Nuchal scan + getting my head right – 13 weeks 3 days

Yes, yes, I am still here! I’m still alive. ¬†Baby is good. Life has just been busy and in the evenings I’m so tired so posting has slipped by the wayside a little.

If I had posted last Monday a I intended to I would have talked a lot about how flat I have been feeling this pregnancy. All the anxiety and stress and hormones have all combined to create this real lack of enjoyment for this experience I have been aching to have and that was starting to get really fucking old and really fucking frustrating for me last week.  Continue reading


Well that was unexpected – the great GENDER REVEAL – 11 weeks

Well holy moly it has been an exhausting couple of days. We had to drive 6+ hours each way to the wedding (so that was 6+ on Sat, wedding which involved a 1 hour drive each way to the ceremony location, late night and 6+ hour drive home) and my morning sickness decided to really step on out and let me know that I am actually not done with it at all. I didn’t set myself up well for snacks for the drive either which was a big mistake. I think I underestimated how much I actually graze during the day to keep the sickly feeling at bay. So sorry it has taken me until now to update you on our big news. I envisioned typing this post on my phone in the car but I couldn’t really bare to look at the screen AT ALL. Continue reading

Harmony test results are in – 10 weeks 4 days

Just a quickie as doing this on my brand new iPhone 6S (OMG I love it!). We got our Harmony results back this afternoon and everything looks great. The doc said all results were less than 1 in 10,000 for the chromosomes we check. I cannot tell you how relieved I am after all the trouble we’ve had with chromosomes in embryos during our IVF cycles. Perfect timing all this as we are about to go away to a family wedding this weekend so it is nice to know things are looking good.

As for gender…we don’t know YET. I asked the doc to email the result to me and I have to wait to see Eric to open it. We are talking about stopping somewhere nice for food on our road trip tomorrow and opening it then. OMG it is taking all my energy to wait knowing it is just sitting there in my email. Argh. And I thought I could wait until Christmas. Pffffft

I will reveal all sooooooooon…ish. 

Inching closer and closer to the those goal posts – 10 weeks

10 weeks

I am 10 weeks today which means I am a quarter way through this pregnancy (thanks to the blogger that pointed that out to me last week!). That seems outrageous to be honest. I mean, my baby is only 3.2cm and it only gets to hang out in there this amount of time x 3 more times. It seems totally crazy that it will be ready to join us earthlings so soon. But then, end of May next year isn’t THAT soon, is it? Continue reading