Off to A & E

A couple of hours after my last post I started to get some massively stabbing pains on the right hand side while doing some work around the house. I immediately thought ECTOPIC. I have been pregnant before and I know what cramping and stretching feels like and that is not this. This is very sharp and stabby pain.

I decided to take some time out on the lounge and it seemed to go away. And then it came back again. Then I went to the loo and it smashed me so bad when I peed. That is apparently another sign. *sigh*

I called the clinic’s after hours nurse and she said I was right to be concerned and that I needed to go to the hospital today to have it looked at. I called Eric and he and Monkey are on the way back to my place to pick me up and take me. I wouldn’t normally just be sitting here blogging about it but I can’t concentrate on a show and I just need to kill the time. I have a bad feeling about this.


I can’t believe this is happening.


49 thoughts on “Off to A & E

  1. Praying that everything is okay. I hope that is not an ectopic, I recently had emergency surgery in July to remove one. Sending my thoughts and prayers to you.


  2. Yikes!! I’m sorry you’re having pains and going through this. Hopefully everything is okay and the little one is just giving you some crazy growing pains. Thinking about you! *hugs*


  3. For goodness sake can’t you catch a break here. So sorry for this scare. I am hoping so hard it is just that and you get to see your little bean sooner. Xo


  4. Fuck. I am so sorry. I just posted a few moments ago on your earlier post, trying to catch up on your news, so pls just ignore it either way. I’m going to read the comments to see if I can catch up. This has been such a roller coaster for you. Hugs.


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