD) before my endo was removed.


      • I am right there with you, hoping everything is a-ok! I feel ok about it as well.
        My scans are medically necessary due to a procedure I had done to my cervix many moons ago, early 20’s. They just keep a check on length. Last time, I had no issues, so I don’t foresee any this time either. I just enjoy the scans. They are all vaginal, so that part sucks, but it’s not the worst. I have joked before “i’ll take my pants off for anyone with a wand” Ahahahaha 😂

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  5. You’re welcome for bringing to your attention the 1/4 done thing! 😀 Sorry you had a spotting scare, but at least you got assurance that everything is ok. Nice that you can have scans whenever you want for the next couple weeks!! And awesome that you seem to have found a Dr you like. Hope your OB #2 appt goes well, too. I’m excited for you finding out the sex this week!! Hooray!!! Seems like so much exciting is happening right now!!


  6. Baby is looking amazing!!! Spotting must have been scary but so glad you can have scans whenever you need reassurance. Yay to being 1/4 cooked x x


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